Could human beings live in different forms?


Ozodi Osuji

      One of the reasons why I rejected the idea that God created us is the human body. During the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970), I was at secondary school. When the Nigerians entered Owerri and eventually the Biafrans drove them out, my father and I entered Owerri. We saw dead human bodies littering the streets. There were dead bodies decaying everywhere and we had to cover our noses to be able to walk by them.

    Have you ever seen dead and decaying human bodies? The smell is awful. That episode of seeing decaying bodies, among others, led me to doubt that a loving God would create people and place them in human bodies.

     In fact, I concluded that only an evil God, what Gnostics call Demiurge, or Lucifer, would create people and place them in bodies that would die and smell worse than feces.

      Since my mind could not accept the idea that there is no God, I settled for not knowing whether there is God or not. I am agnostic.

      I envy theists who despite the absurdity of existence accept God on faith; I am not as unintelligent as atheists to believe that there is no God.

     I understand physics and chemistry and appreciate the intricate processes that underpin evolution, from the big bang to the present and do not see how it could all have been due to accidents.

     If you understand the precise calibration of activities in the atom, elements, and molecules you simply cannot believe that they are the products of accident and chance events, you will simply marvel and wonder what genius composed the atom (electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks all doing what they are supposed to do and doing it precisely, no mistake allowed).

      Talking about the human body, you do not have to be a biologist to appreciate what an intricate machine it is. Animals’ bodies are the most impressive machine designed by whoever designed them but then again you observe that the complex machine is going to die and decay to the sixty-four elements that compose it.

     The human body is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, iron, sodium, zinc, copper, phosphor, magnesium, potassium and other elements. Those elements eventually decay to electrons, protons and neutrons and those decay to photons- light.

      The universe began, 13.8 billion years ago, in hot light and will end in cold light (Big Chill, cold radiation).

       The point is this, if God created the human body and the universe, why did he bother constructing an excellent universe and human body only to have them die.

      It seems to me that only an insane genius would bother creating the universe and our bodies and in a fi t of rage destroy them.

       Okay, I do not know if there is God or not. But I do know something for sure, though. I do know that there is intelligence everywhere. There is intelligence in our bodies and outside our bodies. In fact, the entire universe can be considered an intelligence system.

      There is consciousness in the universe. Rene Descartes said, Cogito ergo sum, I think, therefore, I am; he is conscious of his existence but doubts everything else.

     I have had enough baffling so-called mystical experiences, including out of body experience, teleportation, visitations to the world of light forms, to not accept that there is consciousness in this universe, but that has not explained the conundrum of creating a universe and body destined to die.

      Stephen Hawkins asked: why did God bother creating this universe that would die? My German philosophical mentor, Arthur Schopenhauer said that whoever created this world and people must have made a mistake.

       Just see white Americans behaving like fools. As we talk, Republican, whites, controlled states, are busy passing laws to disenfranchise black folks. If they are even a little bit intelligent, would they not know that if black folks are prevented from voting that in short order, the American polity is going to go up in flames and burn to ashes. But, like brain dead folks, they seem to only know how to do what gives them pain not pleasure.

      If white America were rational folks they would do what they do in Scandinavia, adopt social democracy, make sure that all folks vote and give all folks publicly paid education at all levels and publicly paid health care and then allow the capitalist system to do what it does best, incentivize people to provide new goods and services in an effort to make a little profit.  

      American white men got to be the dumbest human beings on planet earth; they are always doing the wrong things, including fighting a civil war, not for a noble goal of bettering all people but to enslave black folks (they are not ashamed of slavery).

     Schopenhauer observed white Americans calling themselves Christians, instead of loving people, as Jesus Christ asked his followers to do, they wanted to enslave some people and he decided that they are a mistake, a blight on the human scene and ought to not exist! They are a plague, a pestilence on humankind.

       I see people as marvelous machines but also as pointless machines. This is the existentialist philosopher’s stance; he sees an interesting universe but a pointless one.

     It is still good to study the universe and people and try to understand them. Science is fascinating and could keep people going even if there is no meaning and purpose to their lives.

      So, this evening (December 30) my mind got to asking: could God or whatever created us have done it differently? He obviously made us wicked to each other; human beings are by nature very evil, could there be logic in creating evil people?

