A course in miracles teaches that…


Ozodi Osuji

Right now, you are in the unified state with God and all his creations. It is impossible for you to separate from God, for that would mean that you are more powerful than God.

You wished to create you and create God and believed that separating from God would enable you to do so; you cannot really separate from God but you seem to have gone to sleep and dream that you are separated from God and his creations; that wish produced our universe of space, time and matter and placed you in a human body in it.

You should not have made the wish you made but you made it; to seem separated from God and other sons of God you attack unified state, God (which includes you) in a dream and seem to have torn a part of God that is you out of God and is now on earth, dreaming as a separated self in body; other children of God who wish separation from God did the same thing that you did.

You keep attacking God and other parts of God to retain your sense of separation.

Other sons of God who are doing what you are doing are attacking God, themselves and you.

You defend your seeming separated self from other sons of God’s attacks; you attack them and they defend themselves; but God being spirit is not aware that his sons are attacking each other; they certainly cannot attack him; nevertheless, he created the Holy Spirit and placed it in their minds to help them love and forgive each other and in so doing have happy dreams and eventually stop dreaming and awaken in formless unified  heaven.

If you stop defending yourself, you say that the attack is not real; you say that attacks take place in dreams and what is done in dreams has not been done. If you are defensive, you acknowledge attack as real, and you are thus attacked, for what you make seem real is real to you, even though it is not real in spirit, in haven, in God. If you do not respond to attack with defense but with forgiveness, you were not attacked.

The unreal, which is the ego and body, needs constant defense to seem real in the defender’s awareness; if not defended it disappears. The real, which is Christ, the son of God, does not need defense for it exists forever and ever.

In your defenselessness is your safety in God.

Defenselessness is the same as forgiveness for both see the world and what is done in it as dreams, as not real.

Stop attacking other people and defending yourself when other people attack you and you have forgiven the mistake that believed that attack and splitting God into smithereens is possible.

Salvation is obtained from forgiving attacks and defenselessness, as Jesus did when he was crucified, and he forgave his murderers and did not defend himself. Forgiveness and defenselessness first give you happy dreams and eventually you wake up in formless unified spirit by not defending attacks on you and forgiving all attackers.


    The question that remains to be answered is whether defenselessness and forgiving all that is done to one protects one or is a recipe for other people to kill one.

     Is desire to die and exit from this world what A course in miracles is teaching. Is A course in miracle a gospel of death or gospel of a new life? I wish that I could ascertain the difference!

Ozodi Osuji

June 2, 2022

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