Africans must embrace capitalism and socialism to avoid anarchy


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How Troops Stormed Kidnappers’ Den In Imo, Uncover Roasted Corpses

Ozodi Osuji

       I just watched a video at Facebook; in it members of the Nigerian security services stormed a den where kidnappers and their victims stay and arrested many of them; the kidnappers had taken over a town and chased the people away. They had stolen many cars and killed their owners; indeed, they allegedly roasted some human bodies and ate them.

     This is in the twenty first century, somewhere in Imo state, Nigeria. I could not believe what I saw in the video. The events took me back to over fifteen years ago when I cared about Igboland and wrote about it. Instead of appreciation of what I said, all I got was verbal abuses rained on me for stating the obvious truth starring Igbos in the face. Let me briefly repeat some of what I said then here.

      Igbos have an individualistic attitude to living and call themselves Republicans. Each of them feels motivated to work hard and make it on his own. Beyond the immediate nuclear family, folks do not help each other. If you are an Igbo, you are on your own. It is either you swim, or you drown, and no one really cares. Oh, they care if you are successful for you offer them opportunity to brag about you as a successful person and thus using you in extolling Igbos alleged specialness.

     In Igbo land your parents pay for your elementary school fees, secondary school fees and university schooling fees. At no stage in your education process does society feel obligated to help pay your school feels.

      In the USA society pays for the schooling of all children through high school and in Europe through University and vocational colleges.

      By paying for children’s education the children feel that their society cares for them and did them good and feel obligated to serve it.

      By not paying for the education of its people, what exactly would make an Igbo to feel obligated to serve Alaigbo? Nothing. Beyond emotional identification with Igbo people, the typical Igbo knows that he is on his own and when push comes to shove, he is looking to being poor and starve to death and no one cares.

     His society does not provide the Igbo with any kind of health care services. If he is sick, he pays for his medical treatment and if he does not have money, he suffers and dies.

     In Nigeria, adults do not bother with trying to establish work opportunities for their people. Thus, it has happened that over 75% of young Nigerians, and for our present purposes, Igbos under age 30 is unemployed; these people are doing nothing with their lives.

    The devil offers employment to idle hands. Thus, many unemployed Nigerian youth take to Yahoo scamming folks overseas (419 frauds).

      And when they steal money from foreigners, they live large and their society that only applauds successful people applaud them and not ask how they got that money.

     Well, not everyone has computer and internet skills to steal from Europeans and Americans. Many of those who cannot use computers to defraud people, kidnap their fellow Nigerians, and hold them hostage and demand ransom money to be paid to them. When paid, they may or may not release their victims, but just kill and or roast and eat them.

     An example is the video on Nigerian Television that someone posted to Facebook. There were over twenty kidnappers in this kidnappers’ den stormed by the men of the Nigerian security services. They had kidnapped hundreds of people and killed many of them and ate some of them.

      Here is the deal unless society cares for its children they grow up feeling all alone and will not have emotional attachment to the people. Thus, Igbos’ self-centeredness, evil called republicanism, is biting them and will bite them more if they do not change their approach to living.

      I predicted fifteen years ago that eventually Alaigbo would devolve into something like Somalia and South Sudan, into total anarchy and chaos and bands of criminals’ roam around kidnapping and killing people at will and not feeling guilty and remorseful from their anti-social behaviors. Why should they care for you, did you care for them when they were children?

       If society does not care for young people, why should they care for society? Stealing from people and or killing them does not arouse any emotion of wrongdoing in them.

    Many uninformed Igbos talk rubbish about the success of American capitalism. They are not observant folks. What is America but a land where a few have all the money and hire police officers and soldiers to protect them, and build jails and prisons in most neighborhoods, to put away those who challenge their looting the economy, and the rest of the people are poor or are homeless.

     It does not take rocket science to realize that unless the USA does what Europe did, institute a mixed capitalist and socialist economy and pay for all people’s education through university and vocational schools and health care that it is going to break down into anarchy. January 6, 2020 is emblematic of what is going to happen in the USA in a few years; the rule of law will breakdown and criminal gangs with guns will be marauding everywhere.

     I asked Igbos to change their self-centered lifestyle and accept cooperativeness; they must use their tax dollars to pay for all children’s school fees through, at least, secondary schools, and better, through universities and vocational colleges; they must pay for all people’s health care.

       If you do those two things most people would feel that their society care for them and feel obligated to serving it in one form or another. If you do not care for other persons’ welfare, please do not call yourself a Christian, for you are not.

      Do not care for the people and the people will not care for you and will kill you (your so-called Republicanism will not protect you when the kidnappers come for your uncaring life).

     Jesus Christ asked Christians, as shown in the Parable of the Good Samaritan, to love and care for one another.

     I had aimed at writing one or two paragraphs but have been carried away and must stop. I have made all these points I made here at several places in the past and do not need to repeat me.

      Let me reiterate unless Igbos, Nigerians and Africans change from self-centeredness to social centeredness that they are going to have a breakdown of their societies and would see criminals take over their towns and villages as they took over the town in the video that we just watched at Facebook.

     Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ozodi Osuji

December 24, 2021

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