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I want worth and you want worth is the game people play on earth

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Each human being desires worth; he wants other people to see him as having worth; I desire worth and you desire worth; two people get together and each expresses his desire for worth  to each other and if both agree and see each other as having worth they relate well to  the other.  Thus, people pretend to have worth and collude with each other to tell each other that they have worth.

The moment that you see other people as not having worth they will see you as not having worth and reject you; seeing you as worthless they believe that you ought to be enslaved or killed.

White racists see black folks as having no worth but see themselves as having worth; having convinced themselves that they have worth and black folks have no worth they feel justified in using black folks to do work for them, discriminating against them or killing them. A community is a group of human beings where members agree to see each other as having worth.

Racists feel that their own people have worth; if they do not see their people as having worth their people would reject them.

If you see a person as having no worth you have told him that you can use him as a slave or kill him; he would know that you have no regards for him; he would become afraid of you and struggle to take you down before you take him down.

We all, at the deeper level, know that society is a dance of let us pretend that we have worth; we know that we do not have worth but pretend to have it and as long as we pretend it we keep each other alive.

Existentially, people have no worth in body and ego? Why so? You can use or kill them. Hitler demonstrated this fact; he used and killed millions of people and no god stopped him from doing so. Hitler saw people as worthless.

As one sees other people one sees his self, so Hitler saw himself as worthless but hid this part from his conscious mind.

Worth is make belief; it is a made up, pretended thing; it does not exist in nature. You can decide that a person around you has no worth and treat him or her as such, even use him as a slave or kill him and no one can prevent you from doing so. Human civilization is a make belief thing; as an unreality any number of things could and do destroy it.

Was Hitler right in treating people as worthless? He was right in accepting that people have no existential worth but he did not have the right to kill any one. He gave his self the right to kill people.

Naturally, those he gave his self-permission to kill did not want to be killed and decided to fight with him, to kill him. The result was war.

One must leave people to live their worthless lives; you must leave people to have their pretended lives of worth.

The world exists to enable people to come and pretend to have worth in bodies and egos so let them have that pretense; all you have to do is to just know about what people are doing and be amused by it (as I am).

Let me quickly add that people have worth in unified spirit (God) but not in body and ego. The ego and body do not exist in reality; they have dream existence.

The physical universe and human civilization is a dream thing; they are not real; they disappear with the dream when the universe ends in a couple trillion years.

There is one law that you ought to obey: you must love you and all people; you must work to provide all children with education at all levels, university included, so that they can live optimally; you must work to provide all people with health insurance; after those public goods you must leave people to live as they desire, provided that they do not hurt other persons.  If the individual hurts other persons they will protect themselves by arresting him and putting him in prison or killing him.


Who do you think that you and human beings are? Take away all the mythologies that you have in your head, mythologies with which you give yourself fictional worth. Remove your religion and psychology of who you think that you are, now what do you see? You see an animal that is not different from other animals such as dogs and mosquitos.

Any human being who so wishes it could aim a loaded gun at your head, pull the trigger and in less than five minutes you are dead meat. Your body will decay and smell like shit.

Future dead flesh is who you are without your fictional worth. If this is the truth it follows that you must treat all people respectfully if you want them to keep you alive and they must respect you if they want you not to harm or kill them.

There is a self that has total worth; that self is the self in unified spirit, in God; we are not aware of that self; that self is sleeping and dreaming our physical universe; that self-projected itself to who you call yourself, the ego in body, a dream self.


Clearly, there is intelligence aka spirit in the universe; I do not know much about it but there is no doubt in my mind that there is intelligence in the universe. I take it as a non-material spiritual intelligence.

That intelligence manifests in body and on earth and feels weak and sees the world meaningless; it seeks ways to make itself feel that it has power and worth.

The individual's personality is his particular manner of finding worth and meaning in a world; to live in body is to be an animal that lives and dies and has no intrinsic worth and meaning.

Personality is the individual's pattern of finding worth and meaning in a world without worth and meaning; his worth and meaning are fictional for there can be no worth and meaning in this world. Worth and meaning can only exist in an eternal place, unified spirit state.

