An urgent agenda for Africans


Ozodi Osuji

      If you pay attention to Africans, what you hear is earful of complaints about why they are unable to govern themselves right and are unable to do the right things. As they see it, it is always Europeans’ fault and other people’s fault that they are the irrelevant continent.

     They always blame other people for their issues but seldom themselves. Experience tells us that when you point two accusing fingers at other people that three points right at you; whereas in a general system, such as we all live in, all of us contribute to our problems but the individual contributes more to his problems than other people, moreover, whereas other people can help one solve one’s problems, it is one who must solve them, not other people doing so for one.

     Yes, Europeans have done a lot of harm to Africans, but Africans have done greater harm to themselves; for one thing, instead of doing the right things to improve their much-maligned continent, they are busy being corrupt!

      Folks all over the world do not see Africans as relevant in anything, not in the world of economics, politics, business, education and science; in so far that people think about Africa, at all, it is with regards to how to exploit its natural resources but not about Africans.

     Non-Africans tend to assume that Africans are irrelevant to serious political, economic, scientific, or other kinds of discourse. Every African knows this fact, that he is not taken seriously by the   other races of humankind.

     What African in the West has not been subjected to racism; every white person with the intelligence fit for dogs sees his self as superior to all Africans; even the demonstrably unintelligent Donald Trump calls Africa shithole and said that Nigerians live in huts!

     The amazing thing is that despite his awareness that other people do not even see him as a full human being, Africans, for whatever reasons, do not take the initiative to correct the situation that makes other people see them as irrelevant people.

     They know that to be taken seriously in international politics you must have a respected economy and military power; nobody takes poor countries seriously, pity them but what is likely to happen is seeing them as irrelevant social-political actors.

    A few decades ago, no western country took China and other Asian countries seriously but today China is the number two, after USA, largest world economy; many Asians are now at par with Europeans in their standard of living so Europeans must by necessity take them seriously.

    You do not take a person from Nigeria, a country whose average wage is two dollars a day, seriously; you pity him; human beings should seek respect, not pity.

     Despite the nostrum that all people are equal, in reality, people tend to respect those on par with them, not those below them on the economic totem pole.

       The fifty-four countries in Africa (other than Ethiopia) were created by Europeans. Therefore, we cannot really call them countries; they were created by Europeans to serve European economic and political interests.

     Upon obtaining their so-called independence from Europeans, Africans should have reconfigured the continent and made the countries realistic to Africa’s needs. But they have not done so; instead, the thugs that call themselves African heads of states stress the boundaries they inherited from Europeans and protect them; they protect what they call their sovereignty not because they really care for their people but because the countries are their fiefdoms that they exploit for their self-interests.

     It is now time to start changing Africa and make it realistic and conducive to Africa’s development. The following things must be done, now, not tomorrow.

  1. All Africa must have one currency (let us call it Afrique); Western Europeans now have one currency, the Euro; the USA, which is about the size of West Africa, has one currency, the dollar. Having one currency facilitates economic activities all over Africa and helps unify that much fractured continent.
  • All of Africa must have one passport, as Western Europeans now have one passport.
  • All African countries must eliminate Visa requirements before their people travel to other African countries. Any African ought to be able to visit any part of Africa whenever he wants to do so without visa requirement.
  • Africans must be able to work in every part of Africa of their choice; there should be no such thing as Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan, South African nationality in employment; all Africans must be allowed to work in all parts of Africa.
  • The idea of separate African countries was created by Europeans to serve European interests, they do not serve Africans interests and, therefore, ought to be abolished. For now, we can maintain the so-called African countries but, in the future, all Africa must become one country, a federation.
  • Africa Federation should be the new name for a Unified Africa; in it each ethnic group is made a state (there are about five hundred large ethnic groups in Africa thus we should have five hundred states in Africa Federation, smaller groups made autonomous counties within states; a federation with a central government, headquartered at Nairobi (Kenya). The idea of a united Africa may take longer to attain but it is a goal worth pursuing; in the immediate what can be done, today, not in the future is having Africa economic union, as noted above.
  • It is now time for Africans to start behaving as if they have intelligence in their heads instead of always behaving like nature did not give them intelligence and, as such, they cannot do the right things hence always fail and have other people laugh at them or hand them economic aid. Africans are as intelligent as other races but for some reasons they refused to utilize their intelligence and so far in their history know only how to sell each other into slavery and oppress their people; this must stop and stop right now.
  • I call on all well-meaning Africans to roll up their sleeves and let us accomplish the goals enumerated above; one no longer wants to hear excuses as to why Africans do not seem able to do the right things, why they always do the wrong things, fail and are laughed at or pitied by Western liberals and dismissed as useless by Western conservatives.
  • Africans should no longer be seeking pity but desire to be treated as equals of all other races; to be treated as other people’s equals, Africans must be doing the right things.
  1. You cannot refuse to do the right things and expect other people to treat you as their equals; no, other people will see you as inferior to them and treat you as an inferior person if you behave as if you are unintelligent. To be treated as the equal of other people one must show that one can do what other people do, in this case, manage Africa correctly.


     The ideas summarized in this brief write up have been discussed at length in my book length writings and article length writings; look at some of my books and articles.

     In the meantime, let us work to implement the ideas pointed out here.

Ozodi Osuji

March 26, 2022

(907) 310-8176

Dr Osuji is available in the evenings to talk to folks about the African political economy; please do not hesitate in calling him to brainstorm on African issues and seek solutions for them.

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