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Ozodi Osuji

Yesterday, I wrote two essays, the first said that we are always perfect, the other said that we are already saved. This is what Christians believe in. I am merely explaining what Christians believe and do so from my experience of God not faith.
I do not believe in God; I know that God exists. I am a Gnostic Christian. Gnosticism is acceptance of God’s existence based on evidence and experience, not faith.
Jesus Christ is said to have obeyed the will of God to death and therefore saved us and that we do not have to do what he did, die, and that all we need to do is believe that he died for our sins (Adam sinned by disobeying God and Jesus removed our sins by obeying God), and we are saved. This is not quite true but not a lie, either. Let me explain what is going on.
Nearly fourteen billion years ago, the son of God (all of us in concert) desired to have individuated power. We would have killed God and usurped his power and become the creator of God and creator of ourselves. But God is eternal. So, we could not kill him and usurp his creatorship throne. Since we cannot kill God and create ourselves, as it were, we went to sleep and, in our sleep, dream a new world, a world of separated things, a world of space, time and matter; each of us, as it were, entered an animal called human being and in him formed a separated self-concept and live as him in body; each of us has a separated self-concept, an ego; some egos are humble while others are grandiose. This is our human state.
If we challenge God and live as separated selves, we suffer. As it were, we have disobeyed the will of God and committed what Christians call original sin.
To be a human being is to be born in sin; the sin is the belief that we are separated from God. If we have separated self-concepts and self-images we live in sin and suffer.
To be separated from God, since God is reality is to operate unrealistically; to be unrealistic is to make a mistake; sin is a mistake, not a reality, for we are eternally united with God despite denying it; the part cannot separate from the whole.


