Forgiveness is the psychotherapy


Ozodi Osuji

      A twenty-four pages section of A course in miracles is devoted to Psychotherapy; it says what the entire 1300 pages book says: that forgiveness is our primary function on earth, if we want salvation.

     Let me try to explain what the book means by forgiveness, for it did not use the term as we normally do in the English language and Christendom.

     The book says that all sickness is in the mind, therefore, all healing is in the mind. A healed mind immediately heals the body that houses it.

    All healing inheres in changing one’s mind. To be healed you must change your mind, from what it is in the world to what the book wants it to become.

     Originally, and still so, in God there is oneself and one mind: the self and mind of God. In that oneself and one mind is God and his son; God and his son share oneself and one mind; there is no space and gap between the seeming two selves and two minds; they are one mind and oneself.

    Hinduism calls this situation non-dualistic monism and that is what we are talking about here, the fusion of Brahman (God) and Atman (son of God) as oneself: the union of two selves as oneself.

      Heaven is the union of two selves as oneself and two minds as one mind. In this union is perfect peace and joy, bliss.

      As in our current minds on earth, thoughts do enter the unified mind of heaven. One    thought that entered it is the idea that separation is possible. The son of God had the idea that he could become greater than his father but since they are oneself how is he going to accomplish such a feat? Obviously, he could not do it in heaven. (You are asking, if they share one mind, how can a thought enter the mind of God’s son and he pursues it and not enter his father’s mind?)

    The son of God figured that if he made his self-sleep that he could have a dream in which he is separate and greater than his father. Find out, he thought. So, the son of God made his self-sleep and in his sleep dream (Hinduism calls it Maya) that he is greater and now separate from his father. (It might be useful if you read the writings of the eight century Hindu monistic Philosopher, Shankara; he grappled with the seeming contradiction of God and his son sharing one mind, and one did something that the other did not know and was equally responsible for?)

     In his sleep-dream, the son of God projected out a point of physical light, a photon and made it hot and split that one photon to infinite photons and combined the photons into electrons and quarks, and combined the quarks into protons and neutrons; that is, he invented matter and anti-matter; he had matter and anti-matter attack each other but instead of annihilating each other and returning to light, radiation, some matter remained and with it the sleeping mind of the son of God combined protons and neutrons into nuclei (of deuterium, hydrogen, helium and lithium; gluons are used to hold quarks inside protons and neutrons).

     The universe is made to speed off at a speed greater than the speed of light (the speed of light is 186, 282 miles per second); this great speed, called Inflation, ascertained that the universe did not collapse on itself and abort the existence of the incipient universe.

     400, 000 years later, the mind of the son of God ended the plasma phase of the universe and made nuclei capture electrons, and atoms were formed, and light was let out (the cosmic microwave background radiation that Arnold Penzias and Robert Wilson saw in 1965).

     Inside the atom electron(s) orbit nuclei (nuclei is composed of protons and neutrons held together by the strong nuclear force).

      In the atom you see the four forces of nature at work: the strong nuclear force holding nuclei together, keeping protons and neutrons inside the nuclei; the weak nuclear force that will decay nuclei, the electromagnetic force that attracts the electron to the nucleus; and gravity that prevents electrons from crashing into the nuclei.

     The universe remained a sea of light (photons) and simple atoms (hydrogen, helium, lithium) for millions of years. Later, space occurred in the gaseous sea and clumps of hydrogen separated from each other.

     On each clump gravity acted and pressed the gas inwards and generated heat and pressure and in its core; that tremendous heat led to the fusion of hydrogen to helium; thus, stars are born (I will skip the complex processes of nucleosynthesis here).

     This way the universe is now littered by trillions and trillions of stars. The stars were grouped into galaxies and supertaxes (we live in a section of the Milky Way Galaxy, the goldilocks region where it is neither too cold nor too hot).

    The initial stars were huge in size; some of those massively huge stars soon exhausted their hydrogen and fused other elements and when the fusion process got to iron exploded, supernova, and during the explosion elements greater than Iron were formed; all the 118 elements in the universe are now in place and spilled into space, to form a nebula.

