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Will Nigerian Girls Ever Be Free? Will They Enjoy Mother's Day?

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We are not enjoying today. Why should we? Anybody shouldn't either .   You woke up this Mother's Day Sunday morning with more sadness and mists in your eyes than joy.  You and I have been thinking about what a screwed-up world we are in. and how unfair and inhumane some of us can be to others. Would  women (Muslim and Christian) all over the world ever enjoy Mother's Day celebration?

Some horrific bandits armed with bombs and grenades are desecrating whole villages in Northern Nigeria just because they detest impartiality and equal opportunity for women. They equate  western education with sin. To the boko haram criminals, the prospect of a group of girls happily trekking to school is like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull. That vista is enough to drive terrorists to main, murder, and manhandle indiscriminately like the mentally deranged let out of asylums.

Aren' t  you shocked that over 93% of northern girls are uneducated? That figure could be much, much higher, perhaps close to 95%. What do you expect when Northern leaders like Abacha, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (elementary school teacher who became Prime Minister)  and Bello of Sokoto (Premier of Northern Nigeria who had a maddening hatred of Igbos) squandered trillions of shillings masquerading as lesser gods to whom  all Nigerian Muslims must pay obeisance?

They regarded women and girls as tangential or peripheral not worth their time . Females  were to be tolerated as much as one would endure a minor itch on the back. Women and girls were tangential.   A tangential is an object or person  considered to be marginal, unimportant, nonessential, side-line, or simply minor.

Muslim leaders and parents, kept their daughters away from schoolhouses while funds were siphoned to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere to be wasted by males. Many Muslim  leaders went about marrying harems of women who would be replaced with fresh virgins as they got older. A Muslim could fly to Egypt one day with $10,000 (ten thousand U S dollars) and fly back the following day with a tiny child-bride aged 11or 12 years. A few of these prepubescent girls were allowed worthless training in Arabic and hebephrenic recitation of meaningless Koranic phrases as the only requirement for fulfilling their roles as caged sex objects and play things.

Northern girls were abused, exploited, and kept illiterate, subservient, and depended upon for the pleasure of male subjugators and enslavers. Did you know that girls were beaten or stoned for daring to read in many Moslem world?. She could be murdered for refusing to marry a man the family suggests. Case in point is Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani girl was shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating education for girls.  We ought  to cry for the Northern Nigerian girls whose future as mothers is as uncertain as improbability or vagueness.

Let's shed inconsolable tears if ever Sharia law became a  reality in all parts of Northern  Nigeria. You might as well bury Moslem women in a mass grave .  A Muslim could kill his daughter or wife because she brought  shame to the family by encouraging  schooling or marrying a man the family does not approve of.

They call it honor killing undertaken to protect the family image/ reputation of the  Fulani-Kanuri nomadic lineage. Moslem girls live in fear of their men in an absolutely dreadful enclave.  Now, many Moslem women are bursting in flames as suicide bombers.  Isn't it better to commit suicide and go in style than to live the miserable life of a Muslim sex slave?

Education among Moslem women is at the bottom rung of priorities. Two African-American women completed the doctoral dissertations on the plight of Moslem women asylum seekers  in North America. Their dissertations studies were replete with the deplorable saga of illiteracy, exploitation, arranged marriages, and rapes among Moslem women.

It is worse in Somalia, Chad, and Sudan where laws guaranteeing human rights are not in the Constitutions.  We couldn't get Somali refugee women interviewed for the dissertation studies to go to school for the GED (General Certificate of Education) or to undertake job training  They were more interested in finding men to replace husbands they lost in the wars at home than in seeking education or employment. The women cried and longed to have 6,7, 8, 9, or 10 children they are used to having back home.

The women told stories of abuse and rapes by fathers , and forced marriages to older men several times  the ages of brides. They gave accounts of parental promises to arrange marriages between teenage daughters  and old  men who managed to bring a number of famished cows as dowries. Islam keeps women in perpetual physical and mental chains. Women provide ready-made sex while men engage in debauchery in a culture given to male chauvinism.

A Yoruba or Igbo woman would go to school because she smells  liberation and self actualization as by-products of education. Does the Moslem girl want to go to school? Yes, she wants but she is not allowed to do so. And why are we surprised that a bunch of riff-raffs should kidnap 300 schools girls at Chibok and sell them off as subservient sex slaves ? It is because schooling for Muslim girls would mean the end of free sex, free servitude, and the collapse of a feudal system based on exploitation of the weaker sex.

We ought to fire prayers heavenward as we fire guns on behalf of Northern Nigerian girls whose freedom depends solely on guaranteed right to learn to read, write, do arithmetic, and think freely.


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Submitted by Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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