America’s politics is the politics of madmen


     America was always uncivilized and had the politics of madmen. In my youthful perception of the West as civilized, I associated the USA with civilization and sought to live in the country. See, the chief justice of the Supreme Court is now politicized, the chief justice has kowtowed to Donald Trump to prevent him from releasing his tax information to Congress whereas ordinary people’s tax information is obtained by any employer who wants to do so.

     Donald Trump has been running around the country preaching hatred for racial minorities and urging his lunatic followers to attack Democrats. Last week, one of his minions attacked the husband of Nancy Pelosi; he said that he had meant to attack Nancy Pelosi and break both her legs. That is what American politics is these days, the politics of madmen.

     These madmen’s idea of revolution is fascism; other countries’ ideas of revolution is to make the country good for all people, but these madmen want to return the country to a primitive situation where a few owned most of the wealth and ruled the many, to do what Adolf Hitler and his Nazis did in Germany (fascism always has disastrous consequences for mankind but these madmen would not realize that fact).

      America has sham rule of law.

     The more I live in the country and perceive its politics, always racist, never doing the right thing because it is right, such as giving all kids publicly paid education through college, and giving all people publicly paid health care, the more I realize that Americans are lunatics, and their politics is the politics of lunatics. Now I know and accept my youthful mistake.

     Since other countries are like the USA, if not worse, the question now is what to replace this evil civilization with, certainly human beings can do better than we see done in the West and elsewhere in the world?

     I believe that a scientific culture, a culture-based on the scientific method, with admixture of Gnostic Christianity, is what should replace this lunacy called Western and Eastern civilizations.

Ozodi Osuji

November 1, 2022

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