Become the leader you talk about


Ozodi Osuji

      In the USA they say that those who can do whereas those who cannot do teach. Consider this absurd situation.

    You write books and articles on leadership. Leadership summarized means setting goals and objectives and using people and money seeking to accomplish them. So, you tell people to set goals and objectives and gather people and money and use those to attain their goals and objectives.

      Goals and objectives could be in any area of life. Political leaders help establish political institutions and build infrastructure (roads, railways, bridges, airports, seaports, hospitals,  schools etc.); economic and business leaders establish industries and businesses that provide people with jobs; teachers teach students skills they need to make a living in society; entertainers offer people the goals of having fun; pastors sell castles in the sky where God sits around for people on earth to praise him and he rewards them with whatever they ask for; some leaders establish social service agencies, such as nursery centers for children, orphanages for abandoned children, assisted living homes for  the old and disabled, and so on.

      All over the world, people with goals and objectives in many areas of life, pursue them and provide society with goods and services, and make profits.  

       New age religionists teach folks about their idea of God (which is mostly Asian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism clad in Western language).

       Some people establish institutes of leadership and through them teach leadership and business courses (finance, accounting, marketing, advertising, production, human resources, entrepreneurship, customer care, management, economics, contracts, e-commerce); some publish monthly magazines devoted to teaching leadership and providing general information on business.

      You merely talk about leadership but why not establish a business and seek its accomplishment, if, in fact, you are leader?

       Who do you expect to be the leader that you are asking people to become, if not you?

      It is true that those who can do do and those who cannot do merely talk and or criticize those who do!

      When folks are young, they are full of ideas of what they want to accomplish in life, and they enthusiastically and passionately pursue them. As they age their bodies begin to weaken and they have less energy to pursue what used to fascinate them. I believe that by the time folks are in their eighties they mostly look forward to dying because life now is full of pain and their bodies want to rest; life is now a burden; they have accomplished their tasks in life. However, if a person still has goals that make sense to him, much longer, I do not see why such people cannot live to be a hundred or more years. But living without goals? That is boring. No one dies unless he chooses to die, and one chooses to die when one’s goals and objectives are gone, and one is now living for nothing. Nature wants people to live for something, not for nothing. It is not enough to exist to eat. One must continually contribute to society to feel productive, hence alive. Being a living dead person is probably worse than been dead!

Ozodi Osuji

November 28, 2022 

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