    Could he have done a different job? Helen Schucman, a very perceptive psychologist, wrote in her A course in miracles that only if God is evil would he have created this pointless world. She said that God is good and therefore could not have created an evil world. So, who created an evil world?

      She did not want to blame God. Instead, she said that the son of God created this pointless universe, and she took out her anger, rage and frustration on the son of God, on us.

       The son of God made a mistake in creating this universe. God corrected his mistake via the Holy Spirit by asking us to forgive, overlook the pointless universe we made and love the dreamers, the sons of God. Thus, she blamed us and at the same time forgave us and want us to love our real selves but hate what our false ego selves do.

      Cleaver thinking there, Dr Schucman, you did not have that IQ of 160 for nothing! You put your intellect to cleaver use, but by half.

      Professor Schucman did not answer the question of why even bother creating the universe that exists to die, why not leave well alone, let people be spirits that did not live in bodies?

      As I look at the human body and the physical universe, I cannot accept that they were produced by randomness, accidence and chance, but at the same time I cannot accept that a rational God creating it, be it the transcendental God the father or the immanent God the son, us. To me, the universe ought to not exist, period. Just thinking about what we do with our bodies, eating, pooping, having sex makes me not want to live in body.

     I see people praying to and thanking God for the good he did for them. Pray and thank God for creating you to die, for your body to be a food processing machine and when the machine ages it breaks down and you die! Such God ought to be cursed not praised. I do not pray to God; I try to understand God, as Gnostics do.

     Now, suppose that God or the son of God created us, could he have created us differently? Our bodies are made of matter. Matter could have been used in a non-biological form but differently to create us.

     Soon, human beings will use the various elements to invent robots that look like people and think and behave like people; the robots will live for a certain number of years, as cars do, and break down and are replaced; in the future, we may even create self-replicating robots. No one knows how far Artificial Intelligence, AI, will take us.

      If we create robots that act like human beings, would we bother creating children-robots? Given the trouble that children give their parents, I doubt that we would create them; we would create adult robots and leave it at that.

       But that would take away the joy we all had growing up. Just thinking of going with my father all over Lagos, to Bar Beach, Ikoyi Park etc. makes me feel happy; I am sure that father felt happy from taking us around town. There is something to be said about childhood and raising children.

      My question is this, was it ingenious for God to create us and place us in bodies, especially if he knows that though our bodies would die that we really do not die but live eternally with him in his heaven? I do not know the answer to my question, but there is something to be said for wetware.

     We are bodies into which someone place a software, a program, intelligence in and use our bodies to do work.

      If death is not our end, may be God did not make a mistake in creating us, as I had always believed that he did.

      What do you think?

      Please do not ask me to go read the bible. I have done that; I have had most experiences that Hindu so-called God realized persons had and still am not convinced that God exist.

      Hindu so-called God realized persons were jokers; if they were Godly hence loving persons, would they have allowed the caste system to exist in India? Those guys amuse me. So, let us talk philosophy and science and not the irrationalities of religious folks.

     Could whoever created us have done so in other forms but chose to do so in biological forms because he knows that although we would die that death is not real?

     What are your thoughts on this subject?

     Finally, there is always a positive in all human events; at wars people are killed; my study of history shows me that the world’s greatest philosophers, such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Leibnitz, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Hume, Berkely, Hobbes, Horace, Virgil, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Zeno, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Shanakara, Osuji, Sartre, Camus, Jasper, Heidegger, Kierkegaard etc. did their thinking after witnessing the barbarism of violence. Wars make us think about who we are. The only good I see in war is that it stimulates us to think and not live like religious persons who seem not given to thinking. The only good that I derived from the Nigerian civil war is that it exposed me to death and dying hence gave me a proper perspective on the human body. You can place the most expensive jewels on your body, I know that your body is still food for worms, so I am not impressed by it. What impresses me is your mind, your thoughts, not your body that is food being cooked for worms.

     Please do not use mental health categories to obfuscate philosophical thinking. I can see a poorly trained, childish psychologist saying that I am depressed. I am as good a mental health professional as you can see in this world.

    Americans, barbarians over psychologized their lives and stopped thinking philosophically. Seeing things as they are is not been depressed but being realistic. It is you who says that your dead mother, now eaten by warms, has gone to glory, who is in denial and living in fantasy land, and is deluded; you need to be healed of your infantilism and brought to adult realistic thinking.

Ozodi Osuji December 31, 2021

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