   When massive stars explode and slough off their outer regions, their core may collapse into black holes or neutron stars; in a black hole not even   light can escape from the event horizon; in a neutron star all matter is crushed to neutrons and the star spins at an incredible speed.

    From the debris, nebula fall out from supernova, medium sized stars like our sun, and their planets are formed.

    4.5 billion years ago, our sun was formed, along with its planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, and Asteroids and Comets.

     On planet earth water formed (brought to it by frozen comets?); the earth’s surface is 70% covered by water (our bodies are 70% water, coincidence?).

     The earth is composed of a surface crust, followed by the mantle, then outer core of liquid iron and an inner core of solid iron. The earth gradually built an atmosphere around it (which is composed of many gases but primarily nitrogen, oxygen and argon and carbon dioxide).

    In the waters on earth carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, copper, phosphor, sulfur, calcium and so on, combined into organic molecules.

     Those organic molecules formed cells that became plants and animals. Over the past 3.5 billion years, single celled organisms combined to form multicellular organisms; their evolution produced human bodies. We, human beings, formed from single celled organisms that formed from the combination of matter, which formed from light.

     We are physical light in the form of human bodies.

     In the one mind of the sleeping and dreaming son of God is now our universe with billions of galaxies and in each galaxy billions of stars and around each star planets; and on some planets are plants and animals. On planet earth are human beings, animals with the mental capacity to understand their universe.

      According to A course in miracles, all of us, billions of human beings, and everything else in the universe is in the mind of the one son of God.

     Since the original goal of the son of God’s separation from his father, is separation, everything he made separates from others.

     Thus, the billions of us in the mind of the son of God feel separated from each other. The world came into being from opposition to the whole, opposition to God, and those in it oppose each other.

    We are separated from each other; each of us sees his interests as different from other people’s interests; we fight and the stronger win and survive while the weaker either die off or survive, marginally.

      In the USA we have billionaires and penniless homeless folks. That is the nature of competition, the fittest survive and the weak suffer and die off, that is how we designed the earth   to be.

     But where are all these competitions taking place? They are taking place inside our one shared mind! The entire universe is in your mind and in my mind and both minds are one mind.


    Experiments show that entangled particles instantaneously react to each other despite been placed at the opposite ends of the universe. This tells us that they are not really separated from each other but are in each other but merely seem separated from each other; space, time and matter are illusions; all things are in one mind, in your mind and in my mind which collectively is our shared one mind, the mind of the one son of God.

    But how can galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals be in our minds? Good question.

    The answer is that things that seem objective phenomena do not, in fact, exist, they are ideas in our minds given form. That is correct, there are no galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals, they are each mere ideas that our minds give form to play with.

     We see ourselves as separated from each other. A course in miracles says that this idea of us having separated selves and minds is our existential insanity.

     To be a human being is to be insane, why? To be one shared self and one shared mind but to see us as separated selves and minds is insanity. To be human is to be insane, to be deluded in believing that we have separated minds when we have only one mind, to hallucinate and see other people when, in fact, there is one formless self in the universe; we are psychotic and see separated people in forms that are not there. Bizarre, eh?


     Psychotherapy means any effort to change the human mind. Psyche is mind; therapy is any effort to change the mind, to heal it.

    What is healing, it is recognizing that despite our seeming separated minds that we really have one mind.

      The psychotherapist is acting as the agent of the Holy Spirit (more on that) and enables his patient, you, me, to realize that we really have one mind and oneself.

      Space, time and matter are illusions. Our ego (separated self-concepts) and bodies are illusions.

      The ego self-concept is the madness. I have a separated self-concept that says that I am Ozodi, who is in a specific body, walking around in space and time.

     In truth, there is no Ozodi in body, there is no separated self, there is nobody, there is no space and time, there is no physical universe. But Ozodi believes all those illusions as true hence is insane.

     The function of a psychotherapist, the agent of the Holy Spirit is to gently persuade Ozodi to accept the truth that his real self is not a concept of self that he made for his self to make him seem separated from other selves but is the one unified spirit son of God.

     Ozodi’s mind is healed when he lets go of the belief that he is separated from other people and from God and he knows his real self as one with all people and God, when he accepts that we all are the shared one son of God who is one with God.

