Americans are a self-centered people


Ozodi Osuji

       Americans, men and women, are capitalists to the core; each of them fights for what is good for him or her, an excellent job, good wages and retirement plans but seldom concerns himself or herself with what is good for all people.

     I operate from Alfred Adler’s individual psychology that states that mentally healthy persons are motivated by desire to serve social interests, and do what is good for the public, whereas it is neurotic to aim only at doing what is good for one.

     From my psychological frame of reference, in a good society people concern themselves with what is good for all people hence provide public funding for education through universities and single payer health insurance for all people.

      But in the USA, people fund their personal education and seek excellent jobs, and hope that such jobs come with health care. Once the individual obtains his desired job and is doing well economically, he seldom cares for the good of the mass of poor and uninsured folks out there.

      The USA is a nation of selfish people. In my judgment this is an anachronistic nation and needs to be replaced with a nation where people care for each other and pay taxes with which certain public goods are provided for all people. Scandinavian type mixed capitalist-socialist economy and social democracy is my idea of a good human polity.

    In countries where each person fends for his self, society tends to be characterized by Darwinian competition where the fittest survive and the weak are devoured or left to die. In such societies crime tends to be extremely high, as it is in the USA.

    Each American is armed to the hilt to protect his self from the mass of poor people that he is told are out to take from him. Thus, Americans live insecure lives; in Hobbesian terms, their lives are nasty, brutish and short.

    Evolution has moved beyond American type society; human beings have evolved to human polities that stress social democracy and social justice for all citizens.

     Countries that fail to evolve to this higher level have their people live in fear of harm and death from each other’s attacks.

      The crime rate in the USA is astronomical, all because the polity refuses to do what serves all people instead of a handful of the people having all the money and many struggling to survive.

     In my judgement, the USA is a country of self-centered cowards; courageous persons tend to be social serving not just self-serving.

    I accept that the capitalist economy is the most productive economy in the contemporary world, but it tends to benefit the few and have many losers.

      Look at what is going on in the Hi-tech industry; a few have become billionaires but those laboring in their factories putting together their electronic gizmos are paid minimum wages (or lower in third world countries where they ship out the manufacturing of those gizmos).

     Socialism tends to be less productive for it is redistributive, it takes from hardworking people and use what is taken to serve less hardworking people.

      Nevertheless, we must have some socialism that takes from the have and use it to serve the have nots, not to give them cash handouts.

      If truth is said, I have respect for social serving Scandinavians and do not have respect for self-centered Americans!

Ozodi Osuji

December 8, 2021

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