Could it be that conservative Americans are insane?

This essay says that listening and or watching many conservative white Americans rant suggests that they are mentally ill. It suggests that mental health professionals ought to put themselves to good use diagnosing and treating these folks who abuse our ears and sights with their confabulations which they call political and economic ideology.

Could it be that conservative Americans are insane?

by Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Many members of the Republican Party appear deranged; they seem totally out of their minds; or if you want to be generous you could say that they are idiotic in what they believe in.

Listening to Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Joe Barton, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and their news outlet, Fox News, is enough to make one wonder whether one is in a nut house! How could a country with some of the best universities in the world, a country that sent men to the moon have these brain dead clowns as her leaders?  America could do better than have these racist clowns as her leaders.

How could these white conservative persons believe in the nonsense that they apparently believe in? How could they, for example, say that Barack Obama has taken over their government and that they want to take their government back from him?

Barrack Obama taking their government? Obama does not even have the guts to speak aggressively let alone take over the entire US government!  Any one with eyes to see sees that Obama is a weak character, a pleaser seeking approval from folks and is incapable of dictatorial acts. See, BP’s oil leak is polluting the Gulf of Mexico and Obama did not have the courage to tell BP what to do but, instead, seemed to be taking orders from the oil company. There is not an iota of truth to the hypothesis that Obama is a dictator.

Obama is certainly not a socialist if by that we mean someone who believes in the public owning the means of production. Obama did not even fight for the Public Option during the Health Care Reform debate; instead, he went for reform that guaranteed profit for insurance companies; the reform requires all Americans to buy health insurance from private insurance companies and those who cannot afford it are subsidized by the government; this means that insurance companies would have large pool, large market to screw and make profits from. Obama’s so-called insurance reform is nothing but corporate giveaway; the man is a capitalist through and through. Please note that he was too willing to bailout Wall Street and Detroit but could care less about Main Street and the little man. The man is not even a liberal in the sense of using the power of government to help the people.

Conservative white Americans talk about Obama expanding the size of the federal government. How much has he expanded it in the less than six months he was in office when these people began demonstrating against his “expanded government” and the Tea baggers began polluting our sights with their chants that Obama is a socialist, fascist (those two terms contradict each other; never mind, we are talking about brain dead persons)? Has Obama expanded government more than Ronald Reagan did?

If conservatives and their rightist activist Supreme Court allies want limited government where were they when Reagan and the Bushes were expanding government?  Is it the case that it is only when liberals are in government that suddenly the war cry goes out that the government is expanded?

Who exactly do these people think that they are deceiving? It is crystal clear that they want to be in government and resent liberals being in power and since Obama is elected want to undo his election or paralyze him and prevent him from accomplishing any liberal goals.

Conservative activist judges have used the power of the judiciary to restrict individual liberties; conservative Bush administration deregulated the US economy to the point where Wall Street and the financial sector almost collapsed in 2008.

The fact of the matter is that a country the size of the USA must have a large government, unless you want to have a confederation of fifty states and in which case there would be no United States as we know it; the fifty states would be fighting among themselves!

Some of these conservative white folk talk about Obama and liberals working for one world government. What one world government?  At any rate since the United States is the greatest power in the extant world one world government would mean a world dominated by the United States!

Some of these folks talk about the United Nations taking over the United States of America! What United Nations, is it the chattering house in New York that they are talking about?

Some of these people have actually formed militias preparing to fight the United Nations forces sent to take over the USA! The UN has no military force and to the extent that it has peace keeping forces the forces are voluntarily contributed by member nations and are funded by the rich members of the organization.

Talking about conservative white Americans fear of world government let it be said that the concept of nation state has not always been with us; it actually came into being at the treaty of Westphalia in 1648. Like everything else in this ephemeral world it is temporary and when it has served its purpose would give way to newer forms of social organizations. It is clear to all with eyes to see that an interconnected world needs some form of world government, not one dominated by this or that people but a government that coordinates the world’s affairs. A world government is inevitable and folks might as well get used to that future reality. However, I doubt that it would come into being in the next hundred years.

These white conservatives seem to fight what we all can see as inevitable. For example, in the past people were separated by distances and could live out their entire lives without seeing people from other parts of the world. People in Europe lived out their lives without seeing Africans and Asians and vice versa. Therefore, there was no racial mixing. The people of the world have come together and now live together. Since they are members of the same species and by definition can reproduce with one another it stands to reason that they will reproduce and the race of the future will be mixed. This is reality. But these conservatives are scared stiff by this reality and fight it. They fight it in various ways including teaching the absurd ideology that there are superior and inferior races. These people are truly absurd.

