An epistle to African blamers of Europe for their woes


Ozodi Osuji

     Today, September 20, 2022, every man, woman, and child who lives in the US state of Alaska got $3, 284 dollars in his bank account or have it sent to them via snail mail.  That money is from what is called Permanent Fund Dividend, PFD.  

    Petroleum was discovered in the great land (Alaska in Aleut Eskimo means Great Land) around the time it was discovered in Nigeria.  The state, in consortium with oil companies, built a pipeline from Prudhoe Bay in the North slope to Valdis in the south (about 1000 miles long). Oil is piped from where it is obtained, up north, to the south; crude oil is pumped into ships that take them to either other US states or to foreign countries who paid for them. 

    Some refineries were built in the state to refine oil that meets the state’s local oil needs.

     Proper accounting is kept on how many barrels of oil are mined and sold each day. Out of such sales the private companies, that mine and or sell the petroleum, pay the State of Alaska royalty (taxes). The state uses a certain amount out of its oil revenue to pay for its governmental functions (recurrent and capital budgets). The budget of the state of Alaska this fiscal year is $14.4 billion (the population of the state is less than a million people).

     The itemized, line by line items, budget is on the Internet; thus, you can read it; citizens are encouraged to read it and find out how every penny of their money is spent; steal a penny and you go to prison.

     Citizens are encouraged to volunteer their time and work as oversight committee of each state department, county, and city departments. A committee of volunteers meet once a month and go over how money was spent by each government department and question the leaders of each department what they did during that month, whether there were budget variances and how they are going to be spent or made up.

     Revenue from oil sales that is saved is given to fund managers (investment bankers) to invest for the people of Alaska.

     Every year, dividends from the invested portion of the revenue from petroleum is shared among the people who have lived in Alaska for, at least, one year.

      A typical Alaskan family is composed of a man, wife and two or three children. That means that this morning, the typical Alaskan got $3,284; if it is a family of five people, they got $16, 420.


     Nigeria and other African countries produce oil.  May I ask how much of that money the individual Nigerian, Angolan, Equatorial Guinean gets in a year? $0.

     And where does the oil revenue go to? To develop the country, build infrastructure? No. Most of it is stolen by the thieves that call themselves Nigerian and African leaders.

      And who monitors what the thieves of Abuja, states and local governments do in Nigeria? The governor of each state goes to the Federal Executive Council’s monthly meeting and receives his state’s financial allocations from the minister of finance, and does with it as he likes, no questions asked.

      And who was the evil genius that came up with this absurd plan? Why should the governor even see the money? It ought to go to the state’s department of treasury and the treasurer is responsible for paying out funds from the state’s budgeted money; an outside public accounting firm, from outside the state, comes in regularly to monitor how the people’s money is spent.

     Members of the Nigerian National Assembly pay themselves over one million US dollars a year; additionally, they get huge houses, several cars and only God knows how many other quirks they get from the public.

    In a third world country where the minimum wage is about two dollars a day, no Nigerian politician should earn more than two times the salary of an elementary school teacher.

     The Nigerian head of state has over four planes dedicated to him; he has available for him numerous cars, houses and only God knows how much else he steals (Abacha, a former Nigerian head of state, died suddenly, and it was discovered that he had   billions of dollars saved in foreign banks; some of those banks returned about two billion dollars of his loot to Nigeria. And you guessed it: the current looter-politicians re-looted it.

      The Nigerian president should not have a plane, he should fly in commercial planes; he should not be paid more than three times the salary of a secondary school principal. Like the US President he must be responsible for feeding his self.

     What calls itself governments in Nigeria are gang of thieves whose primary function is to loot the country’s resources and do nothing to develop the country or help individual Nigerians.

     The average Nigerian scrapes to survive on less than two dollars a day, 1400 Naira.

     If a country is ruled by a bunch of thieves, criminals in government, is it any wonder that nothing good is done in it? Schools have collapsed, teachers go up to a year without been paid, civil servants may go for over six months without been paid. The country is simply a royal mess.   

     Who exactly is responsible for this mess and why do the people tolerate it and then have the cowardly guts to come to the public square to blame their former colonial rulers, Britain, for the collapsed state of their country.

     If a good accounting is done in Nigeria, it would be found that Britain sends in more money into Nigeria than it gets out of it.  That is correct, while we are befuddled on how the colonial masters are stealing our resources, they are in some cases spending more money in African countries than they are taking out. The money they spend in Nigeria is of course looted by the thieves in Nigerian politics.

     How can people impoverish themselves and have the audacity to come to the public square and keep blaming their helpers?

     Yes, colonial rulers did a lot of good for Nigeria and Africa. For one thing, they built schools that the people went to, constructed roads for motor cars. Before their coming to Nigeria there were no motorable roads, no schools.

     If truth is said Nigerians and Africans ought to be grateful to Europeans for the good, they did for them; after all they, colonials, could have decided not to build schools and allowed the people to run around naked oblivious of the modern world, they live in.

     The British, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German colonials did not have any obligation to do the little they did for Africa (the little that African criminals in government are not doing for their people).

      One constant refrain you hear from Africans is that European colonials destroyed their African traditions and culture.

     Please show me where that culture was written on paper before 1900 when formal colonial rule began, say, in Nigeria.