     How do I achieve this reality? I do so through forgiveness?


    To forgive, according to A course in miracles, is to see the evil other people did to you and forgive them; it is to overlook the entire universe, to know that the universe is a dream and what is done in a dream has not been done.

     The people you see in your world that seem to have enslaved you, discriminated against you, attacked you are all dream figures produced by our one shared mind; what is done in dreams have not been done. The people and the things you see done to you on earth have not been done. Therefore, to become sane is to overlook what your physical eyes shows you and accept that no one has done any good or bad to you.

     Forgiveness is to overlook the universe and the activities in it, for they are not real.

    In practical terms, this means that when I see you deny me jobs, I know that you did so in a dream and in truth have not done so. I overlook what you did. In forgiving you, in overlooking what you did, I experience you and I as one shared self in a Holy Instant.

     Forgiveness gives the forgiving person, first, a picture of the person he forgave in light form and then helps him to transcends seeing, in darkness (as on earth) or in the light (in the world of light forms) to knowing that we are one shared self-and one shared mind; we are all the one son of God.

     In forgiveness, we experience oneself and then know that we are part of God and have not separated from God and cannot separate from him.


    This manner of construing forgiveness sees the person who harmed your ego and body as helping to save you. If you see a person do what you construe as wrong to you, you have two options, to defend you from him or forgive him.

    If he attacked you, you counterattack him, or in paranoid, litigious United States, you take him to court or do whatever defends your ego and body. If you do so you have defined yourself as an ego in body and defended that ego and body; you have therefore made sure that you stay in the world of illusions.

     On the other hand, you see a person do what your ego construes as evil to you and you overlook it, forgive it; in doing so you have defined yourself differently, not as an ego and body that can be hurt or destroyed, not as separated from that person and God but as one with that person and God. In forgiving him you affirm your oneness with all existence and in it is reborn in the one shared self that God created you as; you are now saved, delivered, and redeemed from your hitherto attachment to a separated self, the ego.

     Thus, the attacker has helped save you if you choose forgiveness.

     But before you pat yourself and feel better than the person you forgive, who is he? He is you! One you, one son of God divided his self and made one you and the other the person who attacked you. You attacked you in your dream of separation, so you forgive only you.

     You save only you, the one son of God now in seeming many selves. Forgiveness, which is the same as salvation, deliverance, redemption and healing is only for you, not for other persons, for there is only one person in the universe, you (who is all of us).

     All this sounds weird, does it not? Do you know what? It is exactly what Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Gnosticism teach. Now, do you see why some of us think that there may be truth in this seeming weird teaching of A course in miracles. The book reiterates the perennial philosophy found in most religions of humankind.


     What exactly did Jesus Christ do? He was crucified on the cross but before he died, he asked his father to forgive his murderers because they do not know what they are doing. He forgave those who murdered him!

      In forgiving them he saw himself in a light form, the body he showed to his followers, and eventually experienced his real self in formless self, the formless son of God who is one with all of us and God.

      Jesus experienced his oneness with all of us and with God and in doing so reclaimed his status as the one son of God; he is now reborn in his awareness as God created him, the Christ, the Buddha, the Atman, and Chi (God in us). He returned to the state of oneness and in it know that he is eternal, permanent and changeless and lives in perfect peace and joy, bliss, while those of us still believing in separation live with split selves.

     I am split off from you and from God, in my dreams, not in reality; in reality, I remain as God created us, one, hence innocent, guiltless, sinless, and holy.

      Psychotherapy is whatever enables each of us to jettison his separated self-concept and experience his unified self, allow the Christ to come a second time into his life.

    Christ was born when God created his son; Christ metaphorically died when the son of God sleeps and dreams separated self; Christ is resurrected from death when one accepts one’s oneness with all of us, his brothers and their father as one shared self.

     You become the Christ self when you transcend the ego separated self-concept, give the self-concept up and accept the non-conceptual self, the unified spirit self, son of God as your true self. This is the purpose of psychotherapy, to help you give up your ego self-concept and accept your unified spirit self.