Common sense would suggest that the best way to approach reality is to make it serve our common interests. For example, we can prevent civilization from retrogressing, as it did when advanced Roman Empire fell and the Barbarian Germans that took over were lacking in the material culture necessary to maintain that empire hence Europe went into dark ages. We can prevent the world from entering another dark ages by consciously teaching all the peoples of the world science and technology. We can consciously set out to make sure that every child in the world is given the opportunity to study science up to university level and pay for that education by the public.

Could it be that conservative Americans are lunatics? Could it be that it is because of their insanity that they do the incredible things they do and justify them? I am talking about such incredible behaviors as enslaving Africans and trying to convince us that that heinous crime against humanity is a justified behavior!

Scientists tell us that our abuse of the environment is leading to the depletion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from being charred by light from the sun, that global warming is thawing the ice at the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the world etc but instead of giving these warnings a listen conservative know nothings try to convince us that science is wrong and that all is right in the land.

It seems that whatever pure reason says these creatures feel an obsessive-compulsive urge to contradict! And the amazing part of it all is that some human beings actually listen to these idiots; some persons actually listen to the gibberish that the drug addled brain of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck dish out in their radio talks!

Those of them who call themselves Christians perverted what their savior teaches, love for all people, to mean exploit black folk!  These people would like us to collude with their madness and tell them that discrimination based on race is justified. They want the freedom to discriminate against African Americans and other minorities.

Common sense tells us that we should do to others as we want them to do to us. No human being wants to be enslaved or discriminated against (even masochists do not desire long term abuse) and therefore one should not abuse other persons. But, no, conservative white Americans want the opportunity to enslave and abuse black folks. And they think that they would get away with it forever and ever.

The study of history is, apparently, not their cup of tea. No human civilization based on slavery has lasted forever yet these folk somehow believe that their so-called American exceptionalism would make their fate different! If America continues on the path of slavery and discrimination her days are numbered and she would go the way of old empires that refused to listen and abide with the voice of reason, fairness and justice. And her nuclear weapons will not save her. See, the other nuclear superpower, the Soviet Union, unraveled in a year! When the push comes America would collapse in a few years.

Rome enslaved Germans and called them barbarians and those barbarians eventually destroyed the Roman Empire (those conservative white Americans currently call uncivilized could destroy and eventually inherit America).

Post Second World War Americans developed delusion disorder, big time; Europe was militarily, politically and economically destroyed; thus, America had no competition and Americans came to think that they are gods and that nobody could challenge them. They fancied America as the most developed country in the world; they developed hubris. Americans believed that nothing can hurt them and that if they chose that they could destroy the entire world (it is now clear that even if they and Russians unleashed all their nuclear weapons, may be, 100 million persons would be killed and most of the world’s six billion persons would survive!).

Then came September 11, 2001 and that disabused them that they are invincible. Their grandiose power was challenged by nineteen determined Arab Muslim terrorists and they went into a funk, depression. To get out of that depression the childish elements in the Republican Party masquerading as Neo-cons undertook to go to an unprovoked war in Iraq. They waltzed into Iraq and got caught in a quagmire and are currently trying to extricate themselves from that war of choice (as well as the understandable war in Afghanistan…they had no business going into Afghanistan either; they could have destroyed the country from the air and allowed Afghans to form another government, one that did not harbor terrorists, and in so doing saved America the billions of dollars she is spending to prosecute that unwinnable war).

To fight their prideful wars they had to borrow the money from other countries, especially from China. George Bush and Republicans wanted to eat their cake and still have it; they cut taxes for the rich and did not tax the people to fund their wars of choice and, instead, borrowed the money to fund the wars (that is supposed to make them feel like supermen, again).

In the meantime the deregulated American economy went to the dogs; much of manufacturing was outsourced to Asia as Americans focused on managing money for rich Chinese and other emergent marketers.  Wall Street became a gambling casino and gambling became the definition of American economy. In 2008 the house of cards they built nearly crashed and had to be bailed out.

One doubts that all the bailouts of this world could resurrect a dying economic system (the country’s economic paradigm needs to be changed, from exploitative capitalism to a mixed economy that mixes aspects of free enterprise and socialism).