The very instant (less than a fraction of a second) that we separated from God, God immediately created the Holy Spirit. He placed him in our minds.
The Holy Spirit is in our right minds. The Holy Spirit is not a person; he is the idea of union in our separated minds; the ego is not a person, either; the ego is belief in separation.
In our left minds is belief in separation, in our right minds is belief in union. Left and right minds are patterns of thinking, not persons.
On earth there are two parts to our minds, the ego left mind and the Holy Spirit right hand.
There is a third part to our minds, the unified mind, the holy mind, the one mind we have in heaven but none of us on earth is aware of it; some persons occasionally experience it; but they cannot be in it for long or else they would no longer see our earth, our dream of separation.
Experience of unified mind is what Hindus call Samadhi, Buddhists call Nirvana, Zen calls Satori and Christians call the mystical union of the father and his sons.
The ego speaks first otherwise we would not be in this world. The Holy Spirit waits for you, me, to ask him to correct our ego decisions. You must first behave in ego manner and then ask the Holy Spirit to correct it.
For example, if I slap you, an ego behavior, your ego immediately defends you by slapping me in turn. If you perceive me to be too powerful you may not slap me in return, immediately, but withdraw from me and quietly plan your revenge.
White people, racism slapped black people; they seem too powerful so black people do not slap them in return but quietly plan for the day they would slap back white folks; there will be a race war, unless we return to love.
Many deluded white folks believe that black people believe themselves inferior hence tolerate white abuse; these are insane persons; they ought to go to Africa and talk to traditional Africans and see what they think of white folks. Until my grandfather Osuji, a warrior, died, he considered white folks not even human beings. If he could, he would kill all white folks for their sin of trying to rule his Igbo world.
In ego states we are always at war with each other, in offense and defense; to live in ego is to be in conflict.
If I slap you and you feel the pain and instead of slapping me back in self-defense, you can pause and ask the Holy Spirit, the immanent God, God in the temporal universe (God the father is in heaven, is transcendent, above this world of appearances, illusion) to guide you.
God has three aspects: God the father (transcendent God), God the son (us) and God the Holy Spirit (the God in the temporal universe, the immanent God); all three aspects of God share one God and have one shared mind.
(The idea of God as a trinity, three selves in one God are both Christian and Igbo religious idea. Igbos have Chi-Ukwu, Chi-Neke and Chi, three aspects of one God. I speak with authority on Igbo religion for I am the high priest, by birth of that religion; I am the current high priest of Amadioha. Now you understand why I seem obsessed by God; it is my family’s traditional business.)
If I slap you and you are in ego you will slap me in return; if you ask the Holy Spirit how you should respond to me, he is not a person he is your right mind, your sane mind, your loving and forgiving mind, he will ask you (your right mind will ask your left mind) to temporarily leave my presence, walk away. Go calm down.
When you are calm the Holy Spirit tells you that I slapped you because I am insane, for only insane persons hurt other people; sane persons love all people.
White people, all of them are insane. The insane person thinks that he is separated from you and that what he does to you he did not do to his self.
Sanity tells us that we are all the one shared son of God; we are all members of God’s one family hence should love each other and not harm anyone.
The Holy Spirit asks you to overlook my slapping you and tells you to forgive me. However, do understand what forgiveness means.
Forgiveness does not mean tolerating abuse. If a white racist discriminated against you, work to change his Insane racist society and transform it to a loving, hence sane society.
I know that all white Americans are insane; their society is based on insanity. I quietly teach them the nature of love so that we can reorganize this nonsense called the USA and make it a loving place.
The point is that forgiveness is not done out of fear and cowardice that ask you to tolerate abuse. If you are white and dared disrespect me, right there, I would ask you to respect me and teach you what respect for all people is. I do not care whether you call yourself the president of the USA, you mean nothing to me; the president of the USA is the president of mad men. My job is to transform Americans and all human beings into sane people (loving persons).
The Holy Spirit asks us to work for a loving world, to forgive our mistakes and correct them. When we correct our world’s hateful practices, the world becomes the world of light forms.
Christians call the world of light forms, New Jerusalem, with new men, loving people; they visualize Jesus Christ as the king of this new world; they are correct except that Christ is each of us who loves all people.
However, Jesus Christ is real; right now, he is in the world of light forms and from there teach you and I about love and forgiveness. He works in tandem with the Holy Spirit and can guide us back to God, unified state.
Where you see us is another world, our world in light forms. In the world of light forms are you and me. I know it because I have been there. To be there you must be a loving and forgiving person. I am a Gnostic and articulate only what I know is true and have experienced; I do not talk from faith in God. From direct experience, I know that God is real.
Beyond the world of light forms is what folks call heaven. Heaven is literally formless; it is composed of God. God is oneself with infinite sons; God is in each of his sons, and they are in him and in each other. There is no space and gap between God and his sons and between the sons; they literally share oneself and one mind.
