Does freedom lie only in God?


Ozodi Osuji

     Today, January 16, 2022, is Martin Luther King’s birthday. One of the local radio stations in Anchorage, Alaska is presenting Black Church music in lieu of its normal Sunday faire between 6 and 9 AM. So, in the last hour and half I have been listening to Black Church music.

    Most of the songs are centered around freedom. The songs are seeking freedom from man’s thralldom; it shows belief that it is only in God would that freedom come, not from man.

    This, of course, reflects African Americans perception that their white neighbors enslaved them and refuse to give them freedom and they seek that freedom from God. This is sad acknowledgement that man cannot give man freedom (in Africa Black men enslave other Africans) and belief that only God, can give them freedom.

     This is a realistic assessment of the nature of man, as evil.

      But does a God exist that can give people freedom or is God make belief, a hope in the unseen?

     That is, is freedom only possible in fantasy, not human society? In the real world, we are witnessing white Republican controlled states in the USA passing legislations to disenfranchise Black people, and bring about the end of the American empire, although they do not know that the existence of America is rooted in the freedom of African Americans, those who built the country.

     These songs are sad and depressing but a realistic assessment that man enslaves man and that man’s only hope lies in God or as Richard Dawkins would say, in the delusion that God exists and can do for people what they refuse to do for themselves.

     If freedom existed people would not posit God and ask him to give them freedom.

     It is because people feel weak that they posit a powerful God to protect them.

     It is time that instead of looking to an imaginary God to give us freedom we give ourselves freedom by standing up to social injustice and, if needs be, die fighting for it, die on our feet.

Ozodi Osuji

January 16, 2022

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