Blamers are losers


I woke up this morning, went to my computer and read yet one more article on what Europe did to underdeveloped Africa. I simply cannot understand Africans who write such trash. Thus, in less than thirty minutes I wrote the essay, below. This write up is for Jerome Nwonoma and those Africans who regale us with constant talk on what Europe did to impoverish Africa, on colonialism and neocolonialism.

Ozodi Osuji

      The need to blame other people for one’s problems assumes that one is a victim. Science has given people the impression that they are victims that their environment and nature determined. Africans have latched onto this unproven hypothesis.

     Asians who have religions (Hinduism, Buddhism) that tell them that the individual oversees his life, even though they, too, were colonized by Europeans, have taken control over their economies and, as we speak, are doing better economically than Europe.

     Africans keep blaming other people for their problems. It is always talk of neocolonialism, talk about how Europe under develops Africa.

      If these people honestly believe that Europe controls their lives, why don’t they struggle to take charge of their economies, to change the dynamics of the relationship between the metropolis and the periphery, colonizer and colonized, Europe, and Africa?

     They just want to blame other people for their inability to govern themselves well. No African controlled countries in Africa and in the Caribbeans is properly governed; they are mostly corrupt; corruption underdeveloped them and they look for scapegoats to blame for what they did to themselves.

     When a child drops a glass cup and it breaks, he blames it on the cat or something that he says made him do it instead of accepting responsibility for his mistake.

     Those who do not take ownership of their mistakes do not change their problematic behaviors; they keep repeating the same mistakes and blaming other people for them.

     Blaming other people is a ruse used to make one feel good and perfect while not changing one’s problematic behaviors.

      If Africa produces dedicated and committed leaders Africa will in no time become like the West, but if Africans easily blame other people for their mistakes, they are not going to roll up their sleeves and work hard to become developed.

     The blamer always sees himself as a victim of what other people did to make him fail, it is never his fault.

   Victim psychology is the cause of the failure of those who failed in life, individuals, and nations.

     Successful people believe that they oversee their lives (this is called internal locus of control/authority) whereas failed people always believe that other people oversee their lives (this is called external locus of control/authority).

     This little write up is a response to those Africans who quickly blame the West for their woes but not their African leaders.

     Non-Africans are no longer impressed by the nauseating tendency for Africans to look for scapegoats to blame for their inability to govern themselves correctly. Let them get on with it and stop abusing our ears with their constant drumbeat, talk about neocolonialism. Africans were not the only people that were ever ruled by other people.

     Those who blame Britain for ruling their countries ought to look at the list of countries that have ruled Britain: Romans from 50 AD to 475 AD; Germans (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) from 500 AD to 750 AD; Scandinavians/ Vikings from 750 AD to 1066 AD; the French (Normans) from 1066 AD to the present.

     Take any country and look at those who, in the past, ruled them: France was a Celtic country ruled by Romans (who called it Gaul) and upon the fall of the Roman empire Franks (Germans) took it over and renamed Gaul Franks (France). 

     Spain and Portugal were initially a Celtic people then the Romans ruled them for over 700 years, and upon the fall of Rome, Visigoths (Germans) took over; thereafter, Arab Muslims ruled Spain for over 700 years (711 AD to 1492, the year that Christopher Columbus came to America).

     Arabs, upon conversion to Islam, took over Palestine in 638 AD and took over Egypt in 643 AD (they are still ruling Egypt to the present); they also took over Mesopotamia (Iraq), Syria, Persia, India, the Turkish homelands in central Asia and got to China (Western China is still Muslim today) before the Chinese stopped them.

      Take any country of your choice and you see that it was ruled by many other countries so stop abusing our eyes with this childish talk of what other people did to your country.

      Poorly educated folks like Uju Anya easily blame other people for their country’s woes, not realizing that those they blame were also victims of other people’s rule.

       In International politics, foreign affairs there are concepts of real politics and ideal politics; in real politics you accept that the powerful will always influence, even take over weak countries so you had better develop your country and become militarily strong if you want to prevent other countries from taking it over.

     Most people, of course, know that powerful Europeans took over the Americas, North and South, and to the present rule them.

    If the USA faulters, internal divisions are leading it to become weak, China, Japan and India are on the wings to take it over!

     Political idealism is a recipe for having a weak military and presenting one’s country on a platter of gold for powerful countries to come take them over and rule them.

    Political realism disposes realistic countries to strive for a balance of power with their neighbors, to make sure that they are as powerful as their neighbors, or else if their neighbors are more powerful, they attack and take them over.

      It is a waste of time blaming other people for one’s issues; just roll up your sleeves and do your best today and leave it at that.

Ozodi Osuji

September 20, 2022

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