Does a course in miracles pay dividends?


      I have retrained my mind to think along the line recommended by A course in miracles, which includes to see this world as a dream and what is done in it, as done in a dream, and, as such, not real, and has not been done, to not defend my ego, to forgive those folks that I see do harmful things to me. Of course, I have not completely retrained my mind and think like the Gnostic mystic that the book wants us to think as. Nevertheless, I have tried my best.

      The question that needs to be asked is this: has retraining my mind to think in the manner the book asked me to do yielded any positive dividends for me? Has this type of thinking given me a positive outcome?

      I do feel peaceful from not pursuing ego goals and not feeling frustrated when I do not gratify those goals but the philosophy itself has not given me any of the outcomes it says it would, such as regular experiencing of Holy Instants that make me know that there is God, revelations from God where God talks to me that makes me know that God exists.

     It has not made my body immune from aging. Practitioners of the course die from assorted diseases as folks everywhere on earth die. I am financially not well to do; I have always worked for whatever I wanted in life and that is still the case; there have been no free lunches for me.

    Folks can draw the inference that this spiritual path does not help anyone improve his life, certainly not as much as realistic thinking that sees our world as a jungle, and one screws other people before they screwed one. A course in miracles may, therefore, be dismissed as a waste of folk’s time. But is it?

     I find the metaphysics of A course in miracles useful regardless of it not giving me the outcomes it promised folks.

     Religion and spirituality do not give folks the outcomes they promised but they do give folks a sense that life is not meaningless as science gives folks.

      I accept the delusion of life as meaningful given to folks by spirituality even though I do not have any way of proving that life is meaningful; I just do not like the idea that life is meaningless, which one must have if one limits oneself to physical explanation of the universe.

Ozodi Osuji

October 23, 2022

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