Africans give each other negative attention


Ozodi Osuji

    Please do this, join Nigerian Internet groups and watch what the folks there do to each other. Each of them seeks ways to desecrate others in the most vicious manner. They put each other down and never, repeat, never say positive things about each other.

    I noticed this phenomenon and wondered why? Why cannot these folks give each other positive reinforcement, why must they always put each other down?

     Considering that all over the world, black folks are seen as primitive it would seem that the most logical thing to do by Africans is for them to seek ways to uplift their damaged self-esteems. But, instead, they damage their already shattered self-esteems more by calling each other derogatory names!

    I believe that the reason why Africans do this idiot name calling is because of slavery. Since slavery times, which is to say, at least, since one thousand years (they used to sell their people to Arabs before they began selling them to Europeans) they had seen their people as rubbish and have no regard and respect for them.

    Africans do not respect each other; if they respected each other would they go hunt and capture them and sell them to Arabs and white folks? They had to see each other as garbage to do to each other what for a thousand years they did to each other, sell each other to foreigners.

    In contemporary African politics, the leaders certainly do not serve their people; they construe public offices as from which they steal from the people and could care less for the people’s welfare.

     Africans do not care for each other and do not respect each other and that is why they viciously attack each other’s self-esteem and self-confidence and destroy them.

     With low self-esteem Africans are the most unproductive people on planet earth. If in doubt, may I ask you is there anything in the contemporary world, that Africans contributed to the world, of course none.

     I learned that if you want to have positive self-esteem you must avoid socializing with Africans in person or in social media. I keep them at arm’s length. They can give you post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD in one week of interacting with them. They are a plague to themselves and must be avoided as much as is possible.

      From afar I do my best to teach them self-respect and how to improve their damaged self-esteems. Hopefully, a few of them would develop positive self esteems and thereafter do well at school and work; at the moment, they find easy tasks difficult to do; what they excel at is in insulting each other.

Ozodi Osuji

October 28, 2021

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