Forgive what is to attain salvation


Ozodi Osuji

     What is salvation? Salvation is giving up the ego separated self that each human being lives as. To live in ego and body is to be in hell.

   To be on earth is to see yourself as a separated self-surrounded by a hostile environment where you must kill or be killed; you need to kill plants for vegetable food and kill animals for proteinoid food.

     Survival of the individual self is the great business of his world and if people do so they must live in fear and tension (the next person or animal you see might end your life on earth).

     Jesus Christ attained salvation by not defending his ego and body when they were attacked; he allowed the attackers to destroy them. Upon their destruction he found that he still has a self, now a self that knows itself as part of other selves and part of the whole self, aka God. The new self that does not defend against other selves is in light body and does not need to kill animals and plants to eat to survive, it simply stays as light; light does not need nutrition to exist (there is spirit and mind in that light form and speaks through it; just as spirit and mind lives through our dense matter form).


     All of us choose to live in a negative world, a world where we must kill animals, plants and sometimes people to be able to sustain our lives. This is a negative world.

   To get out of this negative world you choose to leave it by not defending your ego separated self and body; you forgive those who attacked and destroyed your ego and body. You must negate the negative world to get out of it.

      You have seen what Jesus did to get out of the vicious circle of kill or be killed. Now let us consider you. You see other people doing to your ego and body what seems attacking you and you defend your ego and body.

      If you are a Black man in America, you see white folks attacking your ego and body and to live as an ego you defend your ego and body. You are in a negative human environment. Your way out is to do what Jesus did.

     Jesus allowed the world to destroy his body and ego. If you are a Black man in America, you allow white folks to keep attacking your ego and body and you do not defend yourself against their wild animal like attacks on you. You do what Jesus did, you forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

    Upon forgiving them their attacks you have said that you are not the ego and body that they are viciously attacking; you have said that you are part of the son of God as God created him, unified with God, formless but could be seen in light form, so you allow white creatures to destroy your body and you see you in light body.

      Forgiveness takes people out of ego and body to the world of light forms (a world above this world but is not heaven).

      If you really understand what is going on, you will laugh. Jesus chose to have his ego and body murdered so that he would stop identifying with body and ego and attain Christhood.

      If you want to attain Christhood, you must accept that you chose for racists, or other attackers to attack your body and ego and destroy it for you to attain Christhood.

     You wrote the script, and it calls for other people to attack your ego and body and destroy it for you to resurrect to Christ.

     Jesus chose destruction of his body and ego and for him to forgive their destroyers to attain salvation; you chose to have animals destroy your body and ego for you to forgive them and know that you are not ego and body hence resurrect to Christ self.

     This does not make racism nice, nor did it make murdering Jesus nice, but it simply says that in the world as we know it, a place of mutual attacks, that you chose to get out of the game by not defending you when it is attacked.

     Could you wake up from ego and body without allowing other people to attack and destroy your body, yes. You can wake up by merely loving all people and not see you as a separated ego and living at that level.

     In the meantime, you had chosen to be an ego, particularly a grandiose ego and that ego must die for you to attain resurrection. If you are a grandiose and proud ego it must be attacked and killed by other proud egos for you to know that you are not ego and wake up from ego state.

     I had a grandiose ego. I saw white folks as animals. It is difficult for white folks to believe this; in their ego arrogance they assume that the rest of the world see them as mighty people. No, from childhood I saw them as operating at the animal level and had no regard for them (although I admired their science and technology). I felt superior to them.

     Given my arrogant ego they attacked that ego and made life difficult for it. They wanted to destroy my arrogant ego. I decided to allow them to do so. Thus, I stopped defending my ego when they attacked it. I overlooked their attacks and forgave them. In doing so I realized that I have another self that is not my ego and body, a self in light form and a formless self that is part of the formless whole self that folks call God.

     I had to allow my ego to die for me to resurrect to the awareness of my semi real self, the self in light form. In effect, in as much as I had an ego and lived in a negative world where egos attack other egos, I had to allow my ego to be attacked and destroyed and not defend it to know about my semi real self.

   Could I have resurrected from the ego without going through the crucifixion of that ego? No. If I identified with an arrogant ego it had to be crucified for me to resurrect to my semi-real self.

     The ego must die for the Christ to be reborn in our awareness, for the ego is a false self, a mask we employ to cover up our real self, the son of God in us.

    Ego is hate (separation is hatred of what one separates from); Christ is love (union with those one love).

     One must forgive the world as it is, an attacking world to rise above it. I chose a dream with a script, play for some people in the dream to aim at discriminating against me, humiliating my proud ego and destroying my ego and for me to be initially angry at them and then forgive them to know that I am not the dream figure that they attacked, they attacked my ego and body.

     I learned that my semi real self is in light form and that my real self is formless part of formless unified spirit self.

      If you forgive those who destroyed your ego and body you forgive you for attacking other egos and bodies and in fact forgive you for living as a false ego and body.

     If you forgive and wake up, it does not mean that other people will wake up. Jesus forgave and woke up two thousand years ago and the rest of the world are still sleeping and dreaming that they are egos in gross bodies.

     If you are a Black man and you forgive white vicious attacks on you and wake up, other Black folks will still be sleeping as egos and body and make the decision you made to wake up.

     Your waking up would not change the world to stop attacking Black folks and each other. Each human being has individual decision to make as to whether to wake up or continue dreaming that he is ego and body.

     You must accept what is as it is, accept that in the world people are identified with body and ego and then make a choice to forgive what is, overlook the reality of the world for you are not going to change the reality of the world.

     The world came into being through attack; we attacked oneness to fragment it to parts and each of us identifies with a fragment and defends it. The world is a place of attacks, wars and conflicts; it is a negative place and the only way to leave this battle field is to not defend your ego and body and allow the world to destroy them so that you awaken to a different self, the self in light form and from there proceed to recovery of the memory of  your real self, formless part of a formless God.


     To live as a separated ego self is to live in hell, literally; people on earth are in hell but do not know it.

     To remove the ego and still live on earth is to live effortlessly, to walk as if one is carried along by an evening cool breeze during the summer months.

     The egoless person is calm and peaceful, he is not worried about what other people think of him for he overlooks his ego and other people’s egos and identifies with their real selves, the spirit in all people.

     The egotistical person is tense, anxious and has difficulty learning at school and society; the egoless is mentally and emotionally calm and learns easily at school and society in general.

     The egoless has good relationships with all people and life is easy for him. Unfortunately, nobody on planet earth is egoless. To be on earth, to start with, you must have wished to have a separated self and housed that self in body.

    At best you have what is called a normal ego that has a good relationship with most people. If perchance you have a neurotic ego that wants to seem superior to other people, then you are in real hell. If you have a psychotic ego that fancy you superior to other people you are living in fantasy land.

   Mental health is acceptance of all people’s sameness and equality, the very thing folks are running away from that made them come to earth to pretend to be different from each other hence live conflicted lives.


     When people attack your ego and body, do not defend them; when people say nasty things about you, do not defend yourself verbally; in doing so you show recognition that they attacked your ego and body  and that those are not who you are; you allow them to attack your false self and in not defending the false self, you remember your semi real self, the Christ self in light form.

     This is what salvation is all about, jettisoning identification with the false self, letting it to die so that your semi real self, Christ self is resurrected in your awareness; Christ is reborn in your mind, in your awareness.

    When I say that you should allow attackers, racists, to destroy your ego and body, I did not tell you to fear them.

     Jesus spoke the truth of human oneness and those who did not like that fact and preferred separated selves killed him. He had the courage of his conviction; he did not shy away from the truth.

     You must speak the truth. You must always speak and write about our oneness in this world and in God. You must not allow the cowards who can destroy the ego and body but cannot touch your spirit to intimidate you.

     I speak the truth; you can stand on your head and go blue in your face and that would not make me speak the lies that is America.

    So, speak and live the truth; do not bother with death for there is no death; we live forever in unified spirit self.

Ozodi Osuji January 18, 2022

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