Egoless leadership and management


(Is Christ leadership possible on earth?)

Ozodi Osuji

      Last night, I wrote the above heading and decided to type an essay on it. I went to sleep. In the sleep I dreamed; in the dream I was walking down a street, Point Road, Apapa, Lagos (my parents lived there), and a guy came up to me and asked me what I had in a paper bag that I was carrying; I told him, fried plantains. He asked, are you going to take them home and eat them by yourself, we are supposed to share things; out of guilt I gave him some of my fried plantains and a bunch of children ran up and stretched their hands and I gave them some of the plantains and only a few were left. I decided that I needed to keep those few and take them home for a meal and walked away from the now expanding number of children and woke up. 

    Upon waking up from the dream, I realized the relationship of the dream and my desire to write an essay on egoless leadership.

     Ego is the desire to be separated from other people and care mostly for oneself; egolessness is the opposite of ego, it means not separating from other people and working for their good; that is, egolessness is synonymous with serving social interest, being a socialist.  

     The dream event is me projecting out a situation where I shared my goods with other people and realized that I needed to keep some for my welfare; it raised the question of how much sharing is appropriate; should the individual keep something for his own welfare or should he give all his goods away. The ever-increasing number of needy children in the dream required me to give away all my plantain and have none left, have no personal property?

      The question is this, should one have no self-interest, no personal property, and give away all his goods and services to other people (which is what I have been doing all my life). Is socialism necessary in a world where the individual needs to take care of himself.

     In socialism some people give all they have to society whereas the many takes from the givers and do not give anything to them; the guy who asked me to give him what I have in my bag did not give me anything, nor did the children give me anything, socialists die poor.

    The mass of humanity is selfish. The lesson of the dream is that while it is nice to give things to other people for one to remember that other people do not have a neurotic compulsive need to give things to one (I do not recall an instance where other people voluntarily gave me anything of value) and, therefore, one must have personal savings for one’s upkeep.

     The individual’s primary function is to provide for himself and secondarily to help other people; other people do not see themselves as existing to give their goods and services to one for free; one must pay for the cost of one’s living.

      Socialism must be balanced with capitalist realism otherwise it impoverishes one and the state. Pure socialism leads to poverty; pure capitalism is selfishness; both economic systems must be combined for the good of the individual and society; it is not an either-or situation but a combination of both approaches to economics.

      If you and governments continually help the poor, the nanny state, they become dependent and do not do what they must do to take care of their needs; indeed, like spoilt children, many of them become so dependent on you that when you/government do not help them out they feel angry at you, as if you owe them anything in life.

      The fact is that no one owes anything to other people; you may, out of goodwill, help other people, but you do not owe them anything in life.

     In nature animals and plants compete for survival; the strong survive and the weak die out; out of goodwill the strong must help the poor but ask them to also help themselves.

     Give a child free fish and you make him dependent on you for his survival but teach him to fish and he fishes, takes care of his needs.


    I pondered writing this essay because lately I have been thinking about what a life of egolessness would be like. I gradually realized that the primary problem of human beings is their ego.

     Each of us has an ego; the ego is the spirit of specialness and separation from other people, trying to survive, if need be, at the expense of other people.

    If one were to give up one’s ego and become egoless one would know that one is one with all people. In eternity we are all unified as one shared self with one shared mind. In that state of eternal union, we live in peace and happiness.

     We separated from the whole self, aka God, and from each other and created a universe of separated things, a universe of space and time and on earth each struggles to survive and can be snuffed out by all kinds of things.

      If one gave up one’s ego and stopped struggling for individual survival one would die to the ego and return to the awareness of unified spirit self, God and his infinite sons as oneself.

    Now, we are on earth, the abode of separated selves, not in heaven, the opposite of earth; on earth we live as separated selves housed in different bodies with different needs.

     How much individual extinction can the individual engage in and still live on earth? Can one be completely egoless, and still live on earth?

    We hear a lot about selflessly serving other people’s needs and sacrificing, including dying for the good of other people.

      Why should one serve other people’s needs and not one’s need? Most people out there are as dull as doorknobs; so, why should they survive so that one dies?

     No, it is not necessary to serve other people at one’s expense; it is sentimental and emotional to not serve one’s needs and only serve other people’s needs. One must have balance, serve one’s needs and other people’s needs.

     Thus, we must balance socialism and capitalism, selfishness and serving public good. The leader and public manager must serve his personal needs as well as public needs.

     If one attained total egolessness and had no separated self with separated interests one would exit from planet earth, space and time and be in unified spirit, heaven.

     If one is on earth one must live in space, time and body and have individual needs so there is always ego in one; one can reduce that ego with love, but one cannot become totally egoless and still live in body and on earth.


     The rational thing to do is live in ego and socialize it and use one’s ego for one’s needs to survive and simultaneously do what serves other people’s needs; therefore, use your ego to serve your and other people’s needs in a balanced manner, that is the best option available to us.

    Talk of totally serving other people to the extent of sacrificing one’s needs is emotional claptrap that religionists use to deceive the masses while stealing from them to live high on a hog while the people suffer poverty.

    If living as the Christ self means living egolessly and sacrificing oneself for other people, it is not realistic and, at any rate, cannot be done on earth. On earth people live as separated selves housed in bodies, walking around in space and time; if one attained egolessness one would exit from earth and regain the awareness of one’s spiritual self which transcends living in body.

     If one is in body, one will retain some ego self but humanize it and use it to serve one and other people, not in an either-or manner but both.

Ozodi Osuji September 3, 2022


To be on earth at all one must have a special, separated self; that is, one must be pursuing seeming superior to God and other people and seek ways to make that false, separated self-seem real (even though in eternity it is not real, it is a dream self-adapting to a dream world, not real self, or real world).

     A leader of these egoistic, separated people must be like them, seek specialness and separation but begin transcending it in the sense that he seeks what unites their separated selves, but he cannot be totally unlike them; he cannot totally have transcended the desire of specialness and separation.

     The earthly leader is not the leader of egoless people but of egotistical people; egoless people do not need leaders.

     If you have no ego at all you would not understand the needs of those in ego and body state. If you are totally egoless you have transcended the egos world and all you can do is stay in the spiritual world and from there guide people who live in the ego, separated self in bodies on what they need to do to extinguish their egos and return to the egoless world of God.

    Those in unified spirit (heaven) do not need leaders for they know that they are one shared self with one shared mind and automatically serve each other’s needs. Those in worlds beneath heaven but not on earth are at different levels of being and need guidance from more evolved people.

     The most evolved souls, like those of Jesus Christ, align themselves with the Holy Spirit and guide people on earth and the immediate worlds above the earth on what to do to return to the awareness of egolessness, to their real selves as the Christ, the sons of God who are one with God and with each other.

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