All political systems are evil


Ozodi Osuji

     The American political system is not just bad, it is outrightly evil; what we are dealing with is evil. American politics is evil personified. Republicans are outrightly evil; Democrats are evil with a soft face and will destroy America with their support of alternative lifestyles, just as Republicans are planning to destroy it by turning to autocracy and maximum leaders to preserve white rule; and their leader is the demonstrably idiot called Trump!

    All human political systems are evil; Britain, France, Germany, Russia are evil; China is evil; Nigeria is evil; all African countries are evil.

    Ukraine is evil, just see how they treat Black folks and mixed-race children, they stick mixed race children into orphanages; their amoral African fathers abandon them; their mothers are rejected by the Ukrainian society for having mixed race children, so, they, too, abandon their children.

    All human political systems are ego based; the ego is evil.

    Therefore, if you stand for justice, you must do so without the illusion that people are good, for they are not; if people live in bodies and use bodies to protect their egos, they are evil and will always be evil.

    That is why all enlightened men, such as Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ, checked out from human ego-based society and lived outside the organized ego world, for the ego and its world, regardless of the innocent face it pretends, is the opposition to love, and since God is love, opposition to God hence is evil personified.

    Look at Nigerians; they come to social media to show the world how beautiful their bodies are and by implication how good their egos are; talk to them about love and God and they would not pay attention; they will sell their people in a jiffy to get the money with which to package their bodies and egos to look good. Worse, their egos would blame the Arabs and white men they sell their people to; they have no remorse for selling their people, they always feel ego innocent despite being evil.

     They deluded themselves into believing that they are good and any wrong they see in the world is done by white folks; in Nigeria wrongs are said to be done by members of other ethnic groups,’ it is never their fault or their ethnic group’s fault.

    It never occurs to these shallow folk that the bodies that they pamper are going to die and become food for worms; they take the worthless seriously, as all human beings do.

    I have always wondered if Africans are capable of philosophy; I have not seen a thoughtful one! They are always preoccupied with the silly things of this world but do not really think about philosophical issues; to the extent that they pretend to believe in God it is of the childish variety, such as their pastors collecting money from them to buy jet planes but not working their black bodies to death to help their people.

    Only a handful of people understand that the ego is the name for the devil and that human beings, if they identify with the ego, which they must do to be on earth, are evil.

    One must leave these repulsive folks called human beings alone, they are not yet capable of being spiritualized persons. I am done with evil persons masquerading as human beings; they are the devil and Satan that they project out and blame for their woes. Get them out of my sight. They make me vomit.

PS: Yesterday, I walked for three hours in the snow, in the woods and did not have to see human beings, for they disgust me!

Ozodi Osuji

March 25, 2022

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