African leaders need force to unite Africa


Ozodi Osuji

     Many Africans wish for a united Africa; some call it United States of Africa (USA); I choose to call it Africa Federation of Nations (AFN).

       What this means is uniting all present fifty-four countries in Africa into one country (minus the Arab North African countries).

     However, instead of organizing the emergent country as fifty-four united countries, each tribe, aka ethnic group is used to be a federating constituent part.

       If you look at the ethnic groups of Africa, less than three hundred of them have more than a million persons each; the rest are a few thousand persons each.

      What we can do is make each of the larger tribes a state and then combine the smaller tribes into states; this would amount to additional two hundred states.

     Thus, the United States of Africa, aka African Federation of Nations would have about five hundred states.

     The central, state and county and town/city governments would be organized like the United States of America. That is, there would be a central federal government, a state government and a county government and town/city government. One central government, five hundred tribe-based states and thousands of counties and towns.

     Power would be allocated as in the USA; that is, with the central government conducting foreign affairs and defense of the unified states and states conducting the type of function that American states conduct and counties conducting local government and town/cities conducting city governments.

      As in the USA there would be a national legislature, preferably unicameral, one house of assembly (Federation Assembly), elected every five years, each legislator representing equal number of people (say, a million persons). And a president elected every five years. Both legislators and president are to have six terms limit, that is, no more than thirty years in office.

     Thus, there would be a unicameral legislature and a president. The president acting like the US president, elected every five years with executive powers, mostly power to enforce legislation made by the legislators.

     And a federal judiciary headed by a Supreme Court; the supreme court composed of thirteen justices, one of whom is the chief justice of the federation, elected from thirteen appellate judicial areas that Africa would be divided into (with hundreds of district courts). There would be a supreme court, courts of appeals and district courts. The federal justices serve a maximum of thirty years and retire.

      The structure of governance at the center is replicated at the state, county and town levels. That is, there would be a state legislature, a state governor, a state judiciary; a county legislature, a county supervisor and a county court; a town legislature, a town mayor and a town magistrate court.

      All elected officials at state, county and town levels, as at the central level serve five years. There will be term limits, six terms or thirty years is the maximum a person can serve at any center of government, federal, state, county and town.

       Government officials will be paid no more than teachers are paid; that is, legislators will be paid what local teachers are paid, the president or governor will be paid what principals of secondary schools are paid; judges will be paid what top civil servants, say, permanent secretaries in the ministries, are paid.


     Ideally, African leaders from the current fifty-four countries in Africa would come together and voluntarily give up their present fifty-four countries and restructure Africa into the proposed Africa Federation of Nations, composed of a central government, five hundred states and thousands of counties and towns.

     However, given the nature of politics and human desire for power, those already in power in the various African countries would not easily relinquish their powers and agree to the new structure envisioned in this paper.

      This leaves us with only one realistic option, to accomplish the goal through military force. A strong leader in, say, Nigeria or Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa or any other large and potentially powerful country can build a sufficiently large military and use it to accomplish the envisaged new African political structure.

      If a military strong man, say, a general, no older than age fifty, emerges in Nigeria and conscripts twenty million Nigerians into a new African Military (Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, Coast Guards etc.) he could go on a war path and in ten or more years of continuous and relentless fighting conquer all black Africa and bring about the new Africa Federation of Nations.

      To accomplish this heroic task a large military under a universal type of leader, in the mode of Napoleon Bonaparte, even Adolf Hitler, is needed. Such a leader obviously is going to experience loads of opposition from vested interests, foreign and domestic.

     The West will do everything in its power to keep Africa from uniting, knowing that a fragmented Africa is a weak Africa.

     Domestic powerful persons in Africa would resent losing their power niches and fight to preserve their tuffs.

    The proposed strong leaders, therefore, must not chicken out from the task of destroying opposing forces and persons.

     It would take the death of several million Africans to accomplish the envisioned goal of having a United Africa; the death of many is a reasonable price to be paid for the goal we all wish, a strong, united Africa.

       You do not make omelets without breaking eggs; a universal leader does not get discouraged from his goal by the death and dying of people; the goal, Africa Federation, justifies the means.

      See Nicolo Machiavelli, The Prince; Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan; John Locke, Second Treaty on Government; Charles Montesquieu, The Spirit of Laws; and the sentimental Jean Jacques Rousseau, Social Contract.


     If you have lived long enough, past age fifty-five, you have noticed that men are martial in spirit; they become fully alive at wars. Give men a just war to fight and die for, and they feel that their lives are meaningful. People find meaning at wars.

     A war to unify Africa would give Africans meaning for living.

     Right now, most African young men are really living meaningless lives; they are living like animals, admiring themselves with the selfies, smart phones that the white man has given to them.

      People should not live such idle existence; give them something heroic to do with their lives, fighting and dying for one united Africa would give all Africans, age 18-48, the military ages, something useful to do with their lives; they would live heroic lives, die for Africa.

     The resultant generation of Africans would be folks who have warrior spirits, who admire military uniform and like military organization where fearless leaders emerge to rule the men. Human beings are at their finest when they are trained into military formations and used to accomplish heroic goals. It is simply beautiful to watch men march to their death in pursuit of heroic goals, such as the fight to unify and empower the much-degraded Africa.

     African heroes would be minted; heroes that would be written about in future African history books, not the present crop of corrupt politicians that currently misgovern Africa.

     Ten or more years of continuous fighting would unify Africa and restructure it into the polity pictured about.

     Thereafter, all young Africans, upon graduating from university and vocational technical colleges (age twenty-two) are conscripted into the military, trained and serve five years.