     Who is the psychotherapist? The psychotherapist is the Holy Spirit. When the son of God seemed to have separated from his father (he cannot do so but can seem to have done so in dreams), went to sleep and dreams that he is now separated from his father and siblings he is doing so through his ego mind, his false, wrong mind.

     God immediately created a new self, the Holy Spirit and placed him into the mind of his sleeping son.

     Now there seem three selves, the self of God, the self of the son of God and the self of the Holy Spirit, all three of them is oneself. You can therefore do what Hinduism do and say that Brahman is doing what his son, Atman and Holy Spirit, is doing, but doing so in three different guises.

     The Holy Spirit is in God but sees the ego self and the egos separated world. He is the immanent God, God in the temporal universe. He is in your right mind, in our right minds.

     He sees what we do through our wrong ego minds but does not stop us from doing them because the son of God has the freedom to dream that he is a false, separated self. The Holy spirit sees you on earth, he sees you project out our universe and have seeming other people attack you, see white folks enslave and discriminate against Black folks. He does not stop the attacks because he knows that they take place in a dream.

     Besides, he knows that the son of God is oneself, he knows that one self-produced white and black selves, oneself produced attackers and attacked. Therefore, there are no victims and victimizers, there is the confused son of God who thinks that he is many selves.

    The Holy Spirit is the mediator between heaven and earth; he translates the foolishness of the earth to the holiness of heaven.

     If you pause and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, he will tell you what he told Jesus, that those who crucified his ego and body  did so in a dream and did not, in fact, do so, and for him to forgive them; he told Jesus that his crucifiers are him, seemingly separated into different selves in his dream that separation is possible.

   The Holy Spirit will ask you to forgive those your physical eyes show you attack you. Forgive the attacks on your ego and body and at that moment you recognize that the attackers and your ego and body that is attacked are dream figures; the dream attacker has attacked the dream you but not your real self, the Christ self, the one son of God.


     Forgive, that is, overlook the world and what is done in it, and you first see you and the world in light forms, which is the forgiven world, and, thereafter, you will experience you as formless Christ, in heaven. That is, you awaken to your real self as the unified son of God and laugh that you hitherto had believed that you are separated from your brothers and father.

    The prodigal son who went on a journey to nowhere, be separated from his father and brothers, returns home to his father and brothers and is entertained to a great feast, the joy of oneness.


     In the USA, if for whatever reasons you find yourself in the office of a psychotherapist, he will do what is called Intake Assessment. He asks you questions about you and what brought you to his office. This may take more than two hours. After which he decides if you have issues that he can address or tell you to try to cope as much as you can (that is, he sees you as normal).

      If he assesses your issues as warranting psychotherapeutic intervention, he may give you a diagnosis. Most therapists use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association in making their diagnosis (supplemented with IQ and Personality Tests, such as the WAIS, WISC and MMPI).

     There are all kinds of mental disorders, including serious and mild ones. Serious ones include schizophrenia (it has many subtypes, including disorganized, paranoid, catatonic, undifferentiated, residual and so on), delusion disorder (it has five subtypes: grandiose, persecutory, jealous, erotomaniac and somatic), mania, depression, the various types of anxiety disorders, the various types of personality disorders (paranoid, schizotypal, schizoid, narcissistic, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive, passive aggressive), drug addictions, addictions to overeating and addiction to sex, mental disorders found in children; there are hundreds of mental disorders.

    It is not my goal to describe the various mental disorders here. Suffice it to say that I dealt with most of them in the therapeutic context.

      For our present purposes, the psychotherapist makes a diagnosis and tells you what his Treatment Plan is going to be; it includes seeing you once a week for an hour for talk-based psychotherapy and if you have a disorder that requires medications, he has a physician prescribe the required type of medication for you.

     Psychotherapy entails talking to your therapist and or taking medications if those are called for. Most of psychotherapy  consists in the therapist listening to you talk about your issues and asking you leading questions and helping you to find answers to your problems; therapists are not God and, as such, do not have pat answers for you; they help you and your higher self, the Holy Spirit, to find answers that work for you.

     Most Psychotherapists employ eclectic therapeutic modalities, which apply whatever works, therapy be it psychoanalysis, behavioral, cognitive behavior therapy, giving medications or a combination of these.

