Christmas is the recovery of unified consciousness


Ozodi Osuji

     To be on earth one must voluntarily forget the consciousness of one’s real self, the son of God, Christ, the unified son of God who is one with God and all sons of God.

      In eternity we all have consciousness of sharing one God self.

      We wished to experience the opposite of that unified spirit self and that wish produced our universe of separated things, space, time and matter; we fragmented consciousness into its component infinite parts and each of us takes on the awareness of his self as who he is now.

      On earth each of us has a separated ego consciousness. The ego is a replacement self with which we substitute for our unified spirit self. We live as the opposite of love, opposite of unified spirit self, opposite of Christ, opposite of God.

     On earth, each of us sees space and gap between him and other selves and he pursues his self-interests, if possible, with the cooperation of other people but where necessary alone and or at the expense of other people.

     The result is social conflict and wars.

     To be on earth is to have undertaken to be a false, separated self that opposes one’s real, unified self hence one has intrapsychic conflicts and has interpersonal social conflicts, for one’s interests’ conflict with other people’s interests and the result is war.

      The earth is a place of conflict and war, not peace and happiness.

      The rebirth of knowledge of our union with each other, as symbolized by the birth of Jesus Christ, is what Christmas means. Christmas means the consciousness that all people share oneself, the son of God who is one with God.

      At the spirit level one now knows that one is one with all selves in spirit, but on earth one still sees oneself in a separated body.

     Now, instead of thinking and behaving from separated self-one thinks from one’s right mind, the Holy Spirit and sees all people as part of one’s holy self, unified self and works for their mutual interests.

     Remove your desire for a separated self, the ego, and do not defend your ego, and you need do nothing else. Remove the ego and you experience your already present unified spirit self hence is reborn in Christ, and Christ has come to your life a second time.

      You have passed the last judgment on the world and found it not good and said that unified self is the only reality, and you embrace it as who you are. You are now in the world but not of the world.

     This is the meaning of Christmas, the day you are reborn in Christ. You were created a Christ by God, created a unified self but you metaphorically died to the consciousness of unified self and now live as a separated self; you are reborn in Christ the moment you remove ego and live from unified spirit self, from love, from union. This is the meaning of Christmas.

     You need do nothing else. However, since you now recognize that you are one with all people, you work to help all people to remove their egos and know themselves as one with all of us.

     Christmas does not mean giving money to people but since gift giving is a cultural thing, you can engage in that harmless cultural behavior and give gifts to your close relatives in the ego’s world.

      If you are materially wealthy you must share your wealth, give, at least, ten percent of it annually to charity, to serve the poor.

Ozodi Osuji

December 5, 2021  

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