A course in miracles transcends psychology


Ozodi Osuji

     A course in miracles takes regular psychological concepts and gives them different meanings. Regular psychology is ego based and are attempts to enable people to live well in the ego’s world but A course in miracles wants them to entirely throw out the ego and the egos world. To it, the ego is the problem and does not need to be improved but transcended.

      A course in miracles uses familiar psychological terms and goes beyond them.



      In delusion disorder, regular psychology sees a person who believes what people in his world do not believe as real and there is no effort to correct him that would make him change. For example, a person may believe that he is God and those around him see him as an ordinary person because he does not have the powers that God has.

      A course in miracles, on the other hand, sees delusion as being on earth in the first place; the entirety of life on earth, in body, space and time is delusional, is unreal.

      It sees people talking and seeing things as hallucination because they are seeing people and things that are not there and hearing voices that no one speaks; we are not in body; we are hallucinating if we see people and hear them talk or see the physical universe in the first place.


      Ego psychology accepts that people seldom see things as they are, that they misperceive people and things; it says that we color what we see with our myopic lenses, or, as Saint Paul said, we see with glass darkly; ego psychology proposes to enable people to see clearly.

      On the other hand, A course in miracles sees all perception as projection, it says that the entire universe and people that we see is in our mind and we projected them out. You are not apart from my mind; I project you out and you project me out; what we see in the world is projected out by our minds; we do not just misperceive things but project out what we perceive hence its famous term, perception is projection.

    Ordinary psychology would say that you are out there but that I project to you what is not in you, I see in you what I see in me and do not like it, deny it, and give it to you; in which case I should see you properly.

      A course in miracles says seeing you at all (regardless of the good or bad that I see in you) is projection because you are not there; it proposes for me to see you somewhat better if I see you with the eyes of love and forgiveness, the Holy Spirit; in which case I would see you with my purified mind and see you not in body but in light form. Even that light form of you is not your real self; your real self is not in form, and I am not supposed to see it at all.


      Ordinarily, you see people do terrible things to you and you, out of the goodness of your heart, forgive them. A course in miracles says that you did to you what you see other people do to you because they are figures in your dream, you projected them out; so, overlook what you see them do to you, forgive them to forgive you your dreams of self-attack.


      Ordinary psychology talks about how some people are neurotic and are rigidly defensive and need to become less defensive, be less rigid and become flexible and relaxed.

     A Couse in miracles want us to be defenseless and allow other people to attack and if they desire it, kill us (meaning that we attacked and killed us for other people are us) so that we resurrect to living in spirit not body.


      In our world we say that we are in a world that is external to us; we walk around in space and time. A course in miracles, on the other hand, says that the world is inside our minds.


       Ordinarily, we say that our bodies are sick and trace the sickness to external factors, such as bacteria, virus, fungi and so on; if the world is inside our minds, it follows that our minds cause our sicknesses; A course in miracles says that our sicknesses are caused by our minds.

    Separation from God is the primary cause of our sick minds; we disguise our mentally caused sicknesses by projecting the sickness to the body; bacterial, virus etc. are part of the world that is in our minds so we can presumably use germs that are already in our minds to make our bodies, bodies that are in our minds, sick so that we blame external factors for our sickness, not our minds.

    To know that sickness is in the mind is to heal the mind (return to union with God and all selves, love and forgive all people), but we do not want to return to wholeness, unified state and prefer to be separated selves hence keep sickness in our bodies.


    A course in miracles says that the external world is inside our minds, and we project it out. Therefore, the factors that we normally say caused our personalities, such as biology and social experience are inside our minds; thus, our minds caused our personalities and play a trick of telling us that the external world caused our personalities.


     We look outside us and see that our world is a mess; our ego minds produce political opinions on how to fix the human polity; we express baseless opinions on political matters to make us feel powerful.

     But the political mess reflects the sickness inside us, our separation from God; to heal it, improve society, we must return our minds to union with God and each other via love and forgiveness.

     But our egos believe that the world is outside us and want to fix the outside world and are bound to fail since the problem is inside our minds.

     We cannot fix the political mess we live in by trying to fix it outside our minds; we must fix our minds, return to love and union, to see a corrected world.

     Keep quiet, have no opinions on things, stop seeking false ego-based power and the answers that you are seeking for, in their corrected forms, will be given to you by the Holy Spirit (he has already remade the world in light forms, but we do not see it).


     In our world we believe in accidents; we use accidents to explain what good or bad happens to us and where we are born or are living (our parents, where we live, the jobs we do and our wealth or poverty).

      A course in miracles says that there are no accidents; what happened to us is what had to happen to us because our minds produced them; moreover, the world was over long ago, and we keep it in memory and are now merely retracing and reviewing the wrong steps we took and correcting the mistakes we made in the past world.

