America is marching towards civil war


Ozodi Osuji

     In less than a week there will be an election in the USA. The airwaves are filled with election campaigning. This year’s campaign is quite different from past ones. Since the injection of the Narcissistic King, Donald Trump into American politics, politics in the USA has become a do or die phenomenon.

     When Trump lost the presidential election of 2020, he claimed that the election was stolen from him. He has persisted in claiming that the election was stolen from him, even though he won less numbers in the popular vote, as he did in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

    The peculiar quirk in American politics whereby the winner of presidential elections by majority votes is not necessarily the winner but the person who won the electoral college votes is the winner is what has given Trump the standing to talk about himself as the legitimate winner even though in both elections he lost the popular vote. If he understood what democracy means, rule by the majority of the people, he would have left the political scene, but he has kept harping on the lie that the election was stolen from him.

      His followers, on January 6, 2021, stormed Capitol Hill, Congress to prevent the Senate from certifying the victory of Joseph Biden.

       Since that unprecedented insurrection, Republicans, all over the country, have engaged in actions to bring about what they call election integrity. In some states they have continued the American political tradition   of making it difficult for minority persons to vote; preventing minorities from voting is part of the US Political culture, it is now called election integrity.

      They have passed all kinds of laws regarding how votes are counted and submitted to the central government in Washington DC. I am just waiting for the mother of all election results challenges to begin after November 8, 2022.

      I doubt that the results of this election will be ascertained several weeks after the elections.

      Poll takers say that Republicans are likely to win Congress.

      I do not see how a rational person would vote for Republicans, but we are not talking pure reason; in the USA reason is a rare commodity.

     Pure reason says give old people pension plans as has been done in Europe, but Republicans did not want to do so and the Micky Mouse social security Democrats managed to give to old Americans, Republicans want to destroy!

       Pure reason says give all people publicly paid health care, if only to prevent the spread of deadly infectious diseases that would kill Republicans, too, but Republicans oppose it. Western Europe has health care for all its citizens; in the USA they call doing the right thing socialism, as if socialism is synonymous with evil; it was socialism that limited the work week to 40 hours whereas conservatives wanted employers to work folks for as long as they wished until they dropped dead (Satan, if he exists, has taken hold of Republican minds but folks do not know it).

     Pure reason says give all kids publicly paid education through university and or vocational studies, but Republicans oppose even the public paying for secondary schools.

     What has saved America is that fortuitous gods have been helping the country by allowing educated people from all over the world to come to the USA to work and thus allow America, to still be competitive despite its uneducated population.

      It was Europeans (foreigners) who, after the first and second world wars came to American universities and transformed them from third rate status to world class status.

     As we speak, high tech Indians and Chinese are those who make America competitive in the high-tech industry; without foreigners America would be as backward as any African country in science and technology.

      Republicans are blind and do not see beyond their noses. This does not make Democrats angels. Liberals have their own peculiar form of American madness. They have embraced the agenda of death by the free sex crowd. These people want to approve human beings having any kind of sex they desire. Soon, they will be campaigning for sex between adults and children, sex between human beings and animals and indeed, sex between people and trees. There is no end to it once you begin walking down the line of depravity, normalizing what to commonsense is abnormal (the sophists ask us, what is normal, who defines it, religion, is there even God so why bother with superstitious religions?).

      Democrats pass into laws what makes Christians see red, but they insist on doing so regardless of what Christians believe is appropriate human behavior. Democrats would not fight the good fight such as fight for a society that gave all its people publicly paid health insurance and education at all levels.

      The point is that both American political parties are weird, both are composed of crazy Americans, both engage in behaviors that befuddles the mind.

     So, we are currently in the midterm election session. My bet is that Republicans will try to steal the election and say that Democrats are doing so (Republicans always blame Democrats of doing what they want to do).

     Maybe, Democrats will finally grow some spine, instead of being the wimpy folks political party they are and resist Republican effort to take over American politics even though they are no more than democrats in number. The two will divide into their regional bases and enclaves and if care is not taken, arm up and a civil war begins.

     America, the country of those human beings who find thinking abhorrent, seems to need wars, external or internal, to seem to be together. So, they will have a civil war, unless, of course, their leaders find a foreign war that they can engage in and in fighting that foreign war Americans feel like they are a doing something important with their mostly empty lives.

      America is a country of folks who refuse to do the right things and seem to need intermittent wars to get them going.

       So far, pure luck is what has kept the USA going, surviving, not because the people do the right things; in fact, despite their irrational behaviors; they always do the wrong things politically and economically, they manage to pull through difficulties.

     Apparently, some unknown god has been saving Americans from their mistakes. I doubt that there is such a god to save  them from their coming self-inflicted wound from a civil war, a war that can be prevented if only Americans, for once, exercise pure reason and do the right things instead of doing what they are now doing, making election and voting an end itself, a situation where winning becomes an end, not what those who won are going to do for the people.

     People vote for conservatives who want to transform them to homeless persons but seem not to know it; poorly educated liberals vote for democrats who want to tell them about their two mothers and two fathers and transform bathrooms to where adult men use the same bathrooms with children of the opposite gender, under the guise of being transgender.

      The country is a royal mess; something must give if a civil war is to be averted. I am afraid that there is going to be war, domestic or (diverted to) international war (say, in Taiwan) that will give Americans something to do while refusing to solve their real problems.

      America cannot govern itself right and needs war to enable it muddle through.

Ozodi Osuji

November 4, 2022

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