Consciousness creates our universe


A talk given at the ATOM Center, Anchorage, Alaska, USA on October 17, 2021.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD

     We ask questions like this: who created us, where did we come from, why are we living on planet earth, and where do we go to when we die? Human beings have asked these questions for thousands of years and some folks tried to answer them.

     The various efforts to answer these questions led to the formulation of religions and philosophies. Religion is preliterate philosophy whereas philosophy is an attempt to answer the questions with pure reason.

     We live in the scientific age. Science widely accepts that it cannot answer why questions and, instead, can answer How questions, so it limits itself to answering how questions. Thus, instead of asking who created the universe science describes the universe. It sometimes takes a jab at talking about the origins of the universe, but ontological issues are not the primary concern of science.

      Albert Einstein’s 1905 and 1916 General Relativity theory posited a set of mathematical equations about the nature of gravity. In 1922, the Russian mathematician, Alexander Friedman looking at those equations concluded that the universe is expanding.

     In 1927 the Belgium mathematician, George Lemaitre said that if the universe is expanding it must have originated in one spot; he posited the cosmic egg hypothesis that says that in the beginning everything in the universe was in one egg and that egg shattered and began expanding.

     The Russian American astronomer, George Gamow, in the 1940s, provided what seems scientific proof that the universe is expanding.

      The American lawyer turned astronomer, Edwin Hubble, based on empirical observations, in 1929, said that the universe is expanding.

     In 1952, the British astrophysicist, Fred Hoyle derisively called the idea of an expanding universe that began in one spot “Big Bang. Hoyle believed in what he called the steady state universe, a universe that has always existed.

     In 1965, Robert Wilson and Arno Penzias picked up what is now called cosmic microwave background radiation; this supported the hypothesis that the universe began in an explosion 13.8 billion years ago.

      Something came out of nowhere, exploded into photons, particles of light. That light sped off at a speed greater than Einstein’s speed of light, 186, 282 miles/300, 000 kilometers per second.

     That inflationary speed, as Alan Goth called it, prevented the nascent universe from collapsing unto itself and aborting the evolution of the universe.

      The speeding universe transformed its light, photons to electrons and quarks. Quarks transformed themselves to protons and neutrons. Within three minutes, the incipient universe had locked protons and neutrons inside nuclei of atoms.

     The universe now has electrons, protons and neutrons, with the last two inside nuclei of hydrogen and helium.

      The formation of these particles of matter simultaneously formed the particles of anti-matter. Matter and anti-matter immediately attacked each other and were supposed to annihilate each other. But, instead of them doing so, some matter remained.

       Matter remained in the form of Plasma (atoms were not yet formed). 400, 000 years later nuclei captured electrons and formed atoms and light was let off from the hitherto plasma universe; it is that light that Robert Wilson and Arnold Penzias saw in 1965, now called cosmic microwave background radiation; this is the only supposed evidence that the big bang did, indeed, occur.

          An atom is composed of a nucleus containing protons and neutrons, circled by electrons.

      Thus, the universe now is composed of a gaseous soup of hydrogen and helium atoms. The universe remained thus for millions of years until space appeared in the sea of hydrogen and other lighter atoms.

      Hydrogen was separated into clumps and in time gravity acted on each clump of hydrogen and pushed it inwards; that built pressure and elevated temperature that led hydrogen, in its core, to fuse into helium and stars are born.

     A star is a clump of hydrogen in whose inner core gravity, pressure and elevated temperature lead to the fusion of helium.

      Now the universe is composed of stars. There are trillions of stars; the stars are clustered into galaxies and super-galaxies.

      There are, at least, two hundred billion galaxies, and, at least, two hundred billion stars in each galaxy.

       We live in the Milky Way Galaxy. In the goldilocks section of our Milky Way Galaxy, around a medium sized star, Sun, orbits nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranium and Pluto), comets and asteroids.

      On planet earth somehow water formed; it is speculated that water was brought to it by comets. The land mass of the earth is 70% covered by water (our bodies are also 70% water).

