Capitalism is a dog eat dog world


Ozodi Osuji

      In the capitalist political economy, such as the USA and Nigeria, only you can help you, no one else exists to help you; the government is not there to help you, either.

     (Nigeria is at what economists call primitive capital accumulation stage; here, people are trying to accumulate capital, money and competition is so fierce that people’s labor are pitilessly used and they are paid a pittance; during the similar stage in the USA and Britain, children, as young as eight years old, worked in coal mines and factories for sixteen hours a day, six days a week, and were paid barely enough money to eat. See Karl Marx, Das Capital, 1867.)

     By the time you become an adult, age eighteen, you are expected to figure out what you have aptitude for, is interested in doing, do well at, train for it and then sell your skill, labor, product, or service and make money.

     What are you selling is the question that the capitalist economy asks you, is there demand for it, are there people who want to buy it, if yes, you sell and make money, if no you might as well starve to death, which is your business!

     You can cry all you want for other people to help you, and nobody would do so. People are not your parents who exist to take care of your needs.

      If you have a sense of entitlement and expect other people to help you, rescue you and feel angry when they do not, well, nobody cares for your psychological expectations, sell something, or die off, is the idea.

      It is a dog-eat-dog world, we are all in competition for survival of the fittest, the fittest survive and the weak die off; evolution progresses by enabling the fittest to survive and getting rid of the weak;  Charles Darwin said so in his book, The Origin of Species in 1859; Herbert Spencer, in his book, Ethics,  translated that philosophy to what is now called Social Darwinism; this justified the American Robber Barons, such as Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Stanford etc. exploiting labor mercilessly, until they died off, for they are not fit to survive.

     Capitalism has no need for weak, dependent persons.

      If you were raised like a prince, and was spoilt rotten, and pampered like you are a future king and you believe that you ought to be served by other people, and you feel anxious or angry when other people do not immediately meet your needs, you are wasting your time, for all capitalists care, you ought to die off for no one exists to baby sit you.

     Swim or sink and drown is the capitalist philosophy. Get this fact into your head, mind and figure out something to sell to other people (what folks want to buy, what there is demand for and you supply it) or get the hell out of people’s faces. And do not use emotion to blackmail people into supporting you!

     Adam Smith, in his (1776) book, The Wealth of Nations made a powerful argument that the nation becomes wealthy if individuals are allowed to pursue their economic self-interests, to sell and buy without the government interfering in the market. He said that the blind forces of the market, supply and demand, would make sure that resources are most efficiently allocated in the capitalist market, as opposed to the mercantilist market where the nation interfered maximally in the economy. There is no doubt that individuals tend to work optimally when they pursue their self-interests. Most Western countries have embraced capitalism as their ideal economy. It has problems which has led to some modifications of its basic parameters; John Maynard Keynes was responsible for making an argument for the state to play some role in the economy; socialists and communist have different ideas on how goods ought to be distributed in the human polity; that discussion is beyond the scope of the little vignette on capitalism.

      Capitalists have captured Western nation-states; they pass laws enabling the exchange of goods and services between suppliers and demanders; anyone who does not respect this economic order is quickly arrested, tried, and put away in jails and prisons. Capitalism does not play with the law for it knows that in its economic order there will be winners and losers, wealthy and poor people, so, the law must be draconianly applied to protect wealthy capitalists. Take what does not belong to you, what other people worked for, and off you go to jails in capitalist nation-states.


I sell social and psychological realism. In that light, I ought to charge you, the reader, money for providing the above realistic information to you. An American counselor/psychologist will charge you over $120 to give you the information I just gave you. Boy oh boy, the information that I have given folks for free, if charged for, could make me a billionaire. I am not a capitalist; I am a mixed capitalist and socialist economist and a social democrat. There is a philosophy behind what I do, dish out expensive information for free. Get it?

Ozodi Osuji

June 19, 2022

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