     Thus, if you fail in our world you were meant to fail but it is good for you because you are now retracing your actions, understanding why you failed and correcting your steps by learning that only love for all and forgiveness for all is the giver of real success, not ego success.

     Do not blame other people for your failure and  fate, because all people are in your mind, and where people did something awful to you, what you think made you fail, it is your mind that made you fail through seeming other people, it is for you to learn that all people and things are in your mind and that you made you fail by separating from God and people to learn that return to love  through forgiveness is what would change your fate, not blaming other people.


     A course in miracles tells us that the death of the body that we see with our eyes is an illusion. It says that there is no death and that at no time have we lived in bodies. The world and our bodies are in our minds, is a dream; in a dream we see children being given birth to, age, get sick and die, but those people were not born and do not die, it is a mere dream birth, sickness and death; we are not born in bodies, age and die, it is all illusions, along with the illusion of space, time and matter.


      According to A course in miracles, God created us.; we did not create ourselves. In the beginning was God; God created his son as a thought in his mind; his son created his own son as a thought in his now shared mind with God; God gave his son his creative power, so the son creates his own sons. God and his sons’ creations are infinite, and they are all in the one mind of God.

     God’s sons decided to separate from him and from each other; they seem to have done so in their new universe of space, time and matter, a world in which they house themselves in bodies and walk around in space and time. But that is a delusion and hallucination because they are still in God’s mind and in each other’s mind, for ideas do not leave their source.

     The world of separation came into being by our mutual attack on each other and on God. In the world then we expect to attack ourselves and defend against attack.

      I wanted to be attacked and project people into bodies who maltreated me, attacked me and that makes me angry at them; I then fight them, attack them and they counterattack me, and I live in the world of mutual attacks.


5:45 AM

June 16, 2022

      In this dream a black man was asking me why I do not work in the mental health field and I told him that I felt discriminated by white folks in it and opted out; he said that I know too much about the subject and  ought to get back to it and I became angry at the whole mental health field saying that I understand the mental health system in an extraordinary manner and asked how dared any one discriminate against me in it. I was yelling at the entire system, not at the Black man asking me a question, when I woke up at 5:45 AM

     I wondered why the dream occurred at all and realized that last night, before going to sleep, I was typing an essay in which I said that my inability to make up my mind and commit to one field is responsible for my failure. What I thought about before going to sleep was used by my mind to invent this dream.

      I projected out the dream and in it had other people attack me, discriminate against me. This dream is in accord with A course in miracles that say that there is one mind and that I misuse  that God’s one mind, a mind that I did not create but is a part of, use it to miscreate my experience; in this case the experience of been maltreated and feeling angry and justifying anger at other people and they, in turn, justifying defensive anger at me; they and I thus live in an attack and counter attack world.

     A course in miracles did not say that I created other people; it said that God created people; that God created me and his infinite sons and that all of us are in God’s mind, a mind he gave to us to use and I then project dream activities into that one shared mind to experience the attack and maltreatment that I want to feel on earth.


     I personally see this world as rubbish and rejected it. I used my mind and imagination to invent an alternative self and world that seems beautiful to me; this is fantasy self and world; I then pursue realizing that fantasy self and world; my ego fantasy ideals cannot be realized in the separated world, so I did not realize my ego ideal self and ideal world and despaired and failed.

     The pursuit of imaginary ideals not rooted in the reality of the egos world of space, time and matter took up so much space in my mind that I am unable to do what the ego’s real world asks of me to do to survive in it hence I failed in the world (and that failure is good for me for it led me to redirect to God and what is successful in it, love).

    If you want to succeed in this world you have to pursue it and do what it asks you to do but I did not do what the egos world asked me to do for it does not make sense to me.

     Since the world and what it asks me to do does not make sense to me but makes sense to other people then I must leave other people alone to do what makes sense to them; I call them happy animals.

     I should keep quiet while seeing happy animals, which include physical scientists, do what they do in the world and not judge them with my idealistic goals that do not work in this world.

    Regarding spiritual goals, since I have not experienced unified spirit, I must also keep quiet on that subject. I must keep quiet and let my higher self-tell me what the truth is; certainly, it is not the fantasy that the ego gave me.


      You can stand on your head and talk A course in miracles to normal human beings who are trying to adapt to their world and who find meaning in their world and they would not listen to you because what the book is teaching transcends the world, transcends psychology. It is not teaching reasonable adaptation to the world, as regular psychology teaches, but is teaching its own version of psychology that it calls the Holy Spirit’s psychology or Christ’s psychology or spiritual psychology but not psychology as we understand it on earth.

      It may well be teaching the truth; if it is teaching the truth are there people who live what it asks them to live and testify to its truth, people who are defenseless, forgiving and have perception that is not projection and or have experienced the non-perceptual world of God? I have not seen any person who has transcended our universe of space, time and matter and is no longer living in body and needing defense of his body with food, medications, clothes, shelter, or defense of his ego when it is attacked by other egos.