     This time instead of fighting wars to unite Africa they would be used to construct roads and other infrastructure across Africa; there will be freeways from Cape town to Cairo, from Dar ES Salam to Dakar; freeways crisscrossing from north to south and from East to West. Freeways would be no more than one hundred miles apart from each other. This way all of Africa is connected by motor ways, and by railways, airports, seaports and other infrastructure.

     Thirty years of relentless construction of infrastructure across Africa would help to develop Africa.

      The economic organization of the emergent Africa would combine the good in capitalism and socialism.

      The state pays for all public education through universities and technical colleges; the state provides all people with publicly paid health insurance and provides a few other services but otherwise allow free enterprise to do its job of efficiently allocating goods and services to where they are more productively used.

     Let there by billionaires but charge them, say, one third of their annual incomes as taxes, and use the revenue to provide public services.

    All citizens must pay progressive taxes, with 33% been the highest tax a person or business should pay annually.

     Of course, the other forms of taxes are also levied, such as corporate taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, value added taxes and so on.

     The political leaders of the world, as currently constituted, are recruited from anti-social personality types.

       The emperors, kings, dukes, earls, marquis, barons of the past were leaders of criminal gangs who used force to take over their kingdoms and imposed their leadership on the people.

     The religions of the past and present world are headed by criminal types, too. One should not be sentimental about rulers, secular and sacerdotal; they tend to be sociopaths and psychopaths.

     Let us use these criminals to kill and subjugate all Africa into a United Africa.

     One does not have illusions regarding politicians and church leaders (see, the priests of the Catholic Church specialize in raping boy children while talking nonsense about their God; Islam’s Mulla’s encourage young folks to go immolate themselves in suicidal bombings while they and their family stay alive).

      We do not need to be sentimental about the rulers of this world, they are extreme egotists; let us use these self-admiring and special feeling narcissists to do prosocial work.

     As for good people, let them go into the professions where pure intellect and social service actuate people, such as in medicine, engineering, science, teaching and so on.

      Most people are followers; a nation with a few political leaders is doing well. A nation seldom produces the type of universal leaders that are needed to unify Africa.

     If ten African strong men emerge and use brutal force to unify and develop Africa, as Paul Kagame is doing in little Rwanda, that would be appreciated.

     We are asking for supermen not the ordinary men of politics, the thieves that govern most African states.

      Yes, on earth people are different; there are universal spirits with the power to transform people in politics just as there are universal spirits that transform people spiritually (as I am doing through my spiritual science…I have no illusions, no one else in the world can do what I am doing).

     There are extraordinary technological talents, such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and outstanding business leaders such as the billionaires and millionaires that litter the business landscape.

     In the world of science there are even fewer geniuses. How many Newton, Thomas Young, John Dalton, James Watt, Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, James Clark Maxwell, J. J. Thompson, Henri Becquerel, Pierre and Maria Curie, Einstein, Rutherford, Heisenberg, Bohr, Schrodinger, Dirac, Pauli, Meitner, Alexander Flaming, James Watson, Francis Crick, has the world produced?

       In eternity, heaven we are all the same and coequal. The earth is not heaven, the earth is the opposite of heaven. The earth is a place we came to seem different from each other. On earth we are born with different talents.

     The Jesus story of talents, that a rich man, God, was going on a journey and gave his servants different talents, some more, some less tells us about the nature of human life on earth. Some are born with more abilities than others.

       What matters is to accept one’s specific skills set and use it to serve public good. Serve social interests with whatever talent that nature gave to you, and you are doing fine; not all people have your talents, nor do you have the talents that other people have; such is life, cest la vie.


      Africa is the most misgoverned continent on planet earth. African leaders are mostly thieves who are in government to loot the people’s national wealth but are not in it to serve their people or develop them.

      In the world of economics Africans are not seen as relevant players and are not invited to the table; the rest of the world see Africans as corrupt and unable to govern themselves well.

     Give Africans the opportunity to lead their people and they, overnight, become thieves. Therefore, one no longer takes Africans seriously; their facile talk of how they are going to improve Africa is just talk; they do not walk their talk.

     At the rate Africans are going, they would never be able to govern Africa and transform Africa to a modern, developed state.

     As Professor Patrick Lumumba said, if in twenty-five years Africans have not begun governing themselves right other people would embark on another scramble to go take over Africa and govern it right and relegate Africans to be their slaves in Africa!

      Therefore, what Africa now needs are strong men, benevolent dictator type, men like Napoleon Bonaparte, Otto Von Bismarck, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung to use iron fist to corral Africans and use them to develop the continent.

     In this paper I visualized what a political structure of a modern Africa would look like. After establishing that political structure and institutions, the emergent powerful leaders of Africa should pass draconian laws that states that if you steal a penny you are tried and sentenced to a prison term of twenty five years; you are sent to the deserts of Sahara and Kalahari and your labor is used to plant trees and irrigate those arid parts of Africa; there is no use keeping criminals alive, feeding them with the food decent men produced; instead, they must be worked, kind of like the Tzars of imperial Russia and Joseph Stalin of  the USSR did to oppositional Russians; those who commit murder are subjected to capital punishment, death.

    I deliberately chose to keep this paper to no more than five pages; I did so for, in my experience, reading is not yet the cup of tea of most Africans; if a paper is too long Africans are discouraged from reading it, they bypass it and will not even try to read it.

     I hope that many Africans would look at this brief paper and use its thesis to start thinking about how to govern Africa well.

     Africans must grow up and stop blaming white folks for the fallen house status of Africa; they must roll up their sleeves and work twenty-four-seven to develop Africa.

      If true leaders emerge in Africa, men and women who set goals and mobilize resources, men and material, to achieve those goals, they can modernize Africa in thirty years.

      Africa must be dragged out of what Donald Trump called its present shithole status; this must be done, by all means necessary.

Ozodi Osuji

October 23, 2021

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