Death is inevitable unless we also live in light



Ozodi Osuji

     If you objectively look at the human body, you have no choice but to conclude that it must die. In fact, it is born to die. It is composed of many elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper etc.) and those are temporary composition and must decompose. When they decompose the elements eventually decay to their constituent parts of elections, protons, and neutrons; those subatomic particles eventually decay to light.

     Light came from nowhere during the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago. That light gradually transformed itself to matter. Our bodies were made from that light that became matter and matter will return to light.

     What physical light eventually returns to, what existed before the Big Bang, we do not know. For now, we do know that our bodies are made of matter and that matter does decay back to light. Human beings, animals, and trees and all that live in bodies made of matter must die to their present forms. Give or take, a hundred years and the individual dies.

     It is not merciful for the individual to live much longer. Older people live in decaying bodies that cause them tremendous pain; it is not doing them favor to want them to live much longer.

     Contemporary science says that with good nutrition and medicine that people can live to be 120 years but that is theoretical not a reality; even if that wish is gratified people still must die because if they live in matter, body, they must die.

     If, on the other hand, people can make their bodies disappear so that they live in light (from which matter, bodies are constructed), since light exists for trillions of years, and is even deathless, then people can live for trillions of years or are immortal in light forms.

     Aside from life in light forms, people ought to accept that they will die, before or a little after age one hundred (people in their eighties and nineties have bodies begging to rest!). 

     This is just the way life in the body is. One should not fight the inevitable but ought to accept it with grace and die peacefully.


In movies we do place our human forms in matter into light forms and have them interreact in those light forms. Also, in our nightly sleep, dreams our brains do produce people in light forms that look like they do in our day life and have them interreact in dreams. Therefore, it stands to reason that it is possible that people, apart from living in matter, also live in light forms. This is heuristic and yet to be proved as true. We must scientifically study to find out if each of us already has a self in light form (and, ultimately, have a self in formless light), as mystics tell us that we do. It is the function of science to verify what religionists believe to be true or disprove them and lay them to rest.

Ozodi Osuji November 12, 2022

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