Do we only see the past?



Ozodi Osuji

      Light strikes a thing, say, a tree, an animal or your body or the entire universe and reflects it to your eyes. Your eyes send it to your brain where it is interpreted as a tree, or an animal or your body, or the entire physical universe.

       It took, at least, a fraction of a second for that light to carry the image of what your brain interprets from your eyes to your brain (light travels at the speed of 186, 282 miles per second).

     By the time you interpret perception as this or that thing, you are no longer looking at that thing as it is now. That thing is now in the past, not in the present, so you only see the past of things not their present. This process applies to everything you see or hear or feel in the perceptual universe. Thus, the universe we see is a past one, not a present universe. Perception sees only the past not the present.

     Since perception applies to the separated universe, it logically follows that knowledge is found in the unified universe? We can also deduce that only knowledge knows the present.

     The past is stored in our memory banks; we use the past stored in our memory to color how we see the present. You see what looks like a tree, animal or your body or mountain and information about those things stored in your memory is used to color how you see them. We do not see anything objectively, as it is, now.

      We project the past stored in our minds to the present of what we see and do not see anything as it is now. One’s past understanding of what one’s body, an animal, tree, mountain, the universe is projected to how one sees those in the present, now, and color them with that past. Thus, we do not know what is in the present, now, certainly not as they are, now.

    It can be asserted that in perception we only see the past in what we think that we see in the present. Whatever you say about your body, animal, tree, the universe is colored by your past understanding of what they are; therefore, you are not seeing them clearly in the present.

     Therefore, it can be asked if we do see anything, at all? How do we know that what we see is even there? How do you know that your body, animal, tree, universe that you see is there? For all we know, the universe and things may not even be there, and we project our past perception of them to what we think is there.

    Helen Schucman’s metaphysics says that we see only the past and proceed to say that the past is already over, gone, that the universe is already over and our past perception of it is stored in our minds memories and we replay that perception over and over, and think that we still see the past universe; according to her, separation did seem to have occurred for a second and was quickly over but we store it in our memories and replay it in our minds; she says that all we need to do is tune out the need to perceive things and keep quiet and the seeming solid universe disappears from our minds and we awaken to the universe of knowledge, the formless unified universe of God and his sons as one shared self with one shared mind.

    Union is the same as love; separation is the same as fear; if you believe that you are in the unified world of God you live in love; if you believe that you are in the egos separated world you live in fear.

     To overcome fear, one must jettison the desire for a separated self and return to the unified world, to love. Only love, union overcomes fear (overcomes separated self).


     I want the reader to ponder the above ideas and see if they make sense to him. Is the world you see with your eyes still there or is it gone, over? Are you already wake in unified spirit but keep a world that is already over in your mind and replay it, over, and over, and in so doing make it seem existent?


Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, California: Foundation for Inner Peace.

Ozodi Osuji

July 17, 2022

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