Africans do not like to talk about their sins


Ozodi Osuji

     I told Africans that they are the cause of their African problems. They are the ones who captured and sold their people to Arabs and Europeans and blame their sinful behavior on white folks and want to give them their sin, make them feel guilty and out of guilt give them money, money that they would quickly steal.

      They cannot give away their sins, as egos do; they use the ego defense mechanism of displacement to displace what is in them to other persons; the more that they do so the more that they keep their sin, continue selling their people and stealing from their people.

    Africans must acknowledge their sin of selling their people and promise to sin no more, to no longer sell their people or steal from them.

      If all they want to do is sell their people and steal from them, they cannot govern Africa right. I hit the nail on the head. I am not in cahoots with them; I do not collude with them in their lying behaviors.

     Given the devastating truth I told them, truth that they do not want to hear and address, they all keep quiet hoping that I go away, that truth go away.

     The more deluded ones would attack me thinking that attacking me, even destroying my ego and body, would make the truth I speak go away.

      Truth does not go away; just because African criminals call one put down names does not obfuscate the truth.

     Let me reiterate: Africans cannot govern themselves well until they learn to love their fellow Africans but if they are criminals knowing only how to steal from their people, they cannot govern themselves well and need other people to govern them.

Ozodi Osuji

November 20, 2021


Ozodi Osuji

     Igbos tend to claim to be the best at doing whatever human beings do. They see themselves as better than all other people. Just look at Facebook and you see them saying that their people are best at whatever is being talked about.

     This claim to be the number 1 in everything implicitly relegates non-Igbos to second or third place status. This naturally makes non-Igbos irritated and angry at Igbos.

     When folks feel angry because they perceive you to have insulted them, they feel a powerful urge to get back at you by either putting you down or attacking you.

      Many Nigerian groups put obstacles on the path of Igbos because of this Igbos desire to seem to be “numero uno” in everything.

     Igbos are very industrious and tend to do well at many things, but the fact is that they are not the best in everything that human beings do.

      Let us for the sake of argument assume that they are the best at doing everything, humility would still ask them not to brag about it.

     People hate those who boast too much; they are seen as immature people and not trusted with leadership positions (do you want a proud and boastful person like Donald Trump to be your leader?).

      In many writings I pointed out that this tendency to boast about their excellence is rooted in their sense of inferiority and inadequacy; they feel backward vis a vis those Nigerian ethnic groups that had recognized advanced societies, such as Hausas, Edos and Yorubas.

      Anthropologists call Igbos stateless people; that is, they are seen as the least advanced of Nigerian major groups; they did not have the power and sagacity to develop Igbo wide government and remained village bound; because of their lack of experience in large polities they tend to be politically naive.

       Listen, I do not have to rehash what I have dealt with long ago. What I need to point out here is that Igbos claim to be number one in everything annoys other people and that they should tamp it down for while they are not bad, they are not number one in everything.

     Where are Igbo Elon Musk (electric car), Jeff Bezos (electronic marketing) and Bill Gates (computer software) and Steve Job (computers).

      The world knows who is number one in anything, not those claim to be so but those who are demonstrably so!

Ozodi Osuji

November 20, 2021

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