Chance or intelligent design?


Ozodi Osuji

     So, you go to school and are glad that the teachers are willing to teach you how to read and write; you thank them. But eventually, you evaluate what they taught you and recognize that much of what they taught you was not objective knowledge but propaganda for certain beliefs about life. These teachers were propagandizing your mind with their accepted world views.

     Contemporary science markets itself as objective. But is it? Science is predicated on the idea that the universe came out of nowhere and nothing and expands and did so by accident. Everything is explained from the perspective of accidents, chance, and randomness.

     But how do we know that everything happens by chance and is not planned, and determined by another force? There is no proof that chance and accidents determine everything, yet we are taught that undemonstrated belief.

    If we accept accidentalism, our minds are programmed to justify every behavior. Oh, he did what he did by chance, accident so it is not his fault, do not blame him. Absurd sexual behaviors are rationalized as the product of accidental occurrences in those who engage in them. We are on the verge of rationalizing pedophilia because certain people say that they just happen to prefer having sex with children, as young as six years old children, so it is not their fault and, as such, society ought to legalize their behavior, after all it has legalized most of what folks used to call deviant sexuality.

     Also, soon, we shall legalize some folks’ tendency to anti-social behavior, after all sociopaths, narcissists, and other people with a tendency to criminal behavior can easily tell us that they were brought up, by accident of birth and upbringing, to be criminals. We are really on a slippery slope with this chance philosophy that was forced on our minds by liberal educators.

     How do we really know that chance and randomness determined anything? Charles Darwin (1859), in his book, Origin of Species, postulated a view that animals evolve by chance and accidental adaptations to changes in their environment. How do we know that this is true?

     We do not know whether the changes in animals’ evolution were determined by chance or by some intelligent designer programming them to make the necessary changes to adapt to their changed world.

     Similarly, we do not know that mere happenstance produced the initial particle of light that 13.8 billion years ago, exploded and expanded and formed quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons and combined them to atoms (matter) and combined atoms to molecules and used those to form stars, planets, plants, and animals happened by chance or were the product of intelligent design.

     It is self-evident that if I say an Intelligent designer or chance determinism caused everything to happen, I am staking a position in a situation where I do not know enough to make such a judgement. I am agnostic and accept that I do not know much but it annoys me seeing people who know no more than I do telling me that things are determined by chance. I ask them to demonstrate that chance determined anything, and they cannot.

     I do not know whether chance or someone, even me, determined who I am. All that is self-evident is that I live in a body made of various elements (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphor, and so on). It is also true that those elements are composed of electrons, protons neutrons and that those decay to quarks and photons, light. Thus, when I die all that is going to happen is that my body will decay and become photons of light. My body merely changes form.

     The law of conservation of matter and energy tells us that matter and energy change forms but do not die out. The quantity of energy and matter in the universe remains the same; however, they change forms, from energy to matter and matter to energy.

      Similarly, since mind and thinking exist in us, it follows that it, too, does what matter and energy does, change forms and remain part of the universe. In other words, there is always a form of thinking, mind in the universe even if it is not the form that we currently know it to be. Simply put, mind lasts forever just as energy and matter lasts forever albeit in different forms.

       If this is the case why not teach it, why only harp on accidental determination of things? I am not a religionist, but I can see why religionists posit a God that created them because intelligent design seems plausible.

     For all I know, some intelligent agent designed our physical universe; we all could be behaving the way we do because of some program, software that an intelligent force designed.

    Artificial Intelligence is increasingly producing robots that are sentient and can think and act like human beings. This means that if we can do it that a more intelligent group or a person produced us (or we, at a higher level of mind, produced our lower behaviors in body).

     May be a God created us and gave us his creative ability and, in turn, we invented the physical universe of space, time, and matter? I do not know the answer to my question for certain; some lazy minds accept the idea that mere accidents determined us.

     I woke up this morning and began thinking about whether chance, randomness and accidents or determinism is responsible for our stay in this universe. I decided to go put my thoughts on paper hence went to my computer and typed this paper in about thirty minutes. Did I do this by chance or determinism? I do not know.

     You tell me the answer why I did what I did, but do not forget to tell me that you are just expressing an opinion, you are propagandizing me to accept your half-baked perspective on phenomena!

    We need to make sure that our schools are not filling our children’s minds with half-baked perspectives on phenomena and failing those children who refuse to accept their silly ideas that they call knowledge.

Ozodi Osuji

June 21, 2022

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