     About three and half billion years ago, biological life formed in the waters on planet earth. First were single celled animals and plants; those combined into multicellular organisms and in time evolution led to human beings.

      Human beings, homo sapiens, are animals with the capacity to ask questions, such as who are they and how was the universe formed?

       Astrophysicists tell us that the universe is expanding and in a few trillion years the galaxies would be so separated from each other that the universe would lose heat. The stars would explode and decay to the elements that formed them. Atoms would decay to electrons, protons and neutrons. Those would decay to quarks and those to photons, thus, the universe ends as mere conglomeration of photons, light but now cold light, instead of the hot light it began in. This is called the heat death of the universe or Big Chill.

     But before the death of the universe, individual stars are dying all the time. The original massive stars lived a few million years, exhaust their hydrogen and begin fusing other elements; when the fusion process, called nucleosynthesis, reaches iron the star expands and explodes, called supernova, and shatter.

      Elements higher than iron are formed in the enormous heat accompanying supernova.

      The inner core of those massive stars collapses into black holes, dense whatever they are that light cannot escape from their events horizons, or into neutron stars that are composed of only neutrons, and orbit at incredible speed.

     Western science believes that it has answered the question, how did the universe begin, and when will it end in its current standard model. It has accounted for the four forces of nature, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force that holds protons and neutrons inside nuclei, the weak nuclear force that makes the nucleus of atoms decay and the force of gravity.

      Albeit Einstein tried to unify the four forces of nature into one grand unified theory of everything and failed; so far, no one has unified them.

      This is where physical science is today. But it has not answered the question, where did the original point of light, singularity, that contained everything before the explosion, fourteen billion years ago, come from.

       Thus, the question of the universe’s origin has not been answered; it is not enough for duplicitous physicists telling us not to ask that question just because they cannot answer it. It is like religionists asking their believers to not ask where God came from just because they believe in God.

     Normally, children ask, who created God? Today, children ask, who made the big bang possible? Desist from answering that question all you like but you cannot wish it away.

       Today there are scientists who tell us that the Big Bang did not even occur or occurred as a local phenomenon, in a section of an endless vacuum-universe; some scientists claim that there are infinite universes.

     Recently, some scientists, such as Roger Penrose, tell us that the universe expands and then collapses back unto itself, called Big Crunch, and that collapse creates another universe, a Rebounding universe.

      Indeed, recently, some Harvard physicists tell us that our universe was formed in a laboratory by a Class A advanced civilization. Our universe and its people are called class C and we are moving to class B civilization and in time would get to class A civilization.

      People in class A civilization are so scientifically and technologically advanced that they create universes and people!

    If we accept that folks in class A civilization created our universe, this amounts to saying that aliens from a more advanced civilization created us. That raises the question who created those aliens, did they create themselves?

     Do we have to do what Aristotle did and trace the chain of causation to as far back as we can and then posit an uncaused cause of the universes? Is that a good explanation or are we restating the fact that we do not know who created the universe?

      There are many hypotheses on the origin of the universe, none of them really explaining anything satisfactorily. You are free to accept whichever conjecture on the origin of the universe that suits your fancy.

     In this paper, I am going to advance the theory that Consciousness creates the material universe of space, time and matter and that it has been doing so infinitely and that there are infinite universes; I am also advancing the hypothesis that we are part of universal consciousness and cocreate the universe; we at all times are cocreating universes and adding to what already exist; you and I are not passive victims of a mindless universe, we are cocreating it.


     What is consciousness and where is it at so that we can subject it to the scientific method, observe it, verify its existence, experiment on it and falsify it?

      We cannot define consciousness for it is not a thing, it has no physical dimensions, as light and matter has; it is not  in any specific place; it is everywhere and no where in particular; it is in us, outside us and everywhere; it is in our brains and is not part of our brains; it uses  our brains to do work pretty much as drivers use their cars  to get from point A to point B but are not their automobiles.

    Consciousness is creative; it created the past universe, is creating the present universe and is creating future universes.

