Do the sins of the west justify the sins of the east?


K.B. Davis:

      I avoid arguing for the sake of arguing and winning arguments. I am going to make an exception here.

     According to you, both the UK and USA have committed war crimes in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and got away scot-free; you may be correct.

     I understand that the powerful do whatever they want to do. In the USA white police officers use Black folks as shooting targets practice and there is nothing that any of us can do about it (if you complain you become a target and their pompous judges would not mind slamming you into jail). I understand injustice.

     When George Bush invaded Iraq I wrote about it and that cost me a job; a dean of a college cited my calling the USA a terrorist country in taking back the job he had already offered me! This is the nature of the world, it is called political realism, the powerful get away with murder.

    Does that then mean that we should keep a blind eye as the Russians murder Ukrainians just because the West does it, too? Shouldn’t one speak out for justice regardless of who is unjust?

      I am sick and tired of Third World people always throwing into my face the sins of the West in defending Russia’s current murderous behaviors.

     Some ignorant Africans even suggest that Russia, aka USSR supported decolonialization in Africa, while the USA did not. This is false.

     Russia beyond the Ural Mountains are Asian countries that Russia conquered by force and are colonies of Russia, so, let it decolonize them before it talks about decolonization in Africa.

     The US President, Harry Truman refused to support Britain with military aid to go reclaim and maintain its colonies after the second world war and that led Britain to dump those colonies and give such unprepared countries as Nigeria hasty independence.

     During the so-called Cold-War, Russia was fighting the West for superpower dominance of the world and did not do whatever it did in Africa because it liked Africans but to checkmate US power.

      I am aware of what the CIA allegedly did in killing such Africans as Patrice Lumumba and removing Kwame Nkrumah from office. There may be some truth in that line of reasoning, but the current issue is whether we should therefore close our eyes and let Russians murder Ukrainians.

       I am not a spring chicken. Ukrainians are white and given what we know about white people, they discriminate against Black people in their country. I have read about the plight of mixed-race children in Ukraine.

      Do all these add up to ignoring Russia killing Ukrainians?

       I am also aware that Ukraine is getting much publicity and world sympathy, publicity that African wars do not get.

     As we speak, Africans are massacring themselves in Ethiopia, Congo and elsewhere in Africa and the Western press ignore them.

     During the Sudanese war when the so-called Arab Sudanese, Janjaweed’s, were hunting down Dinka and Nur Africans, using them for sport shooting, the Western press did not say pin on the matter. I would write about it and hand deliver my writing to the Washington Post and the New York Times and they would not publish them but, instead, use ideas from them in their editorials. Yes, Africa is not important to white Americans, I would be a fool not to know that fact.

      A few years ago, your Nigerians killed over three million of my people, Igbos, and not a word of the killing was talked about by even Nigerians talk more by the international community. Although I was just a kid then, but I do not recall hearing that the UN even bothered voting to condemn that genocide.

      Indeed, as we talk, Fulani herders are running amok in Nigeria killing people and no one, not even the Buhari government really cares; Nigerians do not care when their compatriots kill each other.

    In the USA, it is believed that Black lives do not matter, so if Black folks in the ghettos kill themselves, the less of them there are in the country the better for white America.

     Yes, injustice exists in this world; but that been said, my question then is: should we fold our arms and let Fulani’s kill Igbos and let Russians kill Ukrainians because that is the nature of power politics?

     Answer that question for your Christian conscience. I have answered it for me. My agnostic conscience is in accord with whoever wrote: ask not for whom the bell tolls for it tolls for you. I criticize both the West and the East. I do so regardless of who is doing the killing.

    As we speak, at the US southern border with Mexico, US authorities are welcoming fleeing Ukrainians with open arms, giving them red carpet treatment, but send Black Haitians away because Black folks are undesired in the USA.

      I understand racism; I live in the racist capital of the world, USA. Nevertheless, you still must choose whether to allow the Russian mad man (Putin has mental illness, specifically, a personality disorder, he is a paranoid psychopath, for only a psychopath would kill indiscriminately and destroy cities, as he has done in a month of fighting).

     Some American leaders are also psychopaths, but Trump is certainly not a psychopath; he is a mere fool; he is not in league with Stalin, Hitler and Putin in killing people. However, if he could kill most African Americans, he would; fortunately, he is a dummy and does not have sufficient intelligence to organize such operation.

    I am getting carried away in response to what I call your incessant third world cavalier making excuses for crimes if committed by non-westerners. I must stop.

     Chew on what I said. You call yourself a Christian, although I find that difficult to accept; Jesus Christ did not ask you to tolerate killing if it is done by a person or nation you like, he condemned all murder.

Ozodi Osuji

April 5, 2022

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