Behave chaotically and chaos you get


Ozodi Osuji

      Nigerians behave in a chaotic manner and get chaos; they then blame other people for the chaos their behaviors made of their world.

     What are you asking for, if not chaos, if you are corrupt knowing that other people around you will also be corrupt; do you expect the government, the police, the military not to be corrupt if you are corrupt?

     In Nigeria, most people are corrupt, they quickly give and receive bribes; they are not disposed to fighting this insidious evil; where all are corrupt is chaos hence the anarchy land called Nigeria.

    Nigerians refuse to see what they do to themselves and have the childishness to blame other people for the consequences of their behaviors. They quickly blame the West for slavery and neocolonialism, all events they participated in, at least, fifty-fifty.

     Yes, other people do affect one, us, so the West did affect Africans by desiring and buying African slaves and engaging in neocolonialism, but Africans are responsible for fifty percent of those dreadful events.

    We live in a system; in a system everything affects everything; each of us affects all of us; each of us is responding to all of us.

    The world is our collective system, not just one man’s system; each of us must make sure that he does not contribute anarchy and expects social order.

     It is now time for Nigerians to grow spine, courage and refuse bribing any one for anything. Stop contributing to the culture of corruption.

     Stop waiting for other people to change so that your life and country would be improved; stop asking the West to change and becoming loving towards Africans so that Africans would become loving to themselves; start by loving those around you and stop asking other people to do the right things so that you do not have to have the burden of doing those right things. It does not work that way.

    The burden of being good lies in you, not other people, if you do bad and point accusatory fingers at others bad you will still get bad.

      It is a copout to keep being corrupt and expecting a politician to win public office, become the president and with a magical wand change the situation. Whereas a good politician may help clean a dirty house, it takes all the people in the country to clean that house; you cannot keep on being corrupt and expect your president to make the country less corrupt; to expect only the leader to change the situation is really to wish for things not to change.

     Change must begin with everyone, if not there is not going to be any meaningful change in the culture of corruption of Nigeria.

    And stop thinking that you should run to the West and go enjoy their mostly well-organized society, for all you are going to do is take your chaotic and corrupt behavior patterns to the West; you help corrupt the West as you helped corrupt Nigeria.

      If you want change let it begin with you, today, not tomorrow and it must begin where you are, now, in Nigeria.

Ozodi Osuji

August 18, 2022

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