     We are part of universal consciousness. We individually and collectively created our local universe in the past, are increasing its creation in the present and future.

    How do we create our universe? We do not know how we do it. It is like what happens when you go to sleep and dream. In your dream, somehow, ideas in your mind write a play and simultaneously dramatize it, people it with dramatic personae, placed in the appropriate scenes and props provided. We sleep and we see a world that looks like our day world, and we live in it, do things in it and when we wake up that world is gone. Our sleeping minds created that dream world.

    Similarly, our collective minds, during the day world, created the physical universe of space, time, matter, and people it and have them enact the dramas that characterize our lives.

     We do not know how our minds write the play of our day world and dramatize it with appropriate people, environments and props.

     Know how we dream it when asleep and dream it during the daytime, or not, the salient fact is that we are responsible for creating our physical universe.

      I do not know how my mind dreams at night, and I do not know how our minds dream during the day world.

      Nevertheless, I believe that our minds, our thinking produce our world; we cocreate our world; we cocreate our reality.

     This does not mean that we should not study the physical sciences. We, of course, must study the physical sciences.

     Physical science explains the physical world, but that world is a dream in our minds; our minds use consciousness to produce the physical universe and bid it to operate under certain laws, so we must study and understand those physical laws while also accepting that it is our consciousness that produced those laws and the physical universe.

       Jane Roberts, in Seth Speaks, tried to explain how we create matter; she went into elaborate and detailed explanation of how we created matter, space and time with our thinking; this is interesting explanation but, to me, is mere conjecture.

      Physics explains the universe, back to the big bang, but keeps quiet on what existed before the Big Bang. In our experience, nothing comes from nothing, so, something existed before our physical universe.

      In this paper, I speculate on how we, spirits, transformed our spiritual light to physical light and used physical light, beginning with the big bang, to invent our universe, as physics describes.

     In heaven we think with spiritual light but on earth we think with physical light; our thinking with physical light produced our physical universe.

     The universe, the dream, is not us, for the dream is not the dreamer; the dreamer is separate from his dreams.


      If you pay attention to your thinking, you will notice that you think in images. I think in images, in pictures.

      When I am thinking I see in my mind’s eyes images of what I am thinking about. This is because I am thinking with physical light.

     We use photons of light in our thinking. We think in light images. When we sleep and dream, we see our thinking in pictorial form; the dream world is our thinking presented in forms that look like our day world and we see it but how our thinking is done in light we do not yet understand.


     We created this universe by wishing to separate from each other and separate from the whole self-called God. That wish for separation produced a world of pictorial forms.

     That universe evolved as scientists talk about, from one spot, singularity and the Big Bang. In the big bang we separated from each other and now each of us believes that he is different from other people and has different interests.

     Because each of us is pursuing his separated interests we clash and have conflicts. Our world is a world of conflicts and wars.

      We then organize our world to avoid being at constant wars. Hence, we establish norms, mores, rules and laws of interpersonal relationships. We establish the parameters for our social relationships which guarantees that we retain our individuated selves while not harming other people. But when we no longer work for our mutual interests,’ conflicts arise, and we separate from each other; groups go to war with each other and kill each other. Our separated thinking produces our separated universe of space, time and matter.

     I know that this has not explained how we formed matter, but it suggests how we did it; we think with photons of physical light and those produce electrons, protons nd neutrons and those are matter hence we use our thinking to form matter and construct a universe of matter.

     Our original state before separated thinking began during the big bang is love; by that I mean unified thinking. Our thinking in eternity, heaven is unified thinking.

     In unified thinking we create unified things, such as create more sons of God. In heaven, the whole, aka God/unified spirit self uses his unified thinking to produce its parts, to produce its sons, us. He gave us his ability to think, and we think in unified state hence produce unified sons of God.

     In heaven, creation has no beginning and no end. God is always producing his sons and his sons are always producing their own sons, all in formless, unified spirit state.

     While in unified spirit state, we wished to separate from each other and that desire for separated existence made us to think in a separated manner; separated thinking produced our universe of separated forms, space, time and matter. God is union, but we now think and live in the world of separated things.