     According to A course in miracles, psychotherapy lies in changing one’s self-concept. Most of us have normal self-concepts; some people, due to biological and social reasons, have false self-concepts.

     In schizophrenia, delusion, mania and even anxiety disorders and personality disorders, the individual has a false, grandiose self-concept, he sees his self as important beyond what is real.

     The process of therapy is to not strengthen the patient’s separated ego but to help him let go of his ego and become egoless.

     Mental health lies in seeing one as egoless, as not the separated self, big or small, but as one with all people; in Alfred Adler’s language, one then works for our mutual social interests and at the spiritual level identify with our one shared self.

     Much of what I said in this section is not found in A course in miracles; here, I write from my clinical experience.


     To come to our world, we must forget our identity as the unified son of God. We do not remember that we are the sons of God. The earth is a place for those who have forgotten their identity and must learn new identity.

     In childhood we learn the ways of the world; we learn that we are ego, separated self-concepts in bodies. We learn about interpersonal relationships and how to have good relationships with each other. This world is a place of learning.

     We learn science and technology and use those to adapt to the exigences of the world of space, time and matter.

     Psychotherapy, like everything in this world, is learned. If you want to become a psychologist or psychiatrist, you go to school and learn their parameters.

    However, there are those who do not need too much formal training to understand human nature and behavior.

     It is advisable to have formal training to become a psychotherapist or minister of God, but there are those who without formal education are as good or better than the best trained mental health professionals.

     You know that you learn from some of your friends and enemies about the nature of being and can also learn from educated philosophers. You make the decision who teaches you best and gravitate to him or her.

     It is ideal to listen to mental health professionals and to your friends and foes for guidance in your life, both do help you.


     Psychotherapy is any process that enables us to change our minds, to go from conceptualizing ourselves as separated ego selves housed in bodies to seeing ourselves as part of the shared oneself and one mind that is the son of God.

      In most societies it was the function of priests (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hinduist, African religions’ priests) who enabled people to see things differently, from strictly secular to spiritual.

    People have always understood that they can see their issues from this world’s perspective or entertain the possibility that there is a divine aspect to them.

     Different religions have diverse ways of getting people to see things as they believe that God would have them see them. Christianity asks Christians to do what Jesus did, forgive those who harmed them.

    I do know that the ego asks us to counterattack the person who attacked us. The ego defines us as our bodies and egos. Our egos and bodies are fragile and vulnerable. If you attack my ego and body, you can obviously kill me. Aware that you can destroy my ego and body, I feel fear of your attack and feel angry at your attack. I defend against your attacks.

     Groups of people, and nations, have governments, police and military to defend them from our mutual attacks. Our world is a place of mutual attacks and defenses.

      Defenses reinforce the belief that we are weak and vulnerable and that our lives are coterminous with the death of our bodies.

    Aware that we are going to die, Christian ministers tell us to live morally and, hopefully, God will judge us as good persons and give us eternal lives in his heaven and dispatch bad people to his hell. So, most Christians fear God’s wrath. Christian ministers are therefore judgmental and moralistic.

     A course in miracles tell us not to judge, or to make only one judgement, to see this world as a worthless, and meaningless dream and overlook it, for what is done in it has not been done.

    There is no amount of judging this world as good or bad that will change it; we are born and will die. The book tells us to overlook the transient and ephemeral world to see the world of light forms and from there know us as formless spirit.

     You can benefit from your religion’s ministers because each of us is at a certain level on our journey through space and time.

     There are no accidents in our lives. We are who we are and are where we need to be. If you are satisfied being a Christian, be one. But if you find its rituals meaningless then you will look for something else. If you look for something else, you might find secular psychotherapists and they might help you.

     From secular psychotherapy you might seek spiritual psychotherapists and, if they are led by the Holy Spirit, they will help you.

    A good therapy asks us to forgive to be forgiven.

    Therapists come in many forms, but good ones ask us to overlook the world to see the real world, happy dream, and heal our human relationships, transform them from special love relationships to Holy Relationships where we forgive each other and affirm the Christ in us, validate our one shared self and one shared mind.