Since people in bodies have no worth and, in fact, exist only in dreams they go to war and kill each other and nothing did happen in those wars for they were dream wars; dream wars, like everything else people do on earth, make them feel alive when, in fact, they are not alive in egos and bodies; they are only alive in spirit; in spirit they are eternal.


It seems to me that I have no worth; you have no worth, either; I desire worth and you desire worth; if you see me as having worth I see you as having worth; if you see me as having no worth I feel angry at you and may even attack and kill you and you do the same to me.

Those people that we say have good self-esteem and self-confidence are folks who believe that as they are, egos and bodies, that they have worth and significance.

Those with low self-esteem have conscious awareness of their existential insignificance. Depression is extreme conscious awareness of one's nothingness.

When a person takes his significance for granted he sallies forth into the world and explores it, as in science and technology; this is one reason why all people must be treated with respect so that they develop relative positive self-esteem so as to be able to do science.

Those with negative self-esteem and self-confidence, such as many Africans, seldom do science and technology. Africans verbally beat their children down so that they grow up having low self-esteem hence lack the inquisitiveness to explore and understand their world scientifically.


The sentence, I want worth; you want worth sounds like a good title for a book, kind of like Thomas Harris's "I am ok and you are ok". I will consider it as a title for a self-help book I plan to write.

My existence tells me that I seek existential worth and significance and that all people do the same. We do so because we suspect that in ego and body we do not have existential worth. However, in spirit, which is eternal, we have worth and significance.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 14, 2018



In the past, I made the mistake of believing that I could reason with Igbos and correct their insane behaviors (many of them have delusion disorder); I have learned from my mistake; I no longer argue with madmen; I leave them alone.

Many Igbos are literally crazy, they are deluded; they consider their deluded actions normal; you must not argue with them for it is like arguing with insane people.

Instead, if you are up to it, you whack them hard on their deluded heads and unbalance their brains; their shaken brains may make them think sensibly.

Ordinarily, they think like deluded persons and do not know that they are insane. Consider their belief that they are a superior people; all indicators show them as primitive savages; they had no writing and did not discover the wheel. Yet, they fancy themselves supermen.

You do not argue with such people but leave them to live in their fool's paradise. However, when they step out of line you can whack them hard on their deluded heads. That whacking scrambles their brains and at last makes them think and behave like sensible human beings, with humility and down to earth. It is, of course, not feasible to always whack them; I recommend that you just leaving them alone to wallow in their delusion of superiority.

Superiority is their defense against their underlying knowledge that as egos and bodies they have no existential worth.

As noted above, all human beings know that as egos and bodies they have no worth (but have worth in spirit).

If they are normal each of them says, in effect, "I want to have worth; you want to have worth" so, let us pretend to have worth; they give each other pretended worth and in so doing get along with each other.

In abnormal psychology, such as delusion disorder, the individual wants to have worth but does not want other people to have worth. In this light, Igbos want to have worth but take worth away from other people. Those they take worth away from resent them and whack them.

As long as Igbos disrespect other people they are destined to be intermittently attacked and killed. And don't go crying for them when they are attacked and or killed for the attack and killing takes place in dreams.

In reality no one is killed; they and all human beings remain eternal in God. On earth, in the dream of separation if Igbos want to have a  happy dream they have to give themselves pretended worth and give all people pretended worth; if they remove worth from some people those people will attack them and they will keep having their nightmarish dreams.

As egos they will keep blaming those who attacked them whereas in truth they made the attacks on them inevitable by withdrawing worth from them.

Post Script:

I deserve to be paid millions of dollars by Igbos for sharing this information with them; I give it to them for free. Like idiots they do not know who has their best interest at heart; they think that those who collude with their delusion and tell them that they are superior people are their friends; those enable them set up scenarios for them to be killed when they feel superior to other people and or insult other people, as is their habit.  Every human being has what it takes to kill you if he wants to do so; therefore, if you want to live in ego and body you play his and your game of let us pretend to have worth. Give people worth and they keep you alive in the dream of separation and make it a happy dream for you; the moment you withdraw worth from people, disrespect them your life is now in their hands; they decide when to kill you (you make such decision to kill them if they disrespect you).

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 14, 2018

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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