     Nigerians, like other Africans, did not develop writing or the wheel; two critical instruments for civilization. Oh, they had primitive rudiments of culture but certainly not those congruent with modern industrial societies.

       In Eastern Nigeria, the people used to throw twin babies into the forest to die; they also used to throw children born with severe disabilities into the forest to die. Were those practices civilized?

     Much of the people’s so-called culture was uncivilized. Folks keep quiet as these people talk about how the white man destroyed their traditions and culture. I say show me those traditions and culture that were destroyed and let me ask you whether you would like to live in them.

   If you returned to traditional African traditions, would you be able to have access to the Internet (which requires a certain level of scientific and technological development to invent it).

     Listen, Africa was backward; we ought to accept that reality and move on to dealing with the exigencies of the contemporary world and work to bring Africa to a level where the people can function well in the modern world.

      We must stop talking about the destruction of African civilizations; Africa was dragged into the modern world via colonialism; that was how most countries were brought to the level of others in the past.


     Uju Anya, a lesbian Nigerian teacher at an American university, talked about how Europe colonized her people and how all they did was bad. Well, I got news for her; Africa before the coming of Europeans, would have buried her alive because of her sexual practices.  As we talk, folks in Nigeria parade women caught in lesbian relationships around town, naked, and beaten! 

     Homosexuality is punished with many years imprisonment in most African countries. Some Muslims literally push them off from roof tops to fall to their death!

    Yet, our beautiful sister, Uju Anya, instead of appreciating those whose culture allows her to live her interesting lifestyle, she badmouths them; what an ingrate!

     At the personal level, I do not have issue with her lifestyle; my philosophy is live and let other people live; we do not know what the absolute truth is, so, if people’s behaviors do no harm to other people, let them live their personal truths in peace. Don’t persecute anyone.

      One is not advocating that one group of people should rule others; the world has passed the stage where the strong arbitrarily grabbed territories and ruled the people on them whether they liked it or not.

     We ought to be working for each other’s social interests. The West ought to be working with Africans to develop Africa and reduce Africa’s population.

    Runaway African population is ready to cause ecological disasters as people try to eke out a living from their exhausted lands.

    If you ask me, I say that no family should have more than two children and no man should have more than one wife; these are rational behaviors not colonially induced practices.

      With good effort we can develop Africa during this century but left lone Africa probably will remain the eye sore of the world, as it currently is.

      As I pointed out this morning, in a different essay, every country at one time or another was, colonized by others; let us, therefore, leave the issue of colonialism alone and work to develop all countries today; let us leave the past where it belongs, in the past, and stop using it to color our present perception and distorting what we see.

     As Saint Pail said, we can look with glasses darkly, or with love and construct a loving and happy world.

     In technical writings, on leadership and management, I showed how to organize African countries and govern them with the type of efficiencies found in the West. This essay is not the place to talk about such technical leadership and managerial matters; suffice it to say that laws can be passed in Nigeria that arrest any public official who stole from the people and send him to prison and throw away the key.


     The clever rogues that govern Nigeria have learned the habit of making Europeans feel guilty for colonialism and so-called neocolonialism; they squander their people’s money and then talk in such a manner that liberal westerners feel guilty for what they did to Africa; out of guilt they give Nigerians economic aid, and they proceed to squander that aid, not helping their people.

     Folks should not feel guilty because of what African criminal leaders say, they are sociopaths and psychopaths; they do not care for their people; until recently they were capturing and selling their people into slavery in the most callous and heartless manner.

    And while they strive to make European Christians feel guilty because of slavery, they do not attempt to do so to Arabs.

    In the eight century of our common era, Muslim Arabs took over Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritania, all hitherto African lands and govern them to the present.

      Moreover, Arabs engaged in the most vicious form of slavery. Until recently, Arab Janjaweed in South Sudan used to hunt Africans and kill them for sports.

     So why not blame them, why only blame Europeans? It is because European Christian religion socializes people to feel guilty and remorse for their wrongs, but other religions do not do so.

      African leaders manipulate Europeans tendency to guilt feeling to get money from them and, of course, redirect such money to their pockets.

     These people have a sickness of the soul; they need to be healed; only love heals people’s souls, so they must be taught to love their people instead of using and discarding them callously.

      Corruption must be stopped in Nigeria and Africa; until that happens Africa will not be developed.

    Africans can blame Europeans all they like but until they have clean governments in Africa, the continent is not going to be brought to the level of the West, as Asians have done.

Ozodi Osuji

September 20, 2022


For comparison’s sake, here are the salaries of Alaska’s top leaders:

Legislators make $50, 400 a year or $4, 200 a month

The Governor of Alaska makes $145, 000 a year

Associate justices of Alaska Supreme Court make $151,142 a year

These are chicken change compared to what the thieves of Abuja, state governors and other top politicians in Nigeria make. These officials are not given houses, cars, and other rewards common in Nigeria. US Congressmen, Legislators make about $174, 000 a year; the Associate justices of the US Supreme Court make about $205, 176 a year; the US President makes about $400, 000 a year. How politicians in a poor third world country come to make several times more than their counterparts in the most developed country in the world is mind boggling. Something is out of order in Nigeria and Africa.

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