The current BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico tells Americans that despite their vaunted technological prowess they cannot stop the leak. This, again, has challenged their hitherto narcissistic belief that their technologies have the ability to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish. They cannot stop a simple thing as an oil leak and their coastal waters are being destroyed.

These and other events are increasingly reducing these vain people to humble levels; their swollen pride is humbled; they need that humility to become civilized human beings.

Insanity is defined as inability to deal with reality as it is; as doing the same thing, over and over again that does not conform to reality, and obtaining the same results, while expecting different results. Are Americans who keep doing self defeating things sane or insane?

There is nothing that conservative white Americans do that seems rational. For example, they talk of free enterprise economic system as if it is a natural phenomenon; it never occurs to them that it is a man made social construct and that like other social constructs lasts for as long as the political system that constructed it is in power. Capitalism will fall with America’s fall; capitalism rose to the apogee of world economic practices not because of its inherent superiority to other economic systems but because the Anglo Saxon people of Britain and North America were at the zenith of world power and when those people are relegated to the dust bin of history, as surely they would, it would no longer be the preferred economic system of the world.

Communism/socialism is not the alternative to capitalism. Clearly, a mixed economy is the way of the future, not either socialism or capitalism.

If the American political system is insane then it follows that the economic system that the nation practices, capitalism, is insane. Capitalism is an unnatural economic system, it is predicated on competition where some are winners and the many losers; human beings are cooperative not just competitive.  At any rate the religion that Americans purport to practice, Christianity, talks about love and cooperation not competition, not some being rich and the many being poor; capitalism does not square with Christianity at all and any effort by American so-called Christians to associate it with Christianity, to associate Jesus who preached love with the hate implicit in competition and capitalism is a sign of the madness.

The brain dead tea baggers may yell their disguised racist epithets at Obama all they want, saying that he has taken over their government (read a black man has hijacked white America’s government and they want to take it back from him) the fact is that their racism  cannot be disguised. Where were they when white presidents such as George Bush were expanding their governments, going to unnecessary wars?

European countries gave their people publicly financed health insurance but America would not give her people minimum health insurance; she would not give her people the opportunity to go to school, including university without having to pay. A young person in America, who goes to university, if poor, has to indebt his self to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars and work for twenty years to pay them off. This country is really a slave country; Americans are slaves; they talk about liberty but are the most enslaved persons on planet earth.

The country is rapidly dividing itself into two classes, the one percent with money and the ninety nine percent without money, the middle class is eviscerated. This is a setting for revolution, not the right wing revolution that the idiot tea baggers are talking about but a socialist revolution that would chop off the heads of the rich and redistribute their wealth to the many. The wealth of the land belongs to all persons in the land not to a few. America is ripe for French type revolution where the rich are guillotined and the land sanitized from what it has become: a mad land.

Americans are not given any opportunity to truly express themselves and feel alive; the only time they are given opportunity to seem alive is when they are at war; right now they are pushing everything to the brink trying to stimulate a civil war so as to destroy some of their lives and in so doing feel alive (the governor of Texas talked about seceding from the federation apparently not aware of the cost of the war that would ensue to drag him back into the federation).

American psychologists and psychiatrists ought to put themselves to good use trying to figure out what is wrong with their conservative countrymen, what makes them behave like idiots (could anyone listen to Sarah Palin and not think that he is listening to, at best, an idiot or at worst, an insane woman…and yet we are led to believe that this empty headed bimbo could become a presidential candidate come the next presidential election…that woman is an idiot and is best suited to be a waitress at a strip bar). Instead of trying to understand their peoples foolishness  and perhaps showing the people what to do to correct their amazing idiocy they waste their time dealing with hapless children, filling their bodies with unnecessary medications (a child acts out at school and he is sedated with all kinds of psychotropic medications, Ritalin, that eventually destroy his vital organs; a child is taken away from his parents and given to CPS and the CPS dumps him with a foster parent whose only interest in him is as a source of income and when he behaves as children do, act out, he is taken to mental health professionals who give him unnecessary diagnosis and medications, to keep the pharmacological industries making profits, no doubt).

America is going to hell in a hand basket and is doing so before our very eyes and no one seems able to do anything about it!  So this is how empires die?  This is amazing! America still has some good to do in the world and one wishes her well; one wished that some intelligent politicians could mount the highest offices in the land and saved America from the rule of clowns that she is currently under (liberals have not seen any deviancy that they do not like and want to use the power of government to approve and force down every persons throat).

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

June 20, 2010

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