Each person has something that unconsciously motivates his behaviors


Ozodi Osuji

     Deep inside everyone’s mind is something he learned in childhood, a product of his inherited biological constitution and social experience, that is actuating his present lifestyle. That deep rooted datum affects what he does in the here and now world and largely determines whether he is successful or a failure in life. The individual must understand that unconscious part of his motivation and correct it if he desires changes in his behaviors and the outcomes he receives from life.

      I am motivated by the quest for perfection of my body and self; I am seeking ideals; this means that I am unsatisfied with me as I am, unsatisfied with other people as they are and unsatisfied with nature as it is; I want to recreate  the world to suit my idea of perfection; which I am never going to attain but in the main time I could not settle for any anything in life because I saw all things as not perfect.

     This is really my desire to kill God, destroy the whole, and recreate the unsatisfactory universe created by God on my own terms, which is not going to happen; I want to be the creator of me and the universe.

     This desire for absolute power and perfection caused my unhappiness and uncertainty and made sure that I become a failed person. This disposition has been in me since I became self-conscious, at six; therefore, it is as if I were destined to fail in this world.

       Every person has something motivating him that makes him do what he does and that makes sure that he succeeds or fails in this world.

     The individual’s core motivation is in his unconscious mind; it is, however, not mystical because it is caused by events in the individual’s childhood; my inherited weak body disposed me to not like my body and to seek an alternative ideal, perfect body. That unconscious motivation can be studied and understood by me, with the aid of other people.

     When the individual’s core motivation is understood and changed his motivation and character is changed; he now behaves differently and receives different outcomes from life. For example, I am no longer motivated to change me and become perfect or to change other people and make them perfect; I accept me and people as I see them to be, imperfect.

     It is stupid to try changing other people; you cannot change other people; you can study your own body, biology and personality and understand them, and try to change them, but you cannot study all people’s biology and personalities, understand them and change them.

      For example, I have a relative that is driven by fear and anxiety and has a dependent and passive aggressive personality structure. He perpetually wants me to help him. My help is never good enough for him and when I decided to stop helping him, he called me a dog and called my children despicable names. That means that at no point did he respect or love me, I was merely instrumental in his desire to survive.

     He was a sickly child and his parents feared him dying at any time, so they pampered and spoilt him; he grew up expecting other people to take good care of him as his parents did; it never occurs to him to take care of other people, he is a receiver, not a giver of love or material things.

      Alfred Adler, in his book, the Neurotic Constitution, described this type of neurotic very well; such persons feel inordinately inferior and compensate with desire to seem superior to other people; the dependent variety feels superior to you by acting weak so that you take care of his needs. In taking care of his needs, he is your boss and is superior to you. When you stop taking care of him, he no longer has power over you and he momentarily decompensates and literally goes insane because he no longer has power over you and acts out in anger, making you want to smack him around but if you are smart you simply put a distance between you and him.

     This neurotic is a user of people but not a giver of anything to people. Prudence disposes me to banish him from my life.  To me, he no longer exists.

      Trying to help other people is a total waste of time; let each individual struggle for survival and those who cannot survive on their own should die out; the nature of our existence on planet earth is for the fit to survive and the weak to die out; no amount of wishful thinking can change this fact.

     There is something in people’s unconscious minds that make them do what they do; you cannot make them rich by giving them material things; let them blame you all they want for their poverty but the fact is that they are poor because of something in their psyche; they have to understand what made them behave as they do, say, be anxious and fearful, and overcome it, and overcome their wish to kill God and replace him with their own wishes of how the universe should be.

     Only the individual can know these things about him and change them, other people cannot do so for him.

Ozodi Osuji

November 12, 2022

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