     We use physical light to create our physical world. It is us, our thinking that produced the physical universe (thinking is the same as mind and consciousness).

      It is consciousness that creates the physical universe. The physical universe is created by our thinking, mind, by consciousness.

     When we sleep and dream, our minds project out a physical world and we seem to live in it; our day world is also a universe produced by our minds; we project that world out and see ourselves living in it.

     The universe is in our minds (our minds are not in our brains); mind is everywhere. On a personal level, each of us thinks and using his thinking produce his body and life circumstances.

     If you are poor your thinking produced it; if you are rich your thinking produced it. One projected oneself into a world where one is either rich or poor.

    I projected myself into the room I am in right now while typing this material. I projected out this house, room, table, the environment that I live in; I projected out the weather, hot or cold around me.

     The entire universe one seems to live in was made by one’s mind, in conjunction with other minds, other people. But how all of us projected out the physical universe we live in we have not understood; we will understand it in the future.

     Understood or not, you and I produced the world we live in with our minds, with our thinking and our consciousness.


     Because the world we projected out is a world where we harm each other, have conflicts and wars we tend to feel guilty; why did we produce this horrible world?

     We think that other people could attack and kill us, so we fear other people and have anxiety and other emotional issues.

     If we remember that the universe is a mere dream and that the dream is not its dreamer, then we have not really done the awful things we see ourselves doing in the world hence we ought to not feel guilty.

     We have done nothing for everything done on earth is done in dreams and what is done in dreams have not been done.

     This does not mean that you should consciously attack people; if you do, they will defend themselves and that means attacking you and if needs be, destroying your body.

      If you want to live in peace with your neighbor do not attack him. If you choose to attack your neighbor, he will attack you and both of you will be at conflict and war and kill each other.

     When both of you kill each other, since you did it in dreams, nothing was done and there is no need for guilt feeling. Nothing is done on earth, in the universe for it is all dream.

      The dreamers themselves are the sons of God who are pure spirit and are not in their bodies, not in space and time; they are outside the universe; they are in God, in unified spirit state, and while safe in God they dream that they are separated from God and each other hence their conflicted world.


     You can choose to think with love. When you think with love you think about what is good for all people and tend to forgive and correct our attacks on you. When we think with love and forgiveness, we tend to produce a more peaceful and happier world.

      If we continue thinking with love and forgiveness, we tend to eventually leave our world of matter and live in the world of pure light forms.

     The world of light forms is still like our physical world except that everything in it, people, animals, plants, planets, stars and everything is in light forms and are incredibly beautiful.

      The world of light forms is not heaven, for it is still in forms, meaning that it still contains the wish for separation, but a kind of separation where love, union has entered in attenuated form.


      The world of God, heaven is done with unified thinking, mind and therefore is not in forms and not seen with our physical eyes. The world of God is the world of ideas, unified ideas, idealistic monism.


     If we are in the world of separation we can think with some love and forgiveness and if we do so we produce a world that we can call the normal world where all people live in relative peace. The world of attenuated love is still an illusion but give us attenuated peace, not the perfect peace of heaven. In the world of light forms we enjoy the nothingness called our dreams.

     A loving but separated world is a world where we make our illusions lovely and enjoy them; they are still meaningless, for our bodies still eat and digest food and poop and eventually die hence are not things of joy. We still see bugs crawling on our bodies and kill them for they are nuisances; in killing them we kill nothing for our minds produced them to bug us and we remove the buggers by swatting them to death.

     But if we do not want any bugs in our lives then we think with relative love and forgiveness; in which case we see ourselves in the illusion of light forms where no bugs bug us, no people are bugging us, we all live in peace.

     The unified thinking of heaven produces perfect peace and joy, bliss.


      Our thinking with our separated minds distorts reality. Whatever you or I think, dream with our separated minds is distorted. We do not see things as they are with our ego minds; we always distort them.

     Our religious thinking is done with our ego minds and distort God and heaven. In my dreaming, in your dreaming, we distort people and things to do what our egos want to do.

