Dreams, visions, and revelations


Ozodi Osuji

      Jesus was a Middle Eastern man. Even in the ancient world, middle eastern people were depicted as swarthy, dark white in color but not pale white folks like Nordic white folks. Therefore, Jesus was dark white in color, like contemporary Arab persons; he was not white as we normally construe whites to be, Nordic.

      In my vision, Jesus looked Nordic. Therefore, it was not the real Jesus in that vision. That does not mean that what he said to me is wrong; what he said to me is what my superconscious mind said to me.

     There is a part of our minds that are unified mind; from that unified mind ideas enter our lower, separated ego minds.

      My superconscious mind wanted me to write a new philosophy because extant ones are not useful to me; it told me not to waste my time distorting my mind trying to make Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism, Zen and other philosophies true; it said to me that only me can produce a philosophy that makes sense to me, and to those who think as I do.

      Similarly, the superconscious part of Helen Schucman’s mind called itself Jesus Christ, aka     Holy Spirit, and as him she authored her book, A course in miracles. Jesus Christ of the bible did not author that book because only a psychoanalyst and behavioral psychologist in the modern Western world could have written that book. The biblical Jesus Christ was a Jew and spoke in typical Middle Eastern idiomatic language, not in the language of philosophers and psychologists used in A course in miracles.

      Does that mean that what A course in miracles said is false? No. It said something that made sense to Helen Schucman, and up to a point made sense to me. I disagree with what he said on radical forgiveness, for, as a realistic mind, I know that if you forgive all crimes people will engage in incredible crimes and wipe themselves out of the face of the earth in a few years and before they do so live in incredible insecurity. Therefore, we need earthly governments that arrested and punished criminals, not forgive them.

     People need to be on planet earth and study science and use physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology to understand how the universe works; they do not need to die off yet; eventually, they will die off when the sun dies; or they will destroy themselves with their nuclear weapons but that should come only after they have understood the universe and used advanced technology to migrate to other exoplanets in other star systems, in our milky way galaxy or in other galaxies (eventually, they will tunnel to other universes…there are infinite universes because the moment you say one you have implied infinite numbers).

     At the rate modern science and technology is going, it would take several thousand years before people completely understand our galaxy, feel bored and thereafter migrate to other galaxies or destroy themselves and begin afresh on planet earth.

        The superconscious mind, or the God in us, manifests in us according to our biological and social experience hence does not necessarily state the truth as the truth outside matter, space and time is.

      The same applies to revelation; yes, one can hear the voice of God (the voice of the superconscious mind in one) but what it tells one is specifically meant for one, not for the entire world, although other people can benefit from it.

      Hindus and Buddhists, in their own way, are correct in saying that if one extinguishes the ego mind in one that one can momentarily escape from our world of separated thinking and experience the unified spirit self. However, knowledge in that level of nonphysical reality does not apply to knowledge in the physical reality of matter, space and time; the only knowledge one can glean from unitive experience that is useful to us on earth is that in the final analysis we are all unified; man, woman, children, black and white, animals, plants, all things meet at a point of union that transcends this world; this is a fact not speculation.

     In the meantime, let us get on with studying science and doing technology because those are our best guides in adapting to the exigencies of our separated world of multiplicity. Sitting cross legged on a mountaintop and contemplating God is escape from extant reality.

    Of course, one should meditate, occasionally shut out our world and remove the ego from one’s mind and try to attain inner silence and live in perfect peace and joy for a while. But eventually if one still wants to live in our separated world, one must study science because science deals with the here and now world of separated things and people, as they are, not as we want them to be.

Ozodi Osuji

July 16, 2022


Superconscious mind:

The superconscious (also super-conscious or super conscious) is a proposed aspect of mind to accompany the conscious and subconscious and/or unconscious. It is able to acquire knowledge through non-physical or psychic mechanisms and pass that knowledge to the conscious mind.[1][2] It therefore transcends ordinary consciousness.[3] The term is also used to describe transcendental states of consciousness achieved through meditation and related practices, thus accessing the superconscious mind directly.[4]

Knowledge acquired by the superconscious need not be from the present or nearby, it may be from the past or future, from a physically remote present, or of beings undetectable by the physical senses. Superconsciousness is therefore offered in order to provide an explanation for psychic phenomena such as precognitionremote vision and seances.[2]

Mainstream science does not recognise such psychic phenomena as genuine, and therefore regards theories to account for them as pseudoscience. Wikipedia.

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