In various writings, I tried to explain the unexplainable, God. You cannot understand God until you experience him.
If you are the philosophical type (I am a jnana Yogi) read the Hindu Vedanta philosopher, Shankara who in the 700s AD wrote exactly what I write. Yes, the man wrote exactly what I write. He talked about how there is one God, which Hindus call Brahman, with infinite parts, that Hindus call Atman.
Brahman and Atman are one shared self. Atman, in Christian categories, is the son of God, he desired to surpass Brahman, he could not do so; so, he cast Maya, spell on his mind and went to sleep and in his sleep dream; his dream is our present world of space, time and matter.
The dream is Maya, an illusion, but it seems real to those in it. It seems real to you and me. The goal of Hinduism is to seek ways to enable us to recognize that the world is a dream that does not exist. Our current universe, Hinduism teaches, will end in the future.
Hinduism teaches Rebounding universes; each called a Yuga; each universe exists for billions of years and ends, and another begins. Our present Yuga is called Kaliyuga. Kali is the Hindu goddess of love; our job in this Yuga is to learn love, to love one another.
You will awaken and see our world literally disappear and you see a world of light forms; Hindus call that world the astral world; every person in the world of light forms is in light form.
Ultimately, you will awaken in Brahmaloca, heaven, unified spirit world where you know that you and God are one shared self and have one shared mind. (I am not teaching Hinduism here; I have done that in other places.)
The Holy Spirit is in our right minds. If you ask him what to do, he tells you to love all people, including those who enslaved you, attacked you, murdered you (folks murdered Jesus and he said, “Father forgive them because they are in ego state and do not know what they are doing; if they know what they are doing they would know that only love befits the sons of God; in the gospel of John, chapter fourteen, verse 12, Jesus told Phillip: “where you see the son of God you see God for God is in his sons”; those who attacked you attacked God, white folks who attack black folks are attacking God, they want to kill God; if you want to kill the son of God your real goal is to kill his father and become the creator of the universe; racists want to kill God and become the creator of this universe, they are suffering from delusion disorder, grandiose type).
Jesus let go of his wishes for ego separated self and obeyed the Holy Spirit and allowed his ego will to live in flesh to die. He appeared to die but was merely transfigured into a light body.
Do you really want to see Immanuel Ben Joseph, Joshua, who the Greeks called Jesus Christ? If so, then love and forgive every person in our world; if you do so you will see our brother Jesus Christ standing by your side; he is just like you; you will see him in whatever color you want him to be for you; he is not in flesh but in light form; light can appear as black, brown, or pink or any other color.
Jesus is in the world of light forms, so are other enlightened persons. They are my friends, and your friends, too.
Using a Christian metaphor, Jesus obeyed the will of God and died to the ego, he gave up his desire for separation and power based on his ego wishes. His flesh body, a dream body, an illusory body, disappeared from his sight.
You believe in separation hence see you in flesh body. Now change your mind, and believe in love, and light and love all and you will occasionally see you and all people, animals, and trees in light forms.
One of the most pleasant surprises of my life wis the day I first saw me in light form; I immediately called my Hindu swami and he explained to me that each of us has a self in light form.
If you take spirituality seriously, you need to have a guru, a spiritual teacher, a spiritual adviser who has experienced God and knows peace, Ananda, to guide you on that path. It sometimes may seem like auditory and visual hallucination (when you find you in the astral world, world of light forms, western psychiatrists, in their infantile state, could say that you are having visual hallucination).
Because Jesus has died to sin (that is, ended separation) and now live-in unified self in light form; all you need to do is accept him as your guide (he is the operationalization of the Holy Spirit in the temporal universe) or accept the Holy Spirit as your guide and die to sin, that is, give up the desire for separated self and you see you in light form! The you in light form looks exactly like you look now (it takes any age you desire to be.)
Christians call the light body the glorified body; if you see you in light body you are glorified and saved.
The point of this essay is that you are already saved; you were saved the moment you sinned; to sin is to separate from God; the moment you sinned, that is, separated from God, at that very moment God created the Holy spirit, the spirit of union and placed him in your right mind.
When you accept union, you accept salvation that is already in your mind. All that you need to do to be saved is change your mind, from wishing for ego separated self to accepting union with God and all his sons.
Love is union. Love all people, black and white and you have returned to union.
In unified state you see you and all people in light forms. Find out. Love all, forgive all their sins, correct our sins.
Tell the man that slapped you that you and he are one and that by slapping you he has called for war and you can slap him back and both of you would fight.
If you choose peace, not war, you do not defend your ego by slapping him back. By overlooking his attack on you and teaching him peaceful conflict resolution you make our world a peaceful place, you begin the homewards return journey to the world of light forms, what Catholics call purgatory, Muslims call it paradise and Hindus call it the Astral world; ultimately, you will return to formless union with God, aka heaven.


