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An examination of insights from Gary Renard’s A course in miracles’-based books.

Renard, Gary (2004). The Disappearance of the Universe. Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc.

—(2006). Your Immortal Reality. Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc.

—(2017). The Lifetimes when Jesus and Buddha knew Each other. Carlsbad: Hay House Inc.

Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, California: Foundation for Inner Peace.

Ozodi Osuji

      I am currently reading Gary Renard’s books, The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality and The Lifetimes when Jesus and Buddha knew each other.

      I have to say that Mr. Renard shows extraordinary understanding of the course; I would say that in certain areas, his understanding is better than mine even though I have studied the book longer than he did (he said that he began reading the book in 1993; I began reading it in the fall of 1989 and attending its groups at Unity Church, Portland, Oregon). I raise my hat for him.

    I am not concerned by his two spiritual friends, Arten and Pursah (Arten and Pursah are in their thirties, he said; Pursah is a young woman in her thirties, her name, considering Gary’s penchant for puns, seems a play on “” and Gary is joking?).

     These two are supposed to be ascended masters (they are supposed to be the biblical Thomas and Thaddeus who walked with Jesus in Judea 2000 years ago); they just materialized in his living room during the Christmas session of 1992, in Maine, to explain the course to him.

     The rational part of me wants to see them as produced by Renard’s mind, a kind of visual hallucination. If so, I must also say that my mind produced the Jesus that I had visions of, who appeared to me in my room, at Seattle, Washington, around the same time that these two visited Renard, and we talked. Both are either true or not true. I would say that I do not know if the materializations are true or not; if they are made up characters, can Gary, given his limited education, have said the profound things those two said? I do not know.

      What I do know is that the man explained A course in miracles outstandingly; however, whether what he explained so well, the course, is true or not true I do not know. I remain agnostic.

     Agnosticism is my last line of ego defense against accepting God, oneness and giving up my individuality, my illusion of separateness from God.

   Please know that this write up is not a book review or thorough examination of Renard’s wonderful insights. He made observations that are on the mark, observations that I have written copiously on, elsewhere.

     For example, long ago, observing my body, knowing that it would die, rot and is eaten by worms, I concluded that it is nothing. If God created my body, I concluded that he is insane and, in fact, ought to be punished for putting me in a body that would die and smell like feces. I then had an insight that God did not create my body.

    I borrowed from my beloved physics, chemistry and astrophysics to trace how our bodies evolved from the light of the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago. I do not have to review that body of literature here.

      The salient point is that Renard recognized that God did not create our bodies and the physical universe and that our bodies and egos are nothing.

      I thank him for recognizing that our bodies are nothing and knowing that our worth is not based on body but on the fact that we are spirit.

     The physical universe is a magic show; we, the sons of God, all of us, collectively conjured it out of nowhere and it seems real but in fact does not exist.

     At night you sleep and see a world and you wake up in the morning and that world is gone. Our day world is conjured out of nowhere by us and is nowhere.

      This idea seems crazy until you have had experience, as I have had, of seeing you, all people, the physical universe disappear and you know yourself to be in what you would automatically call heaven, a place of light and you know yourself as a particle of that spiritual light and call the entire light God.

     In that light you feel eternal, permanent and changeless; you feel that you have returned home from your journey to nowhere. You feel peaceful, happy and blissful.

      You do not have to be religious to have this experience of unity; all you need is love in your mind; please do me a favor, will you, love you, love all of us, black and white, adults and children and work for our collective good. Try to forgive those who wronged you but do not tolerate abuse from anyone, work to correct our wrongs and make our world a loving place.

       Gary Renard and his associates got all these ideas right. In this piece I am merely going to focus on areas he helped me to have fuller understanding of spirituality.


      Consciousness, they correctly observed, requires for there to be more than oneself and thing in the universe, for one is made conscious by other selves’ and things; the same goes for language and speech, to speak you must have other people to speak to. Therefore, consciousness and speech cannot exist in God, heaven, if God and his heaven is oneself and one mind.

     Thus, those who equate God with consciousness are wrong. Unless one experiences God, unified spirit self, it follows that one cannot know what God is like.


     Gnosticism sees this world as darkness and evil and reject it and wants to return to the world of light, God. In doing so it makes the     world and evil real in its awareness.

     A course in miracles says that what seems like the evil world is just a bad dream, and tells us to forgive it, that is, to overlook it, ignore the dream, and not make it real by emphasizing it; overlook the world and you awaken to the world of God.

    My ego says that is nonsense for it wants to stay in the dream and correct the evil it sees in it, I want to make racists, victimizers and their victims loving persons.