      In one of my dreaming, I had Jesus Christ tell me to do what I want to do. That is, I used him to give me the green light to do what my ego wants to do. I distorted him and saw him in form, albeit light form.

     The real Jesus Christ is not in form, dense or light, but is the idea of the son of God who knows that he is one with all of us and with God hence I cannot see him in form; to see him in form, in dreams and visions is to distort him.

     The point is that in our separated thinking we distort each other and use each other to do what our egos want done. We do not see each other as we truly are; if we saw each other correctly we would see each other in light forms and if we knew each other we would know that we are formless ideas in each other’s minds.


      We live in a world where we distort each other, distort God and thus do not see each other correctly or know who each other is.

      Jesus distorted God and saw God creating a son in body who is killed by his brothers so that he resurrected in a body of light form.

      God did not create us in bodies; we created us in bodies. Therefore, it was not God that demanded the sacrifice of Jesus’ body and ego.

     The death of Jesus ego and body was a symbol of his resurrection to how God created him, a formless idea in God’s formless mind.

     Each of us must dissolve his ego and body and transcend the world of ego and body and first see his self in the world of light forms and later experience the world of formlessness where we are in each other. We can experience what Hinduism calls Samadhi; Buddhism calls Nirvana and Zen calls Satori and Christian mysticism calls the mystical union of God and his sons as one shared self.

     If you wake up tomorrow and have love and forgiveness in your mind, if you like, if you are guided by the Holy spirit, your right mind, the part of your mind that tells you that we are all one hence to love all people, you will live in relative peace and happiness.

    The Holy Spirit is not a person; it is a pattern of thinking that loves all people; the ego is not a person but a pattern of thinking. The ego pattern of thinking sees all people as separated from each other and pursue self-interests; the Holy Spirit pattern of thinking sees all people as one and loves all people.

     If you are guided by the ego, you see our present world; if you are guided by the Holy Spirit, you see a world at peace and a happy world.

       If you persist in love and forgiveness you transit from our world of separated things to the world of light forms and have a happy dream; you are now at the proverbial gate of heaven, purgatory and paradise but not yet in heaven, for heaven is formless.

      If you completely let go of your ego and body, dissolve your ego and body, you experience unified spirit self, aka God, heaven.


      I have not explained how our thinking, mind and consciousness creates our universe. Whereas I have not explained how thinking produces our universe, I know that it is us who create the universe we live in. You can take that information to the bank, for it is true that it is us who created our world, our past, present and future.

      You created the world you find yourself in. You may blame other people all you want for your circumstances, but the fact is that you and all of us created those circumstances.

     You cannot change other people’s thinking, but you can change your own thinking. Begin right now and think with love and forgiveness for all people and you live in a more peaceful and happier world that your loving thinking has created for you.

     Stop blaming other people for the mess your mind, thinking has made of your life; go from pure ego-based thinking to Holy Spirit, that is, love and forgiveness-based thinking and begin changing your life to a happy and peaceful one.

     If what you want is material abundance, then use your mind to figure out what you can do well and do it and try to sell it and if people desire it, they will buy it and you make profit and get money to live well.

      Do not blame God and other people for your wealth or poverty, for your thinking, conjoined with our collective thinking, produced you and your circumstances.

     Change your thinking and you change your life.

     The same pattern of thinking that created your mess, ego-based thinking, cannot change and improve it.

    You need a different type of thinking, love, forgiveness, Holy Spirit based thinking to change and improve your life.

    We used ego-based thinking, wishes for separated living to create our world at war; we can change our thinking and use love and forgiveness to recreate our world and make it peaceful and happy.

     Eventually, we return to unified thinking and awaken to living in unified spirit self, aka God and his heaven.

      It is our unified thinking, consciousness that creates in heaven but on earth it is our separated thinking, separated consciousness that creates the things we see in the physical universe, all of them illusions.

    It is only the unified creations in heaven that are real hence are permanent, eternal and changeless.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD

October 18, 2021

(907) 310-8176

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