Body limits what mind can do


Ozodi Osuji

    Leadership is always a group activity.

 Leadership entails using people and materials to accomplish group goals and objectives. What sector of the human polity are you a leader in:  In education, commerce, sports, science, technology or politics?

     Be a leader in something or stop talking about other people’s poor leadership!

     If people live in bodies and are limited by the limits their bodies set for them, they must work together in groups to get certain activities accomplished, so we need leaders to organize them.

   What is one leading groups of people in accomplishing? It is not enough to talk about leadership, or complaining about poor leadership in society, one must be a leader in some group activities.

    Ask yourself, what are you a leader in doing? Then do it and become an excellent leader in that specific group activity.


     Metaphysical ideas assume only mind in operation; outside of body what they say about mind doing is true, but mind operating in human body is limited by the limitations of body.

    Body must be fed, clothed, live in a house to avoid hot or cold, and gets sick and weak and die. In body mind cannot do what it wishes; in body mind is prevented from doing what it can do outside body.

     If you are physically sick or pained, try getting your body to move around and see how difficult it is to do so.

    Outside body, as in my out of body experiences, you can wish to be somewhere, and you are instantly there, but once you reenter your body you cannot do that.

    Thus, we must study the human body and understand it thoroughly, for it limits what our minds can do.

     If you are in body and think that you can do what mind outside body can do, you are engaged in fantasy, unrealistic wishful and magical thinking.

Ozodi Osuji

December 5, 2021

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