     Skeptics can easily dismiss A course in miracles as the rambling of a mad person, and see Helen Schucman, its author, as a woman suffering from dissociative disorder, who had multiple personality disorder and identified with an alter ego personality that she called Jesus or the Holy Spirit and from there wrote an unrealistic psychology.

       Yet what the book says seems true for it is like what the Jesus of the Bible said, Jesus of the bible forgave those who crucified him (his physical death enabled him to transit to the world of light forms and to the formless world of God)


      The Cletus dream that I had a few days ago  tells me that people may live in several personalities in this world; Cletus may have died in his Owerri place and lives in a different personality elsewhere in the world, one in Los Angeles (alternatively, he is in my mind and I projected him out at Owerri and in Los Angeles, California, I do not know the answer…Jane Robert’s Seth Speaks says that the individual lives at different places in this world and in other worlds at the same time).


      Scientists take the human body and ego as real; they take the world of space, time, and matter as real; they see ego, body, space, time, and matter as all there is in existence and study them. They are happy in their skins; they are admirably adapted to this world and have no need for other worldly ideas and dismiss religion and spirituality as utter nonsense.

      They may be correct in seeing religion and spirituality as nonsense but accepting this world as good shows that they are evolutionally mere animals because there are people like me who see this world as nonsense and even though we understand science we believe that if all there is to life is body that folks ought to not live. Existence is a waste of time if all we are, are bodies that live and die.

     (It is fun to live in youth, maybe even live to be up to a hundred, but old age that makes one tolerate weakness and beg to live seems absurd; people ought to die rather than live like weak old people.)


      What A course in miracles is teaching is not empirical; it cannot be demonstrated as true with the standard scientific methodology of observation, verification, experimentation, and falsifiability; therefore, scientists will apriori reject it. It requires one to believe in it and try to make it work from belief.

      The question then is: are there people who believed it and it worked for them? Has any person seen his body and ego disappear, and he no longer needs defense of his body with food, clothes, medications, shelter, and he is living in formless spirit? I have not seen such a person. Therefore, I am skeptical of the book’s hypothesis but would like it to be true.


       What A course in miracles teaches is not congruent with what science teaches, nor is it congruent with our common sense. It is asking its readers to overlook the evidence of their eyes, to overlook the world (it defines forgiveness as overlooking what people did because it was done in a dream and a dream is not reality).

     The book says that our universe is a dream, a dream has not occurred, so, we should ignore it, overlook it, forgive it.

      The dream is a meaningless dream of self-attack; we attacked our unified spirit self to see a split mind and a separated world. In that world all we see is self-attack, self-attack disguised in the form of other people attacking us and we are defending ourselves, defending dream figures to maintain the false ego self and its dream world.

     It asks us to not defend the dream figures, egos and their bodies and that without defense egos and bodies would disappear; instead of us dying we would see delightful new us in light forms, in light figures made by the Holy Spirit to replace the us that we made with dense matter.

       Those new us are in a new world of light forms; our light bodies and light world are also illusions, are insane but happy insanity.

      Sanity lies in formless self. That formless self and its abode, heaven, we cannot explain in words because they transcend words and speech (language is adaptation to a separated world, a unified world does not need speech).

      A course in miracles is like the Big Bang explanation that traces the origin of the universe to a point of light that came out of nowhere and exploded 13.8 billion years ago. If you ask where did that point of light come from you are told that your question is meaningless because the explosion produced space and time and there was no space and time before the bang, so, the universe originated during the big bang.

     The universe produced by the big bang does not make sense for all it says is that we are made of elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc. that will in time decay and return to radiation, and, as such, we are nothing.

       Cosmologists, without intending it, have reduced existence to nothingness and ask folks not to ask whether this is a useful way to live and, worse, tell them, like mad dictators do, not to ask certain annoying questions, such as where did the universe come from?

      Aristotle’s unmoved mover, uncaused cause, begins to make more sense than infantile contemporary cosmology.

      A course in miracles did not explain the universe to me and neither did contemporary cosmology do so; therefore, I am back to not knowing, to agnosticism.

      If you want to believe in something for certain then you must do what religionists do, believe, or do what childish scientists do, also believe, this time, in nothingness (that belief is making most scientists mad, to overeat and become addicted to all kinds of drugs and weird sex).

     Whereas I am not convinced that A course in miracles has answered my existential questions, it seems useful, because, unbelievably, it summarizes what I learned from Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen and other religions.

      Helen Schucman made a magnificent effort to give modern persons a new religion, but her metaphors galore end up where religions usually end up, asking folks to believe in the unknown that no one has proved to be true.

     If I, one of these days, experience Holy Instant, unified spirit self, and know for sure that God and eternity exist, I will accept the book as explicating the truth, but until then it is a useful read.

Ozodi Osuji

June 16, 2022

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