Being judgmental leads to finding the world as meaningless


Ozodi Osuji

      If you are judgmental and judge things, people, and society with yardsticks of your understanding of good and bad, idealism, you soon find that your body and ego self, and other people’s bodies and ego selves and the world are all meaningless and are nothing, they are puff of smoke that will go up in smokes as the world is destroyed and dies.

      If you are not judgmental you accept people and things as they are and not have opinions on them and live happily and peacefully, hence society says do not judge anything as good or bad, live with earthly reality as it is for you to maintain that earthly reality, you make nothingness and meaninglessness tolerable to people.

     Everything is useful, being judgmental is useful in showing the world as nothing and meaningless and thus dispose one to see all things as nothing and not sweat them, not struggle to get them.

     If people are nothing, why do you desire their praise and fear their rejection; if the world of bodies and egos are nothing why do you fear death, fear nothingness?

     Seek a better world and if it exists go for it and if it does not exist then tolerate our present imperfect people and their world without the illusion that you can improve them and make them perfect, for they are not going to become perfect.

Ozodi Osuji

November 1, 2022

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