Americans chose to do the wrong things


Ozodi Osuji

      Americans, somewhere along the line, made a deliberate decision not to ever do the simple right things that improve the human condition and, instead, concentrate on silliness. These days their concentration is talking about elections, as they say, making it have integrity; what they are really talking about is figuring out ways to prevent minority persons from voting under the guise of election integrity.

     They will not do what they have to do to improve their lives, such as give all people publicly paid education through universities and give every person publicly paid health care; instead, they talk about abortion and how to prevent it, as if they are willing to help the children when born; why bring children to the world if all you are going to do is ignore them.

     Listen, Americans made an existential decision never to do the right things but instead to concentrate on trivia. They are always seeking ways to screw people instead of helping them!

     They, like past empires, are doomed to failure. Today they are owing over $31 trillion dollars in an economy of $25 trillion (GDP). This country is heading to its rendezvous with self-destruction.

    Consider what they and humankind did with our understanding of nuclear science; beginning with Wilhelm Rontgen, Henri Becquerel and Marie and Pierre Curie and Ernest Rutherford we learned that the nuclei of atoms do decay and release radiation and that the protons and neutrons in a decaying atom become less in number and become the nuclei of other atoms (decayed Uranium become lead).

     We learned from Fred Hoyle’s study of stars, nucleosynthesis, that nuclear fusion is taking place in them. Atoms of hydrogen fuse to form helium and release radiation (light and heat).

     We could use these two streams of knowledge, radioactivity, and nuclear fusion/fission, to provide humankind with all the energy they need. Instead, what did we do, we learned how to do nuclear fission, split the nuclei of atoms (uranium) and release radiation, and use it to destroy cities and people, as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but we could use the same technology of fusion and fission to generate all the energy we need to power human civilization.

      In Russia, a warped creature that is what a human being ought to not be, Vladmir Putin became a terrorist threatening to blow the entire world up if we do not allow him to gobble Ukraine and other countries.

      There is something wrong with human beings, they like to destroy themselves more than they enjoy improving their lives.

     Therefore, I say, tune them out, they are prone to evil; do what you believe is right and leave it at that. Love for all human beings, and any socio-political activity aimed at loving people, is the only right thing to do; therefore, love all people regardless of race and gender. There is no justified excuse to hate any human being. Hate and live in internal and external conflicts and live in an unhappy environment, as Americans and most human beings do.

Ozodi Osuji

October 26, 2022

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