      We live in a capitalist society. Each of us needs money to pay for his material needs. The minister of God and the secular psychotherapist need money to buy their means of living on earth. Therefore, they must be paid.

     It would be nice to say that therapists’ services ought to be free but in as much as therapists must pay their house rents, buy food, clothes, shelter and means of transportation they need money.

     Therefore, if you go to church pay tithe to your church; as the Bible said, pay ten percent of your income to your church, not to your priest, but to the church and let the church decide how much they want to pay their priests.

     If you are secular and go to a mental health professional (psychiatrists, psychologists) pay them what they charge, which depends on where you live at (in my region, today, it is about $120 per hour).

     In this paper, I have provided you with information that the average priest or psychotherapist does not provide you, but I did so for free; this is not because I do not need money to live on but because folks get rewarded differently.

     People do not value that for which they did not pay. Therefore, if you feel like you benefited from this piece, pay something for it. Gratitude makes the universe give you wealth, spiritual and material.


     Remove the false ego masks we wear and beneath those masks is the son of God as God created him.

      Each of us, upon birth on earth, using his experience in body and society, constructs a false ego mask, some more grandiose than others and wear those masks most of our lives.

     The grandiosely deluded person wears a ginormous mask, a false, powerful and important self that he or she wants the rest of the world to accept as who he or she is. If you affirm that false, powerful self the deluded person feels fine but if you do not recognize it, he feels angry at you.

     The deluded person is trying to convince his self and all people that he is the false, powerful self, futilely proving that that false self is always right and other selves are wrong. By insisting that he is always right and other people wrong he knows only unhappiness and lack of peace.

     The false, powerful self is made by each of us with the aid of other persons. If we remove the false, deluded self what lies beneath it is the humble son of God who is one with God and all sons of God.


      Some people have self-hatred; that is, they hate their egos and bodies and use their imaginations to construct bogus, grandiose selves that they want to become and present them to the world as who they are.

  They are manic like in their behaviors trying to prove this false, deluded self as who they are. I know a young Black woman who tries her best to prove to herself and to all people that she is not Black and that she is powerful self, even as you can see the terrified, fear driven, angry powerless self she is masking with her false, powerful self.

      She hates her body and ego and used her ego mind to construct the false powerful ego self. What she now needs to do is stop inventing a self for herself and look inwards to see her real self, the self that God created for her, a self that is not in body and is non-ego but is a spirit self, a self she shares with all selves.

     Getting her to let go of the false, ego self she made and embracing the same and equal unified self that God created for her and all of us, is the goal of spiritual psychotherapy for her.

     Incidentally, like all deluded persons, she is close to the awareness of her spirit self than normal persons hence her ego struggles harder to prove to her that she is a powerful ego, tells her to hate her parents, siblings, and people and to childishly claim that she is a unique person and better than all human beings.

     When she lets go of her ego grandiosity and accept that she does not know who she is, keeps quiet and meditates, in her mind, cleaned of all ego self-inventions, she would first feel peaceful and happy and eventually experience her real self, the formless, shared self, the son of God.


      The Holy Spirit in you is the psychotherapist. But since we like to see us in separated forms, the Holy Spirit might take on the forms of a human being that you see with your eyes as your psychotherapist, and you go to him or her and have weekly hourly therapy sessions.

     In this paper, Ozodi is playing the physical form of the Holy Spirit telling your ego wrong mind, reading this stuff, that you share oneself and one mind with him and all of us and with God.

     You can see the Holy Spirit as a physical person or simply know him as the part of your mind that asks you to forgive all the wrongs the world did to you, that you did to you through seeming other persons.

     Forgive all of us to forgive your own wrongs to seeming other people.

    The psychotherapist is any person or information that tells you that there is only one mind and asks you to change your mind, from separated mind to unified mind.


    A course in miracles approach to psychotherapy is simple but seems unbelievable. It asks you to forgive the world, to overlook the world the wrong it seems to have done to you; if you do so you become saved.

     Salvation is forgiveness, it means return to our one shared mind and one shared self.


      A course in miracles’ section on the purpose and nature of psychotherapy repeated what the entire book said. It says that currently each of us has a false, self-concept and self-image; that we see ourselves as separated selves in bodies, whereas our true self is the son of God, Christ, who is not in body but is one shared spirit self with God.

