Criticism of Britain is based on envy


Ozodi Osuji

      Much of all these bellyaching by Africans against the British and their just dead Queen is rooted in envy. They look with jealousy at Great Britain and its accomplishments and power.

     Britain is a small Island that at onetime ruled one quarter of the world, is responsible for the existence of the USA (where most of these Africans come to enjoy the benefits of British civilization while badmouthing her), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya (and the commonwealth of nations).

    Britain civilized sometimes naked savages who now imagine themselves at the level of Britain!

    Well, they may envy Great Britain all they want, the fact is that Britain has been around, as an ongoing civilization, since Julius Caesar visited the Island on   August 26, 55 BC. In 43 AD, Emperor Claudius, through his military commander, Aulus Plautius, invaded Britain and began permanent ruling of that Island. They called it their Province of Britannia.

     The current monarchy in Britain is traced to 1066 AD when the Duke of Normandy, William, defeated the English at the battle of Hastings; thus, King Charles 111 is the heir of a one-thousand-year monarchy! (Colonizing Africa, as Uju Anya claims, has nothing to do with the origin and mission of the English monarchy; that sociopathic woman must apologize to the English for wishing their queen to die from excruciating pain!)

     A two-thousand-year country (along with France and Germany) that has given the world just about all that we today call science and technology is certainly not on the same footing as African countries where the people’s idea of government is a place they go to steal from, but not a place from where to properly govern their people.

     These people, full of black bile, ought to try to learn from Britain and her heirs (the USA etc.) how to govern themselves instead of making empty noise against this extraordinary little island whose behaviors has immensely changed the world.

    Africa, with heroic effort, will reach where Britain is today, in a thousand years. Envy does not change reality.   

     China has been around for four thousand years as an on-going organized state; she naturally is contending to inherit the control of the world should the Anglo-Saxons decline and fall.

    Africans ought to roll up their sleeves and govern themselves correctly instead of making impotent noise about what they have not yet understood, self-governance.

     Let me make it abundantly clear that I, Ozodi Thomas Osuji, unabashedly admire Great Britain; I wish that Africa is brought to her level.

     I am deeply grateful to that little Island for the good it has done to Africa, particularly, through the educational system it bequeathed to the continent; it enabled Africans like me to be able to relate to the modern world.

      I am an Anglophile; I will defend English civilization against the barbarians attacking and trying to destroy it.

     Destroy England and the world descends to another dark age, as happened after the decline, and fall of Rome and Greece. We must not allow barbarians and their silly sentiments to drag the world into another dark age where primitivity is seen as civilization and science and technology dies.

      Francis Bacon, John Locke, and David Hume, and other Britons gave us the scientific method, a methodological approach to phenomena that accepts only empiricism, what we all can observe, verify, experiment on and falsify; this approach to existence makes the difference between civilization and savagery. We must, therefore, keep the barbarians outside the gate of civilization.

    The barbarians, as we speak, sacrifice human beings to nonexistent gods with the belief that such barbarism would make them wealthy; they have reverted to the primitive habit of marrying more than one wife; many of them now engage in anti-social, and sociopathic activities; they kidnap their people and hold them hostage until ransom money is paid to them; their countries are now in unabated state of anarchy and chaos; they are on their way returning to primitivity.

     We must make herculean efforts to civilize them before they drag the rest of us to their unproductive, backward, and stagnant existence.

     God save the King.


    Now, let silly tongues wag about my supposed colonized mind. They make us feel guilty and out of guilt we allow them to rule themselves and, thereafter, they make a royal mess of their countries. It is now time to treat them like adults and hold them responsible for good governance and stop listening to their infantile complaints about how colonialism and neocolonialism keep them backward. It is their childish and criminal lifestyles that keep them backward, not Great Britain.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD

 September 11, 2022

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