Does Ernest Holmes mind science work?

Holmes, Ernest (1938). SCIENCE OF MIND. New York: Tarcher Perigee Books, 650 pages.

Ozodi Osuji

      I listened to Ernest Holmes’ book, Science of mind (650 pages), on YouTube audio; the audio is about twelve hours long.

      I read the book many years ago and forgot what I read. However, much of what it says I gleaned from other sources in what is called New Thought and New Age religions’ literature.

     What stood out from this twelve-hour marathon listening (4 PM yesterday to 4 AM this morning) is that Religious Science Church (founded by Ernest Holmes), now called Centers for Spiritual Living, believe in healing people through prayers. It believes in changing the way people think and that changed thinking affects people’s mental and physical illnesses. This is part of the positive thinking movement initiated by the nineteenth century American Transcendental movement (Ralph Waldo Emerson was a member of this New England religious movement that borrowed heavily from Hinduism and Buddhism).

    Ernest Holmes church is like Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science and Myrtle Filmore’s Unity Church in their belief that praying heals people.

     The Treatment Plan states that there is God, and that God is perfect and that he created people perfect in mind and body, that our separation from God (as exhibited by the prodigal son leaving his father and leaving the Garden of Eden, paradise, union with God) introduced imperfections in our thinking and that imperfection is reflected in our mental and physical illnesses.

       Like the Prodigal son we must acknowledge our mistake in leaving God, to go assert our egos and live independently, and return to God, return to the state of union with God and all his creation; in the state of union, nondualism, we are healed; in separation, dualism, we are sick.

     The Treatment Practitioner (first convinces his self and then) tells the person he wants to heal that God created him perfect in spirit, that he is still as perfect as God created him, for to not be perfect is to have power greater than God hence change what God made perfect. The patient is asked to accept that he is perfect in mind and body.

     If he accepts that he is perfect, he is then told that diseases and imperfection are foreign to his nature and for him to return his mind to believing that he is perfect.

      If he believes that he is perfect in mind, he is healed; the source of his bodily disease is his mind’s hitherto sense of imperfection so when his mind accepts his perfection his body is healed.

    If I may add, to regain sense of perfection, one must jettison one’s belief in separation, dualism, and accept that one is always unified with God and see separation as done in dreams not in reality.

     Perfection lies in return to union with God and his creation; as long as one believes that one is separated from God and people one must feel imperfect and incomplete.

    Ernest Holmes almost got it correctly; I felt a need to correct his imperfect understanding of mysticism.

     Does Holmes’ Mind Science work or is it mere magical thinking? I do not know; I am just reporting what I listened to.

     Instead of being spurious in dismissing his line of thinking, why don’t you read his book and listen to the audio?

    Let me ask you, does secular medicine heal you? I am a mental health professional and have done therapy for people for thirty years (if you want to learn psychology and psychotherapy talk to me).

     Medications do mask people’s mental disorders, heal them, I do not know about that. Talk based psychotherapy does give people insights into their issues, heal them? I do not know about that.

     If scientific psychotherapy does not heal folks, why don’t we examine other methodologies for healing people, including spiritual psychology?


     Right now, I am listening to the audio of Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. After that I will listen to the entire sixty-six books of the Bible in audio. I will also listen to Neil Walsh’s Conversations with God in audio and finally Esther and Jerry Hicks “Ask and it is given” in audio.

    Why am I doing this? Why do people do what they do? I just want to do it (beginning Saturday last week I listened to the entire A course in miracles in audio and listened to Seth Speaks in audio). Aside from possible gains, listening to these audios is a useful way to spend my evenings and nights.

     Stop drinking alcohol, do not do drugs, do not smoke, stop spending your time chattering with fools and try to learn from the masters in religion, spirituality, philosophy, and science.

Ozodi Osuji

March 31, 2022

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