Africans deny their past evil and repeat it in the present


Ozodi Osuji

     Africans used to run around kidnapping and selling their people to Arabs and white men. Instead of accepting that their ancestors made a mistake, contemporary Africans say that white folks made them sell their people.

     In effect, they give away their sin to other people so that they may retain their ego sense of innocence and perfection; the ego is always wrong because it gives away its sin to other people.

     Africans must accept that Africans sold their people and that it was evil to do so and then decide not to do it, again.

     If Africans deny that evil in their past, they will keep doing it in the present, such as see government as a place they go to steal from and not to care for their people.

    Of course, their evil behaviors and their evil world is their dream world and does not exist or exists only in a dream. What is done in a dream has not been done. Thus, Africans’ real selves have not done the evil that African dream selves, egos do in the dream hence they remain as God created them: holy, innocent, sinless, guiltless, and perfect.

     One must see them as the sons of God, as Christ and love them; that is, one must love their real selves.

     However, in their dream, life on earth, until they accept their past and present mistakes and change their minds, from hate to love, change their behaviors, dream or not, they will take the consequences of their sinful behaviors: poverty, kidnapping their people for money ransom, and other criminal behaviors and the chaotic and anarchic world they live in.

      Sin (separation from God and his sons) must be acknowledged; one must resolve to sin no more. Jesus told the adulterous woman that her past sin is forgiven for her but for her to go home and sin no more; that is, for her to stop separating from God and people, and return to awareness of her eternal union with God and people, to become a loving person.

     The world is a dream all right and what is done in it has not altered eternal reality, has not changed the sons of God from unified spirits to separated selves; nevertheless, what people do in the dream have temporary effects on them.

    If you go about screwing people and say that you are doing so in a dream and have done nothing wrong, well, you have done something wrong in the dream and folks will do to you as you did to them; you will receive the consequences of your evil behavior; the wage of sin is death, you will age, sicken and die.

     On the other hand, if you engage in the only appropriate behavior for the sons of love, sons of God, love you and all people you will live peacefully and happily and if you choose may not die but use your mind to transform your body, which is composed of the various elements, particles of the atom and light, to light and disappear from this world of dense matter.

     Only love for you and for all people is justified behavior. Love means returning to the awareness of our eternal joined state; hate is attempted separation from the person you hate hence is sinful, albeit dream sin (with temporary effects).

Ozodi Osuji

October 11, 2022

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