Words do not matter, what matters is action. Love you, love other people, overlook your past wrongs, for the past does not exist, only the now exist; forgive a past that did not exist that you believe existed; the future does not exist, either only the eternal present of God, union, exist.
Love all people in the present and see your glorified body in light form and, ultimately, experience yourself in God’s unified spirit state, a blissful place.
Where is the world of light forms, heaven, and earth? They are in your mind; each reflects your pattern of thinking.
Practice separation and you see you on earth; practice forgiveness and you see you in the world of light forms; know all people as one with you and you experience unified state, aka heaven.
In every age God gives his separated sons messengers of God. The messengers teach what the Holy Spirit in all of us teach. The Holy Spirit teaches us what to do to return to God, see ourselves as one and love and forgive all of us our errors.
Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit manifested most in human forms. Buddha and other teachers of God manifested the Holy Spirit in varying degrees, but Jesus did so most. But do know what Jesus did; I have been trying to tell you what he did.
Folks like me are still on earth but have experienced salvation and teach salvation.
By now you know what salvation is. You are already saved; now show it by loving all people.


The five Yogas are also found in the Mahabharata, the Bagavad Gita section.

A Hindu swami (priest), Patanjali, thousands of years ago, wrote a book called the five yogas. Yoga is Hindu word for yoke, reconnecting back to the God we are separated from; each yoga is a path for people of different temperament to return to union with God.
Patanjali said that there are five basic types of people: Jnana, Bhakta, Raja, Karma and Tantra. Each of these types of people have a yoga, religion, that suits him.
Jnana Yoga is for thinkers, the philosopher types; about one percent of mankind are thinkers, philosophers, so Jnana Yoga fits them. Through ratiocination they come to realize that all things are unified as one. Through physics, I learned that all things are made of light and that light is one, so we are light and one shared self.
Most people are Bhakta; these types of people see God as a father figure, an old man to pray to and worship; Bhakta Yoga suits them.
Some people are doers and reach God through social service. Karma Yoga suits them.
Some people are lovers; Tantra Yoga suits them; they must love all people and through love they unify with all people.
Raja Yoga (which is what Buddhism is) is meditation. Occasionally, sit quietly, close your eyes, and tune out the empirical and phenomenal world. Stop thinking, say: Neti, Neti, as one of the Upanishads ask us to do. Repeat a mantra in your mind, such as, say, I love all people, I love all people and say it over and over, again. Try to attain inner silence. In a mind cleaned of all ego desires sometimes one escapes to the world of light forms, and ultimately may experience unified state (Samadhi).
I practice all five yogas and recommend that you do. However, my primary path is Jnana yoga but every morning I begin my day by praying to God, asking him to guide me; I ask God to enable me to love and forgive all of us.
I recommend that you pray in the morning, when you get up from sleep, in the afternoon and in the evening before you go to sleep (for three years, as a child, I lived with my grandmother, an African queen; she was literally regal in appearance; every morning she got up from sleep and knelt by her bed and made me kneel down and pray with her; she did the same before she went to sleep, pray to her God, her Chi; so, I pray to my Chi every day).
There are other types of Yoga, such as Hatha Yoga (exercising your body to make it flexible, fit, and healthy); Ayurveda Yoga (eating well to make your body healthy); Kundalini Yoga (arousing the so-called energy that flows through the five chakras in your body).
I love Hinduism; it is a good religion (religion means reconnecting to God) to have. Hinduism in Greek categories is called Gnosticism.
In 300 BC Alexander the great and his army swept to India; his followers brought Hinduism back to Greece and the West and called it Gnosticism, knowing God directly through meditation, not merely believing in God.
By the way, if you want to understand modern physics (as opposed to classical physics, such as mechanic, heat, light, sound, electricity) it helps if you study Hinduism.
Studying Hinduism helped me to understand particles physics. Hindus described the states of matter, atoms, particles thousands of years before the West did so in the twentieth century. Study the three gunas and Hindu eschatology, how the world ends, and another universe rebounds (from the big crunch) and see if you are not studying Western cosmology! It is not an accident that if you go to our universities departments of physics you see many Hindus; their religion gives them subtle ways of thinking that makes them easily understand new physics!

Ozodi Osuji
April 7, 2021

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