A question on Deutsch’s multiverse

Deutsch, David (1997). The Fabric of Reality. New York: Penguin. 390 pages

     Professor David Deutsch’s (he teaches theoretical physics at Oxford University) review of the nature of light, reflection, refraction, umbra, penumbra etc. is basic. Light energy turns into particles of atoms (quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons) and those combined to form atoms, and atoms differentiated to 118 elements, and elements combined to molecules, and all those constitute matter. Light, beginning with the Big Bang that occurred 13.8 billion years ago, became matter; matter can be retransformed back to light energy. Quantum superposition, a photon being in two places at the same time, and the spooky, nonlocal instantaneous behavior of separated but entangled particles are settled science of light.

     Dr Deutsch posited a heuristic hypothesis that every photon of visible light (he called it tangible photon) is accompanied by trillions of what he called “shadow photons,” invisible to our eyes; in effect, there are shadow, invisible photons, atoms, and matter.

    From this interesting speculative view, he went on to postulate that there are trillions, infinite universes, aka parallel universes, along the line of Hugh Everett’s 1957 doctoral thesis at Princeton University, many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

     As Deutsch sees it, each of us has copies of him in each of the multiverse he believes exists. The me in another universe is doing what I am doing here on earth; for example, right now I am sitting in front of my computer typing this material, other copies of me are in shadow, invisible universes typing this material on their computers, may be doing it in the exact manner that I am doing it (in this tangible universe), or doing it a bit differently or doing something completely different. 

      Whereas it is possible for every photon to have a shadow photon, how Deutsch extrapolated from that possibility to conclude that there is multiverse based on photons, atoms, matter having invisible counterparts confounds me?

    He used studies on photons interference when they go through double slits to make his argument. I am unable to understand what he is talking about, for they do not make sense to me.

     If you understand his convoluted reasoning, could you please explain it to me in simple language? You can write the answer on this medium or send it to my email address.

Thank you.

 Ozodi Osuji

 July 2, 2022


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