Africans experience what they want to experience


Ozodi Osuji

This is a sequel to my yesterday’s essay in which I talked about spirituality positing that we choose our lives and experiences and science saying that we are determined by our world hence are victims; in this piece I write as if spirituality is true; make of it what you like; thinking is allowed.

     My father and his cohorts were the first of my ancestors to go to western type schooling; thereafter, they spread into the British contraption called Nigeria and did whatever type of jobs they could to survive. Their world consisted of being second class to their British overlords.

      Looking back at their lives, it would seem not admirable, and one is momentarily compelled to have pity for them. This may be justified if you adopt an accidental approach to living and see them as victims of European oppression.

     However, if you adopt the notion that people experience only what they want to experience then my father and his generation experienced exactly the world they wanted to experience; they did so to learn whatever lessons they wanted to learn and move onto other lessons until they learn that this world is a dream and they do what they have to do to wake up from the dream and resume the awareness that even while they dreamed separation they were always inside God because they are eternally parts of God and his unified heaven.

      By the same token, you are experiencing whatever it is you are experiencing now by your choice; if you are oppressed by other people that is what you want to experience, perhaps, to fight for your freedom and in doing so overcome your fear of the oppressor or give in to oppression and live in fear all your life.

      To live in fear is to live a wasted life because fear prevents one from living as one wants to live.

    African Americans experienced unimaginable humiliation and degradation and despite it learned to have positive self-acceptance (except the few who rejected themselves and try to be like white folks, the neurotic and deluded ones). Their challenge was to place themselves where their humanity was denied; they wanted to see if they would still love and respect themselves and forgive their oppressors. Those of them that accomplish that magnificent task of self-love and acceptance and forgiveness of oppressors are on their way to awakening from the dream of self-forgetfulness and pretending to be the replacement selves we made to substitute for the selves that God created us as.

     Whatever you do now, did yesterday and will do tomorrow is what you choose to do; deal with that reality and stop seeing you as a victim of other people’s oppression.

     I often look at African American musicians, clearly, they are the best in the extant world, and wonder whether they could have been so if they had not lived in an oppressive society? Can you imagine another country producing Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong, Marvin Gay, Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Temptations, the queen of soul, Aretha Franklyn, Michael Jackson and the numerous other African American musicians that blessed the world with their incomparable musical arts?

     I am compelled to say that they chose their pained lives in an abusive society to become the magnificent human beings that they were and are.

     I was trained to be an academic but upon seeing the racism of American professors developed total contempt for them and did not want to be like them; to me, they are the cowardly detritus of humanity. Could I have reached that conclusion that liberated me from trying to be like those I hate if I had not lived among them? In academia, you have people who talk about democracy while preventing African Americans from participating in their sham democracy?

     I chose to live among these people to learn how not to be like them, how to become a true human being, a person who loves his real self and loves all people’s real selves and in the extant world work to correct our mistakes and not overlook our bad behaviors with phony forgiveness.

     I am not a victim of discrimination; I chose to be discriminated against to learn that the discriminator is a sick and underdeveloped human being, a person who is not yet a fully human being, a person who maintains his useless life with alcohol, drugs, and addiction to all kinds of sexual aberrations.

     I do not blame anyone else for my existential status, rich or poor, because I believe that I chose whatever situation I found myself in, now, and will find myself in the future; I did so with the goal of learning that I am not my ego special, separated self; I want to overcome the  delusion disorder that I and other human beings could be what God did not create us as.

    Now, I know that I am not my ego self in body; therefore, I do not unduly defend my ego and body when other egos attack them; instead, I work to make our existence in ego state, space, and time pleasant for all of us.

    While not seeing me as ego and body, I do not tolerate other people attacking my ego and body, even though I know that the ego and body is not my real self. My real self is part of our one shared unified spirit self, aka God.

   On earth we do not have to tolerate abusers and oppressors; we must work to teach them not to oppress and abuse other people; true forgiveness entails correcting the forgiven behavior, not overlooking it or tolerating it out of fear that if opposed the other person would not like one.

    One must not give a hoot about what other people think of one or do to one but must only do what one believes is the right thing.

    God is spirit and created us as parts of his one unified spirit self; God is love; therefore, his sons are loving; God is the union of all selves as one shared self with one shared mind; therefore, I am unified with all selves.

   Despite my apparent sense of separation from God, in truth, I am always in eternal union with God and all his creations; in that union I experience peace, happiness, and eternity.


      Our real self, the son of God, who is one with God, is beyond concepts and images; however, when it decides to separate from God, from the whole self, in pursuit of self-creation, and manifests in body it develops a self-concept, a new self, a  self-image, a self now  bounded in its body that experiences pain, diseases and weakness and dies; that replacement self-constructs a self-concept and self-image that says that it is the limited ego in body and fears harm and death and defends itself from harm and death. It is not real; it is false and therefore must defend itself to seem real.

     We fear not defending the self-concept and its image in body because we now think that it is who we are; we have forgotten our real self, the whole self, the son of God.

     When we do not defend the self-concept and its body, instead of acquiring diseases, pain, and death, what happens is that the body heals itself and becomes healthy and can be made by mind to disappear from existence. It is a false, dream figure; dream figures can disappear; one’s body can disappear, and one can see one’s self in another body, of a different size or race, if that is what one desires; one also can see one’s self in a light form and, eventually, regain the awareness of the formless self, the self not in body.

      Body does not die, it just changes form, from forms in matter to forms in energy, light forms; we have no forms in God.

     Unified Spirit Self, God and the son of God, is beyond ego conceptualization; this is because it is the whole self; the whole cannot be conceptualized by the partial self, the ego separated self; only the part, the separated self in body, ego, can be conceptualized; what is conceptualized and perceived is not real; God and his sons are not in the perceptual and conceptual universe hence are real.


    To understand the spirituality that informed what I wrote above, study Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christian Gnosticism (including A course in miracles) and Zen. My mission during this lifetime is to unify all religions and render them in simple scientific prose that every human being can understand; the world needs a universal spirituality, don’t you think so?

Ozodi Osuji

September 18, 2022

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