     In as much as we see ourselves as separated selves in bodies, we are insane. The insane needs to change his mind and regain awareness of his real self.

      Since the book says that our real self is formless, unified spirit, the function of psychotherapy is to listen to the Holy Spirit in one and in other people, be they religions priests, or secular psychotherapists.

     To be healed is to change our minds about our identity. We go from separated selves in bodies to formless unified spirit selves.

    Salvation, redemption and deliverance is change of mind from the self as a concept to the self as part of God.

     The book says that forgiveness is the means of attaining this changed self-view. If you believed you are spirit and not body and that nothing done to your ego and body  is done to your real self, you would not give in to fear and anger when folks harm your ego and body, you do not become depressed from thinking yourself a worthless body that will die; you do not  feel paranoid, delusions that you are a false God; you know yourself as the same and equal son of God.

     God is love so you love God, and love his son, meaning that you love you and all people. A healed person overlooks the empirical world and looks inside him to experience the formless unified self in him.

     Is there evidence that the real self is a formless unified self? Where is the proof that God and his son exist?

       You   must find that out for yourself if God exists or not; A course in miracles says that the best way to prove God’s existence is to forgive the world and see whether you would experience God or not.

    God is not an intellectual concept and, as such, we do not have to argue about it. Only your experience can demonstrate to you that God exists or not; I cannot prove God’s existence to you.

     All that I did in this paper is talk about what Dr Helen Schucman, a professor of clinical psychology, at Columbia University, New York said is how to experience God, forgiveness.

     Try to verify what she said to you by forgiving the people that your ego tells you wronged you. I do feel peaceful when I remove my ego and simply accept that I am one with the universe.


    The separated ego self-concept, the human personality is acutely aware of the wrongs done to it by other people; it bears grudges and grievances and seeks revenge and vengeance for the wrongs other people did to him.

    A course in miracles says that the wrongs done to us, our egos and bodies, are done to us in a dream and, as such, have not been done to us. Therefore, it urges us to not seek revenge for the bad other people did to us, for they did so in our collective dream of separation.

    Vengeance makes the ego and its world real for one. If one overlooks what is done to one’s ego and body one has devalued the ego and its world and affirmed one’s real self, the invulnerable Christ.

      Jesus did this when he forgave those who crucified his ego and body to realize that he is the Christ, hence we call him Jesus Christ.

     The book asks us to do what Jesus did, forgive the world to become Christ, the eternally innocent, sinless, guiltless and holy son of God.

     The book says that God asks us to forgive his son what we see him, you and I, do in his dream of separation that he has not done in reality; it asks us to see all people as innocent despite what our physical eyes show us that they did to us.

     Do so and you regain your identity as Christ. In Christ, unified spirit, you are healed and become a healer, a teacher of God, showing people in egos and bodies, people living in darkness, the light, how to do what you did, forgive all to return to love, God.

    Formal psychotherapists, religions’ priests and any person around you can help you to forgive all those that wronged your ego and body hence are all psychotherapists, although it helps to have training in religion and or psychology to accomplish this goal more easily.

Second Note:

    To invent a false, grandiose self-image, usually due to inherited problematic body and social experiences, and then devote one’s life to defending this false self is to live in hell, an unnecessary hell. All it gives one is psychological and somatic pain; it does not serve one any good.

    There is absolutely no use for having a false, grandiose ego self. One must let it go, now, this very minute, not next hour, for it is useless and merely gives one mental and emotional distress.

     It is madness to identify with that which one is not; just let it go, now. If you let it go your real-self-dawns on your awareness.

     Your real self has no name, but you may call it your higher self, unified spirit self, son of God, Christ or whatever name you choose.

    If you live from your real self, you are not self-conscious, for self-consciousness is of the false, separated ego self and its body, and live authentically, spontaneously and in peace enjoy.

     To live in peace and joy is the greatest gift one can give to oneself; it is to live in heaven while one is still on earth. This is what Dr. Helen Schucman, and her Jesus Christ is trying to say in her wordy book, A course in miracles.


Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, CA.: Foundation for inner peace.

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January 25, 2022

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