Ego management




Ozodi Osuji

      To live on earth and see space, time, and matter is to have a separated self, the ego in body. If one has an ego, one sees other egos and other things attacking it and defends one’s ego self. Life in ego-body is perpetual offense and defense.

      This is because the universe came into being through attack; originally, all selves were unified as one formless spirit self; the son of God, you, me, decided to separate from union, attacked it and believed that he fragmented it and each ego now identifies with a fragment of the whole, fragment of God.

     In separation we have a world of I and not I, subject and object, a world of space, time, and matter and thus a world of seeing, a world of perception (the unified world of God is the world of knowing, it transcends perception for there is nothing that is not part of one for one to see it).

     Our world of multiplicity is the world of judgement (what is good or bad for one’s ego), a world of opposites, the world of black and white, light and darkness, male and female, hate and love; the world of union, the world of God is the world of sameness and equality.

     If one completely gave up one’s ego, is egoless, one will not see the world of space, time, and matter; one will be back in total oneness and its peace and joy, heaven, not dead but living in a formless mode.

     If you are on earth all that you can do is manage your ego, manage your pride, manage how you respond to other egos who irritate your ego.

     Thus, ego management is a critical part of living on earth, for all people have egos and do rob on one’s ego and one cannot afford to be always angry at all people.

     People are on earth because they rebelled against God, and his son, their real self and wanted to live as the opposite of unified spirit self hence invented a world of separated state, space, and time and live as separated selves.

     To be on earth, in space, time, and matter is to be at war with God, with the whole self, with one’s whole self and all selves; one can manage that war but cannot eliminate it unless one gives up one’s ego and lives egolessly and returns to the awareness of unified spirit and lives formlessly.

    One is always in God, in formless unified spirit self and cannot separate from it but while in it, as it were, one shuts one’s spiritual eyes to its reality, sleeps and dreams that one is now in a world of space, time, and matter and sees oneself in our world.

      If one decides against the ego one returns to the awareness of the formless unified self. Or one can choose to purify one’s ego dreaming by loving and forgiving people in the dream, in which ones dream becomes a happy dream, happy fiction, happy insanity; it is still insane because one sees different things; in truth there are no different things but there is only one thing, God and his sons all unified as one shared self (you cannot understand this reality with your current ego mind).


As I am typing this material, a heavenly classical record is playing on my radio, which is always set on the local classical music station (this is Christmas season meaning that Handel’s Messiah is on, daily). I do not know if I would choose to live for a second on planet earth without classical music (and physics). To me, without classical music life is intolerable. Physics enables us to understand physical reality; we must figure out a scientific method to help us understand spiritual matters and thereafter all would be well.

Ozodi Osuji

November 27, 2022

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