Does Vladmir Putin hate Russians?

DOES VLADMIR PUTIN HATE RUSSIANS AND WANT THEM DEAD?It is clear to me that although we were all given minds that most people refuse to use their minds to do real thinking. Let us do some thinking. In his book, Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler’s favorite minister, narrated how towards the end of Adolf Hitler’s reign, in the Berlin, Fuhrer bunker, Hitler gave him an order to destroy all Germany (he was Hitlers personal architect and munitions minister; he was Hitler’s alter ego). Albert Speer left the bunker and refused to implement the Fuher’s order to destroy all of Germany. Hitler had a deluded, grandiose self-concept and self-image; he said that since Germans refused to fight and die for him and win the war for him, that they no longer have a right to live, that they are now worthy of death. Albert Speer extrapolated from that episode that although Hitler pretended to love Germans, that he probably hated Germans, and wanted them dead unless they obeyed his satanic will to power. Did you get what I said? Now generalize it. We have a deluded, grandiose little man called Vladmir Putin. Like Hitler, he is out there murdering people (in Chechnya, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine) under the cloak of liking his Russians, trying to make them great as Hitler tried to make Germans great. Could it be that Putin also hates Russians and wants to kill all of them? See how he throws waves of young Russians soldiers at Ukrainians and those kill them like they are flies yet he sends more waves of these eighteen-year olds to go to their death, so that he gains a few yards of land. Russia is already the largest country on earth, with only 144 million people; it is twice the size of the USA with 330 million people, and more than twice the size of China with over a billion and half people. The point is that Putin does not need more land. Could Putin hate Russians and want them dead? Similarly, could white racists who kill black folks hate their fellow white folks? Are these killers of people self-hating and hateful of people like them but disguise it as hatred of so-called other people? A healthy person loves himself and loves all people and does not kill anyone. These folks who justify killing people with the artificial ideas of nation or race may, in fact, hate their people. This is just an idea that occurred to me this morning. What do you think? God gave you a mind, use it for Christ’s sake to do a little thinking and stop accepting vacuous ideas as explanations that are not explanations of the human phenomenon. Cheers, Ozodi OsujiJune18, 2022

1Jerome Jr Nwonuma

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