Do what you believe is right and ignore death


Ozodi Osuji

     On February 24, 2021, Vladimir Putin launched his war of choice on Ukraine. He anticipated that the war would compel people of goodwill to support Ukraine. To scare Ukraine’s would be supporters he reminded us that Russia has nuclear weapons and that he would not hesitate in using them.

     We know that Russia has an impressive stockpile of over six thousand nuclear weapons, it has the most of all countries in the world; the USA comes next, then France, Britain and China; Israel has nuclear weapons but how many we do not know; India and Pakistan also have some nuclear weapons.

     Putin is a classic terrorist; he wants to do something and tells you that if you try to stop him that he can kill you; his goal is to stop you from doing something that prevents him from attaining his objective and allow him to get away with what he wants to do. He wants us to standby and do nothing as he gobbles Ukraine.

     A thug would point a gun at you and ask you to give him your wallet/money or else he kills you. He counts on your desire to live at all costs and fear of death to make you allow him to terrorize you into giving him your money.

     We know that school yard bullies do not expect you to fight back; they expect to push you around because you are afraid of harm and death. But the moment you stand your ground and punch the bully on his nose and do so extremely hard so that you give him bloody nose, being a coward, he runs away and stops bullying you; but if you give in to his bullying you, he will keep on bullying you.

      If we give in to the bullying coward called Putin, he will keep bulling us; he had hoped to take over Ukraine, and, thereafter, Moldova, the Baltic states (Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia), Poland and all the former USSR states and eventually reconstitute the former WARSAW Pact countries within the Russian orbit.

      He did not count on having President Joseph Biden as the President of the USA. He had believed that Biden is like Donald Trump, a coward who claimed bone spurs as an excuse to avoid going to fight in Vietnam. Trump is all hat and no cattle. Say boo and Trump will pee and poo in his pants!

      Joseph Biden does not have the gift of the garb (he is not like the eloquent Barack Obama), but you cannot push him around. Remember what happened after the November 2020 elections and Trump and his goon’s squad were running around claiming that Trump won and having lawsuits all over the place. Biden just kept quiet and made plans for his inauguration; he was not fazed by the bully called Trump. He faced down the bully and the clowns that supported him in the nonsense called stop the steal. Biden is, as we speak, facing down the Russian bully called Putin.

    Putin had counted on winning in Ukraine in three days and was surprised at the Ukrainians fierce resistance. He has resorted to doing drugs (see his bloated face and shaking limbs, I suspect that he is on steroids and or amphetamines, as Adolf Hitler was on during the last years of the second world war).

   Hitler, as Albert Speer said in his book, Inside the Third Reich, gave him, his armament minister authority to destroy all Germany, and he did not carry it out.

    Putin, in his desperation, especially if he feels cornered and humiliated if Ukrainians take the war to Russia, may desire to die, along with all people, hence give order for Russians to unleash their nuclear weapons. One hopes that there is a courageous Russian who, like Speer, would resist the Mad Vlad’s order.

     My goal here is not to write about the blustering of cowards, terrorists and bullies and thugs like Putin but to tell us to do what we believe is right.

     We must ignore the threats by the bullies of this world and go right ahead and do what we believe is right.

     I personally believe that to love all human beings, regardless of their race and gender, is the highest good that we human beings can do. Love all people and serve the public’s interests.

      You know what you believe is the truth of your being. I encourage you to live your truth and ignore the childish boastings of a tiger whose feet is made of clay.

      Putin is a coward (cowards kill people, courageous people nurture life). Nevertheless, Russia has a pile of nuclear weapons even though the average Russian makes only about $400 a month, hence lives in poverty and drinks his life away.

      What Putin’s threats have done for me, and I hope for you, is given me the renewed awareness that humankind can destroy themselves at any time.

      The USA and Russia, between them, have enough nuclear weapons to destroy most humankind. They have what is called mutually assured destruction of each other, MAD. So be it.

     Assume that the two can destroy all of us and ignore them and keep on doing what your soul tells you is right.

      You must not allow yourself to be ruled by fear. The moment you develop fear of been killed by other people, which is always a possibility, then to live at all costs you can allow yourself to be intimidated into living as a slave.

     A slave is a person who wants to live at all costs, his fear disposes him to tolerate the slave master.

      If the slave decides to be free or die, he refuses to be a slave and the only option the slave master has is to kill him or free him.

      We are all participants in our social oppression. Putin, a terroristic dictator, has intimidated his fellow Russians into obeying his every whim; he has reduced his people to slavery. He rules by inducing fear in people (courageous people rule by encouraging people to transcend their fears).

      He wants to do the same thing to all of us. It is up to us to tell him to go to hell. Let him do his worst and unleash his nuclear weapons. Britain alone has enough nuclear weapons to destroy all of Russia.

     Putin is a Russian drunkard and drug addict; he does not know what he is talking about; ignore the thug and do what you believe life means to you. If he follows through on his threat and unleash nuclear weapons, the USA and NATO will respond in kind, and both destroy their countries.

     (Africa, to the best of my knowledge, has no city with nuclear weapons targeted at it; Africans will suffer from the nuclear winter that will follow nuclear war; most Africans will survive but suffer many medical disorders from the fallout from nuclear war.)

      I end by reminding you that we are born, grow up, age and die. Death is inevitable. We must, therefore, live like warriors: keep on doing what we believe is right and not be deterred by the inevitability of death. Go right Ahead and do what your soul tells you is what you came to do in this world and not be deterred by the blandishment of cowardly politicians like the Mad Vlad.

     Putin has personality disorder, specifically, anti-social personality disorder; he is sociopathic and psychopathic, and has delusion disorder, grandiose type; he derives pleasure from killing people and destroying cities, as he is now doing in Ukraine and prior to that had done in Chechnya and Syria.

     Putin is a mass murderer and does not deserve any one’s respect. He wants to be seen as a rootless, brutal guy; he is following Machiavelli’s recommendation to the prince, to be feared rather than be loved. I say have contempt for him. He is an underdeveloped human being; developed human beings love humankind, and do not hurt them.

Ozodi Osuji

April 28,

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