    The course says that each person in the dream, on earth is responsible for the dream he is having, after all his mind produced it; I am responsible for my own version of the dream and  can through right minded thinking, the Holy Spirit, correct it not by correcting the world others live in but by forgiving it, overlooking the world, seeing it as nonexistent and that if I do so I awaken.

     My ego says that that may be so but that it amounts to abandoning folks to keep living in the nightmarish dream.

      Jesus woke up from the dream two thousand years ago and we are still in the dream. The course says that each person is responsible for his dream and when he will wake up; my role is to wake up by forgiving the dream and not worrying about other people’s evil behaviors.

     The perspective of the course seems like an escape from evil; I used to say that Jesus escaped from our evil world, that he ought to be here and help us fight to improve it, make it a social democracy, a mixed capitalist and socialist economy where we provide all people with publicly paid health care and public education through university. I still hold to my view.

    Nevertheless, here, I am just reporting on what A course in miracles and Gary Renard said, whether I like what they said or not is beside the point.


     We feel guilty for a wrong we did, in this case we disobeyed God by separating from him and in so doing have shattered his unified reality and replaced it with our world of duality, polarities and multiplicities and, as such, we are now more powerful  than God; we have destroyed his unified world and replaced it with our separated world of space, time and matter and individual ego selves; the son of God, us, is now more powerful than his father, for he has killed his father and replaced his unified world with his own separated world.

      A course in miracles says that no force in the universe can disobey God and make its will of separation to replace God’s will of union.

    In as much as we see ourselves in a universe of seeming separated selves and things, we now seem more powerful than God.

     Because we think that we did wrong by separating from God we now feel guilty; we feel like we destroyed God and his union and replacing them with ours. Each of us has this existential sense of guilt. We hide that guilt in our unconscious minds (I am not aware of feeling guilty from separation; I am not consciously aware that I separated from God).

      A course in miracles says that I am, and you are not more powerful than God; it says that we have not separated from God; God and his union remains reality; the world of separation, duality, polarity and multiplicity is a dream that does not exist.

     The course asks us to forgive our sense of wrongdoing and stop feeling guilt from our seeming separation from God.

    It defines forgiveness as overlooking the world of multiplicity and separation; overlook the empirical universe and you know that you are always in unified state hence have not separated from God.

      But to seem more powerful than God, I, you, desire to seem guilty and fear God’s punishment for those serve the purpose of delusion of power for me and you.

      If I give up guilt and fear I know that I am not that powerful and have not destroyed union, God and replaced him with the ego. I do not want to give up the sense of guilt, sin and fear.

     I, therefore, hide sin, guilt, fear, separation in my ego unconscious mind (and you, too, do the same thing).

      Helen Schucman, the writer of A course of miracles, was a professor of psychology at Columbia University, New York; during her time (1950s-1970s) folks studied psychoanalysis, so she was influenced by that pseudo-science. Freud posited the idea that we deny uncomfortable ideas, such as desire for polymorphous sex, Id, and hide them in our unconscious minds, from where they make a mess of our conscious behaviors. Our best rational intentions are made irrational by unconscious forces, Freud said.

       In Sigmund Freud’s kind of thinking, what is denied and hidden in the unconscious mind influences what I, you do at the conscious level; thus, the denied, hidden sense of guilt and fear of God’s punishment in my unconscious mind, makes me keep doing the irrational things I do on earth, such as believe that I have separated from God and his creation and thus affirm my individuality and pursue my seeming separated self-interests, as we do in capitalist America.

     Because we do not want to examine it, the unconscious mind, for to examine it is to see how ridiculous it is to believe that the part can destroy the whole, that the son kills his father and exist to be powerful. If examined, it is seen as ridiculous and let go and the world ends for one.

    If one looks at the content of one’s unconscious mind, see the sin, guilt and fear of punishment in it as bogus, one lets them go and accept that one remains as God created one, unified with him.

    One has not done what one thought that one did, separated from God and did the evil things we do on earth, in the dream of separation.

    One remains the innocent, sinless, guiltless and holy and sanctified son of God because one is eternally one with God. When one accepts one’s innocence by accepting that one did not separate from God and does not have the power to do so, one returns to God, awakens from the dream of separation; one ends one’s existence in the dream world, the prodigal son returns home to his father.

      But retaining a sense of guilt enables the prodigal son to seem separated from his father; if he wants to seem separated from God he must retain the sense of guilt, for it serves a purpose for him. Guilt and fear of God keeps us separated from God.

      If one returns home, awakens from the dream, the dream continues for other sons of God who wish it; they must do what one did, let it go, let go of the sense of separation and the guilt and fear of God that maintains it; each person must jettison his sense of separation because he cannot separate from God; if he does he feels innocent, guiltless and sinless and awaken to unified self.

    If you are awakened, you become a teacher of God, a teacher of love, a teacher of union, a teacher of wholeness/ holiness helping other people to understand that they are always innocent, for they have not done what they think that they did, separate from God and the seeming evils they do on earth are done in a dream and have not been done;  they remain as God created them, innocent.

     One is now light in the darkness (separation is darkness), the dream where the light of God is shut out and the little glimmer of God’s light in it, the hidden light of God in us guides us.

     We could not entirely extinguish the light of God in us, if that were possible, we would cease existing but since God created us eternal, all that we can do is hide his light in us but not blow it out. We misuse the light of God in us and use it to construct the web of lies called peoples lives in the dream, to miscreate our world.


      The prodigal son, us on earth, while in heaven, unified spirit, went to his father, God and asked to be given his share of God’s property (given power of God) and was given it and we left and went to a far country to live separated from God (the earth is a journey without distance for everywhere we go is in God so we have not separated from God).

    Initially, we did well before we found out that we do not have the power to live apart from God. We became poor, sensed lack in us, we could not feed us (with God’s spirit).

     The prodigal son seemed to have defied his father, God and seemed to have separated from him; he was afraid to acknowledge separation, so he hid it in his unconscious mind.

     After failing in the world of separation, he feels a sense of lack of abundance, but thought that he could get that lack removed by working for other people, such as a pig farmer for his daily bread.

     (I wanted to work for white people until I realized that their kind of work, ego work, is not what I wanted; I wanted spiritual work and only God can give me that kind of work, not people.)

     But the farmers and pigs and material food are not what his lack is; his only lack is his separation from God, which is spiritual, not physical.

     He acknowledged that he made a mistake in separating from unified spirit and returned to him.

      His father, God, had missed him (when even though he was still in God but was sleeping and dreaming separation). God did know that a part of him, his son could not separate from him, but was sleeping and dreaming separation, was lost.

    The son is now awake, the lost sheep is now found. God saw his son coming home and ran to him and embraced him, clothed him in golden robes and slaughtered the fattest cattle and had a feast of home coming for him.

    The parable of the prodigal son is about each and all of us on earth, in the dream of separation from God. We seem separated from God; we wanted to separate from God and God being perfect freedom gave us the opportunity to seem separated from him knowing that we could not do so in truth but merely dream that we do so.

     God sent his prophets to teach us how to wake up. Eventually, Jesus Christ joined his mind with the mind of the Holy Spirit, God in the temporal universe, and learned that he was merely dreaming separation and gave up the wish for separation. He had developed fear of God; he believed that he separated from God and that God is angry at him and would punish him.

     God is not angry at us; he just wants us to give up the wish for separation. All we need to do to give up separation is to stop wishing it.


      The ego’s world we desired does not even exist, it is a mere dream. In effect, we give up nothing when we give up the ego and its world.

      We give up nothing to regain the awareness of the eternal, permanent and changeless world of God.

     But the ego tells us that if we give up the ego and its world we would die; no, we will find real life when we give up the ego and its fictional world. There is no such thing as death.

       Give up the ego and you give up the worthless and valueless and regain awareness of God, and your real self as the Christ, the son of God.

     Since now we live from the ego left mind, we must henceforth live from the Holy Spirit, right mind.

     When we seemed to have separated from God and now live from the ego left mind, God created another self, the Holy Spirit and placed him in our right mind.

      In heaven, there is God and his son sharing oneself and one mind. Now that the son of God seems separated from God and his brothers and sees his self in the perceptual world of earth, God created the Holy Spirit to help us return to him.

    Thus, there now seem three selves in one God, oneself: God the father (who is in heaven, is transcendental), God the son (us, on earth as egos, sleeping and dreaming as separated selves) and God the Holy Spirit, the manifest God in the temporal universe.

    The Holy Spirit is in God yet sees the earth, sees us and knows that we are merely dreaming; all three Gods are one shared, non-dual self, the Holy Trinity.

      On earth, when we listen to the Holy Spirit and let him guide us, we are thinking and living from the right mind.

     The Holy Spirit is not a person apart from us; it is us thinking correctly.

     When we listen to the Holy Spirit, we understand that the ego and its world are nothing and we forgive it, we forgive all people we saw do us sad things in the world for they did so in a dream. We forgive the people and the world for what was done in dreams have not been done.

     When we forgive people hence forgive us, we have a happy dream, what Renard called semi nondual living, semi dual self.

     I call it, the world of light forms. Here, we have Holy relationships, as opposed to the ego’s special love relationships. (See A course in miracles for explanation of ego based special love relationships and Holy Spirit, forgiveness based holy relationships.)

      In holy relationships, we see all people as parts of us and forgive them the wrongs they did to us to forgive us the wrongs we did to them; we live peacefully and happily.

      Holy relationships begin on earth and progresses to the after-death world, from the awareness of us as flesh to seeing us in light forms.

     We see everything in our world turn to light forms. That is the new world, the new Jerusalem, the gate of heaven, the real world.

    God’s sons now know each other and know God as one shared self and the dream ends for them. Each of us awakens at a time.

      The physical universe will remain in existence until the billions of sons of God in the dream of separation awaken. This will take trillions of years to accomplish.

      Thereafter, the stars and planets, asteroids and comets and black holes will decay to elements; the elements will decay to particles of electrons, protons and neutrons; the particles of the atom will decay to photons of light; physical light decays to spiritual light, and we all awaken to our true self, the unified spirit self, the sons of God who are one with God.


      As noted earlier, I believe that Gary Renard’s and his crew of ascended experts, Arten and Pursah, have understood A course in miracles.

      No ascended expert taught me A course in miracles. I read the book, over and over until I have a feeling that I have understood it.

      As also noted, I have had visions where I talked to the old boy himself, Jesus Christ, or as I call him, my friend, Joshua Ben Joseph; he is not my Lord.

      I do not have false humility. I do not believe that Jesus Christ has more understanding of God than I do.

      I am an ancient Igbo Dibia; upon my birth in the 1950s, our Igbo people said that I am their high priest. They called me their high priest of Amadioha (priesthood runs in my kindred).

      I am here to help Igbos, Africans and all people to understand the nature of God.

      A course in miracles, and the other religions that I studied, such as African religions, Gnosticism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, Zen and Islam (I do not like Islam because it encouraged killing people); well, these religions helped me to clarify my understanding of our true self, unified spirit self.

     Gary Renard’s books and its source, Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles, helped me to clarify the truth of our sameness, equality and oneness in God.

      I hope that this little vignette, notes I made upon reading the man’s books, helps you, the reader, to clarify your understanding of your real self, and helps you to stop thinking from the ego, left mind and start thinking from the Holy Spirit, right mind, and helps you to return to our unified mind where we think with the mind of God.

     God is formless so you cannot see you in form, matter or light, and know you to be thinking from the mind of God; if you see you in form, of matter on earth, or light form in the world of light forms, you are deluded, insane, not living from mental health, from God.

    It is only in formless God that we are sane.

    All that teachers of God do for us is make our insanity pleasant. If you see me and I see you in forms, we are dual selves hence insane.

      In God we are one shared self and do not have subject and object perception.

      I cannot explain God’s reality for you. You must experience it to know how oneself, God is simultaneously infinite selves, all of them one shared self with one shared mind.

     You are not God; God is greater than his son; the father is greater than his son; God is the whole self, and the son of God is a part of that self.

      Gary Renard showed amazing understanding of A course in miracles but has not understood oneness. He gave the impression that only God exists in heaven; Hinduism also made the same mistake (Study Vedanta, especially Shankara’s advaita; I used to have fun arguing it with my Hindu guru, Swami Bhaskaranda).

     No, old boy, Renard, in heaven there is God, the ground of our being, and there are his infinite sons, us.

     Although God cannot be put in human language, I like to say that God is a wave of spiritual light in which there are infinite particles of spiritual light in it; we are the particles of that wave of light; wave and particles are the same light.

     I end by telling old Gary Renard that for a Westerner, he has an astonishing understanding of spiritual matters.

      I, an Igbo high priest, had believed that only Igbos and Africans, we are old souls, white people are children, can understand spiritual matters. I had dismissed white Europeans and Americans as spiritually dense but scientifically and technological useful. I used to say that when Africans acquire science and technology, they would displace white folks from the world for they seem like idiots!

     However, after reading Gary Renard’s books, I have changed my mind. I now know that White folks can understand spirituality.

     Old Gary Renard, you did an extraordinary job in your books. Thank you for your efforts.


In addition to sharing this material with my readers, I am forwarding it to Gary Renard.


Renard, Gary (2004). The Disappearance of the Universe. Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc.

—(2006). Your Immortal Reality. Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc.

—(2017). The Lifetimes when Jesus and Buddha knew Each other. Carlsbad: Hay House Inc.

Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Mill Valley, California: Foundation for Inner Peace.

Ozodi Osuji

January 7, 2022

(907) 310-8176

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