Biology determines personality


Ozodi Osuji

     I can honestly look myself in the face and say that my personality was determined by my biological constitution (society playing no more than one percent role). The individual’s personality, character and behavior pattern are strictly the product of his inherited body.

    My problematic body made me feel inadequate and I compensated with desire for over adequacy and thus developed a pattern of behavior that sought to be the master of my life and be in control of everything in my life. I inherited a mitochondria disorder and other medical issues (Cytochrome C Oxidase Deficiency, Spondylolysis and Mitral Valve Prolapse).

    Of course, I am not in control of anything but to the extent that an individual believes that he is in charge of his life he is deluded. Yet people need that delusional belief that they are powerful and in charge of their lives to live, otherwise they would be overwhelmed by the environment and feel powerless and die.

    The realistic thing to do is to realize that the desired sense of power is fictional, not real, a fiction that is functional.

     Whereas my personality, my habitual pattern of behavior, is within the normal spectrum, it can be understood from avoidant personality disorder. Here, the person feels inadequate, usually due to medical issues in childhood, and feels that if other people get close to him that they would see that he is inadequate and reject him. He does not want to be rejected. He feels anxious from fear of social rejection. To avoid rejection by other people, he withdraws from other people and keeps to himself.

     Throughout my childhood I feared social rejection and kept to myself (it is called shyness). Absence of other people the avoidant personality fancies that he is important, powerful and has the other character traits that Alfred Adler described in his description of the neurotic constitution (Adler was describing his self, for he was the neurotic he wrote about).

    The implication of this conclusion is that people are just animals and no more than that. The idea that they are spirit is not proved.

    As far as something more than the body is operating in people’s lives, it is what we might call intelligence; there is universal intelligence that operates in people, animals, trees, planets, stars and in everything in different forms.

     In this light, Richard Dawkins is right to dismiss the belief in God as delusional, belief in what is not true as true. I do not believe in God; however, I suspect that there is intelligence in everything but what that intelligence is I do not know; if that intelligence can form people, it certainly can form other things, such as people in light forms and people without forms.

    Consider: last week I was sick; it was a self-induced sickness because I had gone on a radical fasting regime without eating anything, not even drinking water. By the end of the second day, I was dehydrated and felt dry, and my brain began acting funny, like it was delirious. All I did was eat some food and drink a lot of water and fruit juices and the whole thing went away. That is to say that my body and mind are really the same thing; my mind is the product of my body; if my body is not well nourished my brain, aka mind behaves funny.

     People’s thinking and behavior is the product of their body’s health or lack of it. So, instead of wasting our time trying to change people’s behaviors, as psychotherapists do, we ought to spend time improving their nutrition and physical health. Give people healthy food and most of their problematic behaviors would disappear. Change the state of the body and you change the state of the individual’s thinking, his so-called mind.

     This does not mean that people are going to have perfect behaviors from eating healthy food; they had already formed their personalities from the exigencies of their bodies.

     If a Donald Trump felt weak and restituted with obsessive-compulsive desire for specialness and attention seeking, he is still going to do so even when he is well fed; the reason is that his inherited body made his narcissistic personality inevitable.

     All personality disorders are the products of inherited bodies; certainly, all mental disorders are the products of inherited bodies (I employ the term body to stand for the interplay of neurochemicals, neurotransmitters as well as other physiological processes in the body that affect thinking and behavior).

Ozodi Osuji

February 23, 2022

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