Egolessness is salvation



       In childhood, given the child’s inherited body and its issues, and the social environment he is born into, he formulates a sense of I, a separated self, an ego and believes that it is who he is.

     He, thereafter, lives to defend his ego separated self. He believes that that sense of self is all that he is. That self-lives in a body. His experience and observation show him that events do harm his body and cause him pain. He feels vulnerable and tries to avoid what could harm his body and cause him pain.

     Defending the ego and its body makes him live in the prison house of the separated ego self. That prison house has many levels.

    Some persons have only mild sense of separated self and have prison with light labor.

     Some persons, like me, have enormous sense of self. My God, if you dared present you as if you are superior to me my ego felt slighted and would tell you exactly what I thought about you, see you as nothing (true, except that it is also what I see me as but hide that awareness from me but see it in other persons).

     Identification with the ego self, especially the grandiose type, causes one a lot of psychological and physical pain. It makes one learn less for one is preoccupied with not making mistakes and failing and defending against making mistakes to seem perfect and in so doing does not learn quickly; one learns at the rate of one percent of one’s mind, whereas 99% of one’s mental energy is deployed to defending the imaginary ego self.

     Those who have less ego rigidity, are less ego defensive, tend to learn quicker. What we call geniuses are those with flexible egos and learn fast.

   In ego we must learn for the ego separated self means separating from our real self, the son Of God and God, hence separating from knowledge; if you are on earth you are ignorant of your real self; it is only when you awaken to your real self, son of God, Christ, returned to heaven, unified self that you no longer need to learn for now you know.

     Upon experiencing Self-Realization, aka God Realization, illumination of your real self and enlightenment of your real self, you no longer need learning.

     Despite many Hindustanis’ claiming to have had Samadhi, Nirvana, Satori, mystical union of the son and his father, only a handful persons have had that experience.

      Right now, I am identified with the ego, separated self in body. To attain awareness of my real self, the formless son of God, part of formless unified God, I must everyday say to me:

I am not the ego separated self that I think that I am.

I am not this body I see me as in.

I am spirit.

I am part of formless unified God.

God is light (total knowledge). I am part of God’s light, knowledge.

God is love; I am part of that love.

 In ego I do not know who I am. In ego I have forgotten my true self, formless son of God.

     Since I have not consciously experienced the awareness of my true self (at the unconscious level all of us experience them every second of our being because we cannot separate from God) all the above are mere affirmations but necessary affirmations to convince my mind to accept them and behave as such.

     Our mind is pure spiritual energy and can accept whatever we put into it.

     To leave heaven (union) we put into our unified mind the idea that we want to have separated selves; that wish produced separated minds and thereafter produced bodies, space and time and we now seem to live in them, all illusions, for while we believe ourselves as separated from God, we remain in him and merely dream separated existence.

     You will experience what you put into your mind. You will experience you as part of unified spirit self, God. In that experience you are not in body but still have a sense of self, but a self that is the same and equal with all other selves, all of them the sons of God.

      In that formless self you are not on earth, not in a place with varying climate, hot and cold, and, as such, you do not need clothing, houses, food, means of transportation…you are wherever you wish to be by merely wishing it (you are on earth, in body, space and time because you wished to have that experience).

      However, since other human beings are still in ego and body and see their bodies as things that they must be ashamed of, and hide them in clothes, when you relate to people you put on the type of clothes that they would like you to be in, not because you want to wear clothes.

     You know that you are formless self, you are a point of light in a wave of spiritual light called God.

      Now you are egoless, you have no sense of having a separated self, you know your real self as one with all people’s real selves, all in oneself, the God self.

     Because you have transcended the ego you do not defend the ego. With no ego and no wish for ego and no defense of the ego, you live in eternity, peaceful and joyful.

      You do not plan your future for you know that you are always where you must be, placed there by your ego (Christ is the ego that now loves, is used to join all egos rather than used to separate from them), the Holy Spirit (God in the temporal, universe) urges you to love all, join all and forgive those who did your ego wrong.


     What you learn is to see how egotistical you are, how separated from other persons and God you are, and to eventually overcome it.

     As noted, I had a grandiose ego. You see, white folks fancy themselves as especially important persons. My ego saw them as silly children. The US President, the Pope, European leaders were to my ego stupid persons, and I treated them as such.

   I kept this negative perception of them secret but let them do something that I did not like, and I immediately told them that they are worthless and valueless, are nothing.

     I felt total superiority to all egos, all persons and folks know it. No human being likes another ego to look down on him hence people resented me, as they should.

      When you recognize that you are not a separated ego self but is a son of God, a part of one God and that God is love and you love all people, hence love you and God, you are now in peace.

     People around you know that you are living in peace and that peace robs off on them and they, too, live in some peace hence enjoy your presence.

      To live as an ego is to be at war with your real-self; to live egolessly is to be at peace with your real-self.

     We are not talking only being intellectually aware of the benefits of egolessness; you must not be an ego; it helps if you know that intellectually, but intellectual awareness is not enough; you must see you as not an ego, separated self and accept that you are part of unified spirit self and behave as such.

     It is when you live egolessly that you know that your real self is eternal and lives in perfect peace, but if you live in ego, you will believe that you will die, which you must, for the ego in you must die for the real self in you to be reborn in your awareness.

     Right now, you and I are spiritually sleeping, metaphorically dead; we need to awaken from our sleep of self-forgetfulness and become aware of our real self and then live it, to be truly alive not the living dead state we call our lives on earth.

       Please do not pretend that you have understood what I said in this piece or that you live it.

     If you have not experienced oneness with God, a formless state of being, you are still in ego, hence in prison, and live-in psychological pain, for you are at war with your real self, the son of God who is one with God hence you are at war with God and know no peace.

     When you stop the war that you declared on you by separating from your real self you become peaceful and happy. Your body feels calm, you sometimes are not even aware that you live in body but must force you to live in body to do what you must do, to help all of us realize our oneness with each other and with God.


     If you are egoless, you are grateful to all that happened to you. I am a black man. I am grateful to white racists. Why? They discriminated against me and in doing so helped me to realize that I am not the grandiose ego I had invented in childhood and identified with. Thus, not getting work given by white folks were helpful for me, they enabled me to learn that I am not the grandiose ego, I am not even a humble ego, I am the magnificent son of God.

    I live in the USA hence use racism to make my point; if you live elsewhere, use events that your ego felt was wrongs done to it to learn that you benefited from such wrongs. The goal of such events is to enable you let go of your ego and regain the awareness of your real self, Christ, son of God.

      All events in our lives, good or bad, help us learn that the ego (separation) is false and that our true identity is egoless Christ (union with all people and with God).

     Racists were my saviors, as I am their savior. They are learning that they are not egos (as the Christ in me, the Holy Spirit in me, my right mind is teaching it to them).

      The learnings of the world have two goals; first, they tell us that we are egos; secondly, they (the right mind, the Christ mind, the Holy spirit) tell us that we are not egos and urge us to let go of our ego to know our true selves.


     If you cling to your separated ego-self, even a little bit of it, you cannot experience your true, formless unified self.

     It is an either-or situation; you must give up the ego entirely to become liberated from its jail house, but if you are tempted to keep a bit of it and you do, you retain and keep all of it and be in the ego prison that we live in on earth.

     Somebody must live the egoless self to experience God and know that it is not mere intellectual gymnastics. The world needs one egoless, enlightened person.

    That persons must be you and me. I must be egoless; you must be egoless.

Ozodi Osuji

November 26, 2021

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