Everything is light


Ozodi Osuji

     Physical light became the roses and flowers you see on plants; light became plants, animals, planets, stars, galaxies, and the entire physical universe.

      The universe is truly a magical show, one thing, light transformed to everything else. It is truly incredible.

      And all the things light transformed into will die, decay, and retransform to light. That way there is a dance of light, from light to matter and from matter back to light and so the show goes on.

    Physical light is a neutral phenomenon, it transforms to whatever you want it transformed to for you.

     Perhaps, a different thing, spirit, mind, is the one transforming light to whatever it wants it to transform to? I do not know for sure.

     What I know for sure is that light became everything in the material universe and thus everything is light. We live in a light universe.

    We live in the light, not in darkness.


      We have minds; mind is the instrument for thinking in us; we use thinking to understand things. Let us, today, use our minds to understand light.

      The physics of light can be learned from any textbook on physics; in the beginning, Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, light came out of nowhere and transformed itself to electrons and quarks; quarks transformed to protons and neutrons; protons and neutrons become nuclei of atoms. The original atom (hydrogen) is differentiated into the 118 elements in the universe, depending on the number of elementary particles in each atom. Atoms combine to form molecules. Molecules are matter. Everything in the universe, be they stars, planets, plants, animals, and people and water are made from matter and since matter was formed from light, therefore, everything was formed from light, and everything is still light, albeit in disguised forms.

     If everything is light, therefore, we think with light. We are light. Light probably has two sides to it, the physical form that we use to form matter, and spiritual light that we use in doing thinking.

Ozodi Osuji October 21, 2022

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