Ego, the illusion of edging God out of your life



Ozodi Osuji

       No one can be outside the whole, outside union, outside the group, outside God; the ego separated self is the illusion that one can be outside the unified state of being; one cannot be, but one can dream that one is outside eternal union; our physical universe is the dream that we are outside completeness, God.

     Because one cannot be outside the whole, we only dream that we are outside it. We invented the physical universe of space, time, and matter to enable us to seem to be outside God.

     What happens to us outside wholeness, God, does not matter for it is not real. Any of us, dreamers, can be snuffed out by any of us or by nature and it does not matter; this is because we really do not exist outside God and do not matter if we think that we exist outside him.

     We are increasingly understanding how the physical universe is put together; we have understood nuclear fission (and used it to build atomic weapons), soon, we shall do nuclear fusion (fusing hydrogen plasmas to helium); we shall do what takes place inside stars on earth.

      Thereafter, we can destroy the entire earth in a second. And we shall destroy the earth because the entire earth is a dream, so its destruction does not matter.

      People in the flesh package themselves in expensive clothes, jewelry, houses, cars (those expensive stuff are nothing) and think that they have worth; the fact is that they do not have worth for anyone who desires it can off their lives at any moment. And God would not prevent that from happening because he knows that our world is a dream, and a dream is nothing.

     The greatest people that have ever lived on earth were not chasing possessions but sought ways to stop seeking ego alienation from God; they sought ways to align themselves with God. Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ did that.

     To align yourself with God, who is spirit, you must remove awareness of your ego and body from your mind and know that you are spirit who is eternally a part of the one spirit that folks call God.

     Give up the illusion of trying to make your ego real, the illusion that you can be outside eternal union; you cannot do so; even on earth no one can really be outside the human group, sham as it is, and survive; if you take yourself outside the human group, you become neurotic or psychotic.

      If you take yourself outside eternal unified state, aka God, you become lost, until you decide, like the prodigal son, to return to reality, to eternal union with God; at that point you regain your sanity and live in peace and joy.


Ego means: “Edge God Out” (of your life). 

Ozodi